Classic Chocolate Cake(rich and moist) 古典巧克力蛋糕

classic chocolate cake 7

Christmas is coming and then welcoming new year 2019. How to celebrate?To me, a classic moist, and rich chocolate cake with some nice decoration and share with my close friends.

I love flower.Every ladies should love flower as gift. My husband does not buy me much bouquet, that explains I love my dessert to look like any kind of beautiful petals. ( One of my self-comforting methods, embarrassed )


This classic chocolate cake is extremely, confidently and no hesitation for me to crown it as : The  most moist, rich, softest and chocolatey cake I ever tasted, more than one positive descriptions. Yes, you may taste this cake from somewhere in a good bakery shop. We were not aware of what kind of chemicals or softening agent they might added into those moist cakes. This cake is definitely 100% chemicals-free from any softening agent. My husband and I had to thumbs up for this classic chocolate cake. Remember: Moist, rich, softest, and cottony are those words I can find.

3 little components, shall we start?



classic chocolate cake 4

classic chocolate cake 8


3 components:

  • Classic chocolate cake
  • Dark chocolate mousse
  • Chocolate glacage/glaze


classic chocolate cake 9

classic chocolate cake 5



Dark Chocolate Mousse:

@makes 1 X 6cm diameter half sphere

  • 30g egg yolks
  • 20g sugar
  • 10g water
  • 30g Cadbury baking dark chocolate  ( or any baking dark chocolate)
  • 70g  Bulla whipping cream ( or any dairy whipping cream)

1)Melt chocolate over bain marie(a pot of simmering water sits underneath the bowl of chocolate without allowing water touches the chocolate)

2)How to make Pate a bombe(a):

a)Beat  egg yolks till foamy stage with hand whisk.

b)Heat up sugar and water in a pot till reached 117C.

c)Add in to beaten egg yolks slowly and keep whisking fast until slightly pale like picture shown.This is called pate a bombe.

3)Fold in the melted chocolate into pate a bombe(a)from step (2).(It will slightly turned thick  a little)

4)Beat cream in a mixing bowl till soft peaks formed. Fold  whipped cream into chocolate mixture from step (3) in 2 additions. Pour into a 6cm diameter silicone half sphere mould. Freeze to harden.

chocolate mousse1 chocolate mousse2


(a)What is Pate a bombe:

A pâte à bombe is the French term for a mixture used as a base for making chocolate mousse and other mousse-like desserts.

It is made by pouring a sugar syrup that has been cooked until it is 117C degrees celsius over egg yolks and whipping the mixture until it is completely cold and has transformed into an uniform, unctuous, airy mass.

b)While comes to mixing pate a bombe and chocolate with the whipping cream, you will find the mixture is slightly hard to whisk at first, but if you keep whisking together, it will tend to loosen up a little.So do not panic,when you fold in the remaining cream, it will give you a smooth, velvety and heavenly chocolate mousse.



Classic Chocolate Cake:

@makes one 6″ round cake pan

  • 67g  Cadbury baking dark chocolate ( or any baking dark chocolate)
  • 50g  Western  Star unsalted butter ( any unsalted butter)
  • 25g  Bulla whipping cream ( or any dairy whipping cream)
  • 50g  egg yolks
  • 136g  egg whites
  • pinch of cream of tartar
  • 40g  castor sugar
  • 20g  cake flour
  • 20g  Hershey unsweetened cocoa powder ( or any unsweetened cocoa powder)

1)Melt chocolate, cream and butter  over bain marie(a) (double boiler) until all dissolved. Mix well.

2)Lightly beat egg yolks and slowly add into chocolate mixture from step (1). Sift in cake flour and cocoa powder.

3)Beat egg whites and pinch of cream of tartar until foamy, slowly add in castor sugar and continued beating to soft peaked formed.(this is called “Meringue”)(b)

4)Fold in 1/3 of meringue from step (3) into chocolate mixture (You might find the mixture is slightly hard to mix but keep whisking until well combined.) Fold in remaining meringue till all incorporated.

5)Oil the 6″ round cake pan and line with grease-proof paper on the bottom and sides.

