I am back for my health update.Just a bit.

                     It has been awhile, so long I don’t even remember how to blog. Too much things are going on in my life, looking after my health, consult doctors for my health issues, and identified one of my health issues, then packed all our belongings to move to our new place.
                     Bittersweet memories in the old home that my husband and I have been stayed for the past 10 years, all the baking memories scattered around that little tiny and old kitchen.Some awesome memories and some not so but that little kitchen has been useful and has given the force for me to push myself to the limit.I would said: limitless, boundless, and feeling as though Yoda has spoken to me “may the force be with you…” lol
                      They said, Australia doctors are good, seen them, listened to their advices and allowed them to play with my body with all sort of medications such as “strongest pain killers, mobic, anti-depressant…and the worst and ridiculous medication which given to treat seizures, and 10 steroid injections all over my body in one go…those pain I can bear. The longest needle injected deep into my feet tissue about 10cm in deep every 2 to 3 months for both feets.  Everytime enters the injection room with this Dr Ho (chinese pain specialist), I felt the worst feeling, knowing that he will inject this steroid to numb my body ache, no matter how awful the pain, how frustrated I felt, my husband nudged me:”he has the tool to numb your ache temporary,just one injection, and good to go.”
Lying on the hospital bed, turned my back facing the doctor, and Dr Ho asked:”this will be a sharp pain, for a bit.”
“Fxxx, the pain is not a bit, Dr, have you seen the needle yourself?You made a hole in my feet, then injected another needle into the same hole you made, and pushed deep into my plantar fascia about 10cm, and released the steroid slowly and enough to make me tearing up and you called it abit of pain?”,I thought to myself. This injection last me 3 months top, for one feet.Then i have to return to his injection room for another round.
                      Seeing him for a year now, not only he diagnosed me with “FIBROMYALGIA” which with no medications but he said the pain all over my body is control by my brain, basically one word he tried to say, my mental is causing my body pain, could be trauma or past injuries causing this chronic pain. Treated by him for a year, all he did was giving me Anti-depressant that make me stay awake at night.God knows, I didn’t follow and take any of those anti-depressant.
                     Any ideas how I go through with the chronic pain? Either I prescribed with strong dose of pain killer called”MOBIC”, this medication is good for stopping the pain, meantime good at screwing up my kidney and liver, and then I advised to run some few blood tests to check both my organs are functioning well. Since being a vegetarian, my blood test proved them wrong, and I am perfectly healthy.According to the test results, my organs so far are functioning well, and this given the Dr Ho another Bullsxxx to tell me:”It is all in your mind, there is no medication, take the anti-depressant, take the anti-depressant, take the anti-depressant…..” It is like a nightmare lullaby to me.
                     Honestly, Dr Ho has PhD, that is why he is a doctor. I am freaking furious at  this statement and came along with his face expressions.One word”FAKE”.
“Have you try acupuncture?,Dr asked me.
Then he continued his rude statement that not only humiliate other acupuncturist in the world, but to his professionalism:”Acupuncturist, just using finest needle and poke your skin, how hard can it be?I can do that too.”
Can you believe a psycho doctor with PhD and with his statement came out from his PhD mouth”?I wondered how many patient like me has to go through brain washed session by him.
                  Then my one year constant appointment with his steroid injections for both feets and my shoulders pain, and my back pain. Came along with all the strongest mobic and pain killer and medication for seizure which also prescribed by him because it is good for relaxing my nerve, according to him, my nerves are being overly sensitive.
                  My one year treatment by my GP,different chiropractors, then Dr Ho the pain specialist with strong pain killer, seizure medications,popping all these pills are my daily routine to control my pain. If I do not consume?I barely came down  from my bed, barely stand nor walk,my body aches or migraines are 24/7 constant .No camera, no blogging , no baking , no nothing for anything related to my hands and legs. Was it a torture? Yes in the beginning and now I am getting use to this pain.
                 Family worried for my pain.The steroid injections not only carry more fat on my body, the medications are not solving the root problems, so I flew back to hometown to seek a better treatment with this amazing chiropractor who recommended by my sisters.
This muslim female chiropractor is amazing, I would say that she is the healer compared to Dr.Ho
                  Met her first day, she saw my standing posture, she instantly identify my pain.Knock knee is the main root of problems for all my pain, then tag along with Achilles tendon, plantar fasciitis that caused by knock knee. Knock knee patient like me basically our legs are not straight, is a condition in which the knees angle in and touch each other when the legs are straightened. Individuals with severe valgus deformities are typically unable to touch their feet together while simultaneously straightening the legs.
                   I was born with this since I could remember, i barely learn to walk until quite old.My grandmother had it and she barely walk during her old age, she used wheelchair since I recalled.  Mum was shocked by what the chiro told. This amazing chiro told me that I should have repair my legs since I was young, but nobody noticed and cared for my problems .They thought I was normal. Doctor said either I should have knee surgeries or receive  her treatment.
