Happy New Year 2015


Combination of all those unwanted and un-acceptable pictures I have taken in 2014.Let’s put the past in the past, move forward.

Happy New Year with good health and happiness

It has been a roller coaster in 2014,

many things had happened which not under our understanding.

Let’s put the past be the past,

Let’s move forward.

Thank you for another year I able to live with my loved one.

Thank you God for everything, being there for me thin and thick.

Thank you  for those who stand by me and giving me support.

Love Sivia

8 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2015

    • Jess Lim:

      My dear jess, so happy to see you here for our first new year. U are the first to leave me such wonderful comment. I wish you and family always be joyful, healthy and safe every single day. Love u, sivia

    • hi Eileen: thank you for visiting my blog, sorry for late reply.I was away from sydney for couple of weeks , so unable to online and reply you. Chinese new year is upon us, and hope you and whole family safe, healthy and happy everyday. ^_^hopefully cto come back soon….

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