6)Pour in the cake batter into cake pan and bake in water bath(d) at 140C for 70-80 minutes or until inserted skewer in the middle comes out clean.

7) Once baked, remove from oven and inverted to cooling rack.Allow to cool completely.

Classic chocolate cake5

Classic chocolate cake

Classic moist chocolate cake

This cake is undeniable: RICH, chocolatey, MOIST, SOFT and exquisite. You can just eat all by it’s own. No lie.


(a)Bain marie or double boiler means a pan of hot water in which a cooking container is placed  above it for slow cooking. Please remember do not allow the hot water touches the bowl of chocolate mixture while using slow heat cooking it.

(b)what is meringue? Meringue means  egg whites and castor sugar are beaten to airy texture with alot of air pockets trapped inside.Usually to double or tripled of volume.

c)Always remember when folding meringue into chocolate mixture,it has to be done slowly and gently without deflating the air pockets, usually by using spatula to fold from bottom to upwards in slow motion until both mixture are well combined without any trace of meringue has been seen. Deflating the air pockets will not produce a well risen cake as result.

(d)To prepare a water bath for baking, put your filled cake pan in a larger pan and add enough boiling-hot water to reach halfway up the side of the smaller cake pan. I am using normal round cake pan.If you are are using removable cake pan, remember to wrap the bottom with 2 layers of aluminium foil to prevent water seepage.


Chocolate Glacage/glaze:

  • 20g Hershey unsweetened cocoa powder ( or any unsweetened cocoa powder)
  • 40g sugar
  • 30g water
  • 30g  Bulla whipping cream(  or any dairy cream )
  • 3g gelatin leave, soaked in cold water until soften

1)Boil water, cream and sugar. Slowly sift in cocoa powder. Mix well.

2)Bring back to heat on medium heat until just boil.Remove from heat.

3)Squeeze out water from soften gelatin leaves. Fold in gelatin leaves into chocolate mixture. Strain, and allow to cool.


  • It is best to cool down the chocolate glaze till 28-33C  to glaze the mousse(frozen).
  • Stir the glaze now and then before glazing to prevent skin forming.
  • you can chill the glaze overnight to rest before using.The glaze will be jelly like texture form.
  • Carefully warm up with bain-marie or microwave until liquid and no trace of lump.(Remember to cool down to the optimum temperature when glazing)

Classic chocolate cake6


Prepared chocolate petals:(Decoration is optional)

  • some Cadbury baking dark chocolate ( or any baking dark chocolate)
  • rectangular acetate sheets
  • A small baking tray
  • rolling pin

1)Melt dark chocolate in microwave on high heat.Bring out to stir well every 10 seconds until all melted.

2)Spoon one dollop of melted chocolate over the acetate sheets.By using small palette knife, lightly make a swirl circulation motion on the dollop of chocolate, then drag outside of the circle chocolate petal and lift your palette knife to make a pointy tail from the petal.Repeat few more chocolate petals on each acetate sheet.

3)Align the acetate sheet  with the chocolate work on one side of the baking tray,by using a rolling pin to press down one side of the acetate, so it curls up the chocolate petals. Allow to harden in fridge.Once hardened, peel off every petals from acetate sheet.Repeat this step to make 40-60 petals altogether.


classic chocolate cake 1



1)Remove chocolate mousse from silicon mould.Place on to a rack, pour the chocolate glaze over the harden chocolate mousse.Allow to drip excess.

2)Pipe some whipped cream in the middle of classic chocolate cake. Place the chocolate mousse on the whipped cream.

3)Decorate with chocolate petals around to form a flower.(optional this part if you do not prefer any flower decoration.)

If you prefer no chocolate petals, you can whip some Chantilly cream (Which is cream, sugar and vanilla) then pipe around the chocolate mousse which is above the chocolate cake to replace the chocolate petals.Then to cover the whiteness of the whipped cream, you can shave some chocolate and cover the Chantilly cream or sprinkle with some almond flakes onto the whipped cream.IT is purely my suggestion.You can do however you prefer.Just enjoy the process.Go wild with your own imagination.





classic chocolate cake 2


(a)If you want to eliminate the mousse, welcome to just bake the moist chocolate cake.