I don’t want any surgeries, slicing my legs and insert some steel and stitching back my knees are my night mares and recuperation process varies on different individuals, it could take years.
                   During the 4 days with her, she diagnosed me with crooked back bones, shoulders pain and my hips are abnormal due to my neglected knock knees issue. She said that I was her first patient with multiple problems that she has never seen, she wished could put me into laboratory and show to all her doctors friends.
She was amazing to repair my pain severity ,from 110% to left like 80 percent of pain all over my body just in 4 days.
                   She said this problems I have only can heal for 50 percent with her treatments,but I am willing to take the twisting and bending by her bare hands than surgeries.I don’t want to be cut open and stitch back.She taught me some legs stretch which helping me without seeing the unprofessional Dr Ho.
Told this chiro about Dr Ho’s all kind of medications and treatments that he gave me .
                  Her reply was: “Doctors that are lazy will diagnose patient with FIBROMYLGIA because this doctor just plain lazy to treat you but shhhh patient away with the pain killers “.
She also added that:” why this Dr Ho injected you so many times, every person is allowed to take this injections 2 times in a year, and he allowed you to be injected more than 30 times all over your body?”
                  My conclusion is, I am born with knock knee with crooked back bone and tag along with alot of others pain, I am not suppose to run or squat, or do certain exercises.And definitely do not require any injections or anti-depressant.
So, whoever is reading this with friends with pain, please make sure get a good doctor that trust you instead of keeping you quiet with some pain killers and anti-depressant. Not all Australian doctors are good, not all doctors are being professional with their duty.
                  Doctors nowadays only believe in short cuts with some medications that does not cure but only give side effects. Wasn’t for me seeing this hometown female chiro, I might have still popping pain killer or anti-depressant every single day. I told my husband that I find Doctors in Australia are unprofessional and stubborn and never listen to patient at all , and never believe in any diet. They basically did not take time to diagnose you, but simply let you tell them what is going on your body, and they give you some pain killers and push you away.
Ladies and gentlemen, love your body, if you don’t trust some advice from some labeled doctors, always follow your intuitions and seek the right help. Not all doctors nowadays can put you out of misery.
                   There are times that your family so tired of you moaning for pain every single day, and think anti-depressant could save you, but, stop right there.Nobody understands your pain more than yourself.
                    I can’t believe that I googled so much to self-seeking my pain before even see doctors in Australia.Even so, don’t you give in with medications,not all medications are working fine with your pain in long run, there is always some nasty side effects, run some blood test if you are undertaking some nasty medication for your own adjustment.
                    Try healthy diet, cut down unhealthy stuffs from your body.If your years of diet causing you ill, then try alternative options with foods. No harm in trying healthy options by being vegetarian or vegan or no processed food. Your body will tell you what works best, as long as you have determination to give up long years of torture.The torture of food in your body , that you might unnoticed , You could be stubbornly think that  it is doing nothing bad to your health because your great grand parents and parents brought you up with those amazing food. But your great grand parents are walking and working their body muscle more than we are sitting right now in front of the computers, not only that,  the food chains are not being disturbed back then, the water they consumed are not polluted like now.
                     Anyway time flies, things changed, DNA in your food chains has changed, so do what you can to save your body from being self torture, or tortured by your doctors.
                    Months of not talking, but things like this bound to be said by me , and it is in my blog.
                   I am blessed that I do not need to pop in pain killers like eating rice. But I am still looking after my health, I am blessed that I changed my diet, therefore I no longer bake dairy food as often as before.
To those really read my long due article , thank you for being so patience with me and supportive.
I am blessed that I am alive and able to blog after a year long.
                   Thank you for visiting my blog. I will not be active like few years back, not even in facebook anymore. I want to focus on resting my hands from being numb and pain from typing.  Forgive me.
Thank you for listening my long winded article of my updates.

Hubby was secretly taken my pic while i was capturing another sunset. The view is more breathtaking with your bare eyes than my actual phone capture. I am blessed

This is taken in one of the sunset ,in winter with my handphone from by balcony view.


2 thoughts on “I am back for my health update.Just a bit.

  1. What a pleasant surprise to hear from you again! And I’m so sorry to hear about your condition. But I’m so glad you found the right person for your pain. I totally agree with you that there are unprofessional doctors that makes life a misery. Anyway, wishing you the best of health and keep blogging as long as you may. Fighting 💪🏼❤️

    • Dear sherene Ong,
      Thank you for taking your time to even read my long article. Yeah, I am little sorry for my pain too but I am getting used to it now. Thank you for your support and encouragement. I will keep fighting. And may all the goodness be with you. Happy baking to you.


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