(b)Decoration is for your own imagination, you can decorate however you love because that is your cake now. ^_^

classic chocolate cake 11



Today’s Word:



MERRY Christmas and HAPPY new year 2019 everyone !






French Macaron @ Passionfruit Chocolate Ganache

french macaron passionfruit chocolate ganache2

Christmas is around the corner, it is the end of the 2018. Bittersweet memories, which sometimes i have some time to sit down and look back at this year.


I used to bake so much macarons to conquer the fear of failing. The temperature of the oven, the weather, humidity , the freshness of egg whites some said, the quality of the almond meal all play important rules in baking into perfect macarons. Sometimes a bad day in the kitchen also could cause your macarons to fail. These little macarons can be tricky to bake .Many attempts are taken  to get the right shells.There are so many excuses not to bake these, the sweetness of the macarons is the reason for most people might not consider having it. To me,if you conquer you fear and manage to get the right recipe which suits you, it will be a breeze to bake then enjoy it at last.


There are 2 ways to create macarons shells:

1)French macaron : French method is much simpler just by folding french meringue into almond mixture

2)Italian meringue macaron: Italian meringue method is created by cooking sugar syrup(to 112C) then added into meringue and continued beating to firm peaks formed , finally folded into almond mixture.

This macaron is easy to make with few little steps that I think it is easier to master.

The ganache tastes of sourness from passionfruit combined with the dark chocolate, fill into french macaron. You just don’t find it too sweet.It is such lovely.

I think that this  pretty little dessert is easy to enjoy during christmas party or even as a gift for friends.

If you like to bake some for x’mas, lets check out this recipe

Hope you like this sharing too.

french macaron passionfruit chocolate ganache

Components you needed:

  • French macaron shells
  • Passionfruit chocolate ganache

French macaron shells:

  • 60g almond powder
  • 60g egg whites ( leave in room temperature for few hours or a day )
  • 1 tsp egg white powder
  • 120g/1 cup icing sugar
  • 60g castor sugar
  • some yellow and chocolate food gel colouring

1)Take a piece of parchment paper and draw 1.5 inch (3.5 cm) circles, spacing the circles about 1 inch apart. Invert the baking sheet and place on a baking tray.

2)Process almond powder and icing sugar together.Sift twice of the almond powder and icing sugar together in a mixing bowl.

3)In a clean bowl: Beat egg whites with almond powder until foamy, slowly add in castor sugar in 2 additions , continued beating to a Stiff peaks formed.

4)Add in  yellow food gel colouring into meringue.Fold in the meringue into the almond mixture in 2 additions until a thick lava-like batter is achieved.Scoop out 1 tbsp batter and add in brown food gel colouring, mix well then pour into a piping bag.Snip off small hole from the piping bag.

5)Fill a pastry bag, fitted with 1/2 inch (1 cm) nozzle with the yellow batter.  Pipe about 3.5cm circle  1 inch apart onto the parchment paper, using the template as a guide(usually pipe slightly smaller than the actual template size as batter will slightly expand in size after you tap the baking tray on the counter).

6)Pipe in small dollop of brown batter in the center of every yellow batter. Then gently tap the baking sheet on the counter to break any air bubbles.

7)Rest macarons at room temperature for about 30-60 minutes or until the top of the macarons are no longer sticky to your finger when you touch.

8)Bake the macarons in a preheated oven of 160C for 16 minutes, depending on your individual oven,in the middle rack of your oven . About half way  through baking, rotate your baking tray, front to back.


If your oven is a way too hot like a  furnace:Try bake your macaron on double trays(e) and bake your macaron at 160C until you begin to see your “feets” are formed on your macarons, remove the empty bottom tray immediately and reduce heat to 140C to finish off your baking.

8)Once baked, remove from oven, and allow to cool completely.


Sift almond powder and icing sugar together few times


Beat egg whites and sugar in a grease-free and dry bowl


Beat egg whites and sugar till stiff peak(Firm peak).Add in yellow food gel colouring.Mix well


Remember to fold and press down the mixture to reduce the air pockets


The batter is lava-like and thick


Pipe in batter onto the prepared pan.Pipe in the brown batter in the center. Tap the pan.Rest. Bake.




a)Process the almond powder until become powder form because you might find store bought almond powder, the granules are not powdery enough, some might be hard to sift through. Use processor to blitz almond and icing mixture for few seconds and then sift few times.

b) The correct consistency of the batter is: the batter falls back in the bowl in a visible ribbon and the ribbon disappears within 10 seconds.Remember under-mix or over-mix batter will not able to create nice macaron at the end.

c) Release the air bubbles on the unbaked macarons with the end of a toothpick.

d) Sometimes you might have to rest the macarons longer than the time required due to the humidity and temperature of your kitchen.Macaron tends to crack on the surface while baking if not rest enough.When heat is applied, egg whites coagulates and forces the surface to crack due to insufficient dry top shells.

e)What is Double trays?Place the tray with macaron batter onto another empty tray.Reason to prevent excessive high heat from the bottom of the batter(egg whites coagulates and expands too quickly) to crack your surface of your macarons.

e)To see if macaron is baked properly:Once baked, try lifting the macaron slowly, if easily lift off clean without sticking to pan, showing it is baked properly.If not, continue baking for few more minutes.


 Important tips:

  • Ensure almond powder and icing sugar have to be sifted for few times to get smooth macaron shells.
  • Ensure eggs are in room temperature, uncovered for few 2 hours or more.
  • If you are in hurry, take your cold eggs from refrigerator,crack into a bowl and cover with lid, and warm it up by placing into a bowl of warm water(not too hot otherwise cook your egg whites). Allow to sit for 30 minutes.
  • Cold eggs tend to create more air pockets in the meringue while beating, we do not want this for macaron as we try to deflate the air pockets while folding with almond mixture. Too much air pockets in the meringue can somehow crack your macaron shells when heat is applied due to coagulation of protein from the egg whites.Sometimes too much air pockets create excessive “feets” that are not appealing.
  • Do not open your oven door too early otherwise the  macaron shells might collapse when drastic change of heat . You are allowed to open the oven door once while you rotate your baking tray half way baking macarons.
  • The reason to rotate your pan half way baking to ensure the macaron creates even “feets”.



french macaron passionfruit chocolate ganache3

Passionfruit Chocolate Ganache:

  • 50g  passionfruit puree
  • 110g Cadbury baking dark chocolate ( or any caking dark chocolate)
  • 20g Western Star unsalted butter, softened( or any unsalted butter)

1)Scoop out the flesh from passionfruit, strain it to get the juice and discard the seeds.Bring the passionfruit puree to boil.

2)Melt the dark chocolate over double boiler until fully melt.

3)Pour the puree over melted chocolate and mix until well combined.

4)Add in butter until fully incorporated.

5)Leave to room temperature for 2-3 hours to cool or cool down in refrigerator to piping consistency for later use.

6)Once the ganache is set ,  pipe in the ganache onto macaron shells and sandwich it.

7))It is best to serve  after sit in the fridge inside air tight container for a day until the macarons turn slightly moistened by the ganache.



Ideally, ganache can be used immediately. Once it starts to set, the ganache can be stored in the fridge for 2 day.Return it to room temperature before using.



If you’re not going to consume your macarons immediately, you can store them:

•  Unfilled macarons: can be stored in an airtight container for 3-5 days.Empty macaron shells can be stored in the air tight container in the freezer up to 3 months.

•  Filled macarons: keep them in an airtight container inside the fridge and they taste the best up to 3 days and after that taste little crumbly. Bring to room temperature before eating them.  They are even tastier 1-2 days after having been made!It is also possible to freeze them once they are filled.Filled macaron can be kept in the air tight container in the freezer also up to a month.Remember to defrose about 20-30 minutes before serving.


Different sizes of your macaron with different temperature and baking time



Oven Temperature

Baking Time

Medium size4 -6cm( 1.5” – 2.5”)


14 mins

Dessert size6 –8cm(2.5” – 3.25”)


15 mins

Cake base16cm or mor(6.25”) or more


17 mins or more


Problem in forming skin for macaron?

There are time when your macaron just cannot form the skin even  how long you have waited. Due to the humidity and temperature of your kitchen play an important rule on this issue. Winter or rainy day is definitely the weather you are trying to avoid. Of course there are cases that macarons are still manage to form the desire skin in these undesirable weather, depending on your luck perhaps?

If your macarons are having trouble in forming skin, you can try this method:

  1. Preheat your oven to 200C for 10 minutes.
  2. Put the unbaked macarons into oven, switch off the heat immediately.
  3. Leave the door ajar(put  glove in between your oven door to create a gap for hot air to release) , for 6 minutes.
  4. Touch the macaron if the skin is formed.
  5. Once skin is formed, turn on the heat to the right temperature,let say 160C, and start baking your macaron.

french macaron passionfruit chocolate ganache1

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Eggplant Mushroom Brioche Burger ( Vegetarian )

eggplant mushroom brioche burger 1


I tasted these amazing eggplant mushroom vegetarian burger with brioche bun in one of the local bakery for breakfast. It is located in the city , and we had to travel to city to dine in.I forgot the cafe’s name but the burger is amazing even eating cold. I believed it is a pop up store. Both husband and I tasted it and wondered how to replicate it. I hope you can also try vegetarian burger with different flavour.


Hope you enjoy.

 eggplant mushroom brioche burger 2




Components we need:

eggplant mushroom brioche burger 4


eggplant mushroom brioche burger 3




mushroom eggplant

Eggplant Mushroom Patties:

  • 3 long eggplant/brinjal ( medium size),slice thinly to about 4-5mm in thickness
  • 8-10 flat mushroom,sliced (Or you can use portabella mushroom)
  • 1 red onion, chopped
  • 1 tbsp chinese soy bean paste,and mix with 1/2 tsp raw sugar ( or 1/2 tbsp miso paste)
  • 1 tbsp cooking oil
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • plain flour,for coating
  • 1 beaten egg, for coating
  • japanese breadcrumb (or normal breadcrumb), for coating
  1. Lined a baking tray with parchment paper, preheat oven to 200-230C(depending on individual oven).
  2. Marinade egg plant slice with soybean paste, sugar and 1 tbsp cooking oil to well coated. Arrange every slice eggplant onto prepared baking tray, and bake at top oven rack for 30 minutes until slightly charred and cooked through. Remember to flip all eggplant slice half way cooking for achieving both side charred. Remove the grilled eggplant from oven to allow to cool down, then store in refrigerator for an hour.
  3. In a non-stick saucepan:Heat 1 tbsp cooking oil, saute the chopped onion until soften, then add in the mushroom. Saute until cooked, season with salt and pepper to your taste. Transfer to a clean plate, allow to cool down fully.Then store in refrigerator for an hour .
  4. Take out the cooled mushroom, take a small handful of mushroom, hold tight in our palm to squeeze out extra juices to form a patty shape.
  5. On other side, on your chopping board, arrange cooked eggplant in a particular order like shown in the picture. Place the mushroom patty onto the eggplant, and fold the eggplant to cover all the mushroom. Gently hold the egg plant patty on your both palms and shape into a nice patty shape, and coat entire patty with enough plain flour. Wrap with cling film and secure it tightly.
  6. Repeat step 4 and 5 for the rest of the patties. You will get 4 patties altogether. Allow to chill in freezer for 1-2 hours until hardened.
  7. Remove the hardened patties from freezer and unwrap altogether. Coat each patties with beaten egg, then with the japanese breadcrumb. You can repeat this coating process once again,(it is called double coatings).
  8. Heat enough oil in a saucepan: deep fry all the patties to golden brown.

eggplant burger steps

eggplant burger steps1

eggplant burger steps2


Prepare your coleslaw:


  • some purple cabbage, finely sliced
  • 1 small carrot, finely slice
  • 2 spring onion,green part (chopped)
  • some japanese mayonnaise
  1. Wash all vegetables, pat dry and finely slice. Mix with japanese mayonnaise into mix vegetables. Set into refrigerator for later use.


How to set up your burger:

  1. Half your brioche burger, spread with more mayonnaise on both sides.
  2. Layer with coleslaw, then top up with your homemade eggplant mushroom patty.
  3. You can add your favourite sweet chillies sauce if you want.
  4. You can serve it freshly prepare or chill in refrigerator to serve cold.

brioche burger


eggplant mushroom vegetables burger patty







  • You can use other types of eggplant such as the classic and regular eggplant also named as Black Beauty or black bell pepper. I am using chinese eggplant that is longer and cylindrical in shape.

For more information on varieties of eggplant:

  • The reason to freeze your eggplant patties before final coating because the patties are so soft with the mushroom and eggplant, secondly there is no other ingredients act as adhesive agent such as potato mash. So we need to make sure it is hardened in freezer for easier coating and deep frying.
  • This meat-free vegetarian burger supposed to serve as cold sandwich, but if you preferred crunchy patties and super soft brioche, slightly toast your brioche burger on hot pan for just less than 30 seconds on medium-high heat,otherwise might burn your brioche due to the high content of milk and butter used in this recipe. The bread is super soft after toast, so be gentle when handling brioche burger in hot pan.
  • you can use  any favourite vegetables such as lettuce, tomato, cucumber or even beetroot slice for the burger.

eggplant mushroom brioche burger 5



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Hope you like this vegetables burger.




Brioche Burger Bun

              Brioche bun, is light sweet yeast bread and also is  a pastry of French origin that is similar to a highly enriched bread, and whose high egg and butter content give it a rich and tender crumb . Brioche bread has the amazing buttery flavour with a flaky crust and a fluffy inside,
These brioche dough that can turn into burger shape and sandwiched with our favourite fillings or patties, of any kinds.
             Brioche buns are in high content of fat, eggs and milk compare to normal burger buns you made, but brioche buns are much fragrant once you pan fry without any oil on the saucepan.
               Instead of spending money to buy burger bun ring, you can DIY, do it yourself with just few tools, and you can make many burger bun out of the few equipments.
Let’s try out the recipe and how to make the burger ring molds and bun.


    @makes 10 burger buns

  • 350g bread flour/bakers flour/strong flour/High gluten flour
  • 180g eggs, beaten
  • 40g castor sugar
  • 75g Liddells Lactose free milk ( or any full cream milk)
  • 8g instant dry yeast
  • 100g unsalted butter, room temperature
  • 10g table salt

Egg wash:

  • 25g Liddells lactose free milk ( or any full cream milk)
  • 25g egg, beaten
  1.  Combine eggs and milk together. Set aside for later use.


  1.  Combine eggs,castor sugar, milk and dry yeast into a mixing bowl.By using  a dough hook, mix these ingredients on low speed until sugar has dissolved. Remember to scrape down the sides of the bowl.
  2. Add in bread flour and salt in 2 additions at low speed until all well combined.
  3. The dough is very fluid-like at this stage, just keep kneading until the dough comes together, increase to medium speed. Throw in the soften butter and continue kneading until well incorporated.
  4. Continue kneading the sticky dough into smooth dough which dough pulls cleanly from the sides of the bowl, it might takes 25 minutes.
  5. Once kneaded , remove from mixing bowl and transfer to any container which lightly grease with cooking oil.
  6. Lightly press and distribute the dough evenly to the container. Cover with cling wrap and allow to rest in the refrigerator for 1- 2 hours until the dough is cold or overnight.
  7. Once the dough is cold, the dough should not be sticky but firmer.

broiche method

brioche method 2

How to make ring molds for the burger:

There burger bun dough is pretty soft, and it cannot remain the shape after proofing and baking. Therefore,to avoid this  and to keep the buns round as burger shape, it is advisable to bake in ring molds.If you have these exact ring molds, feel free to use it. Otherwise, here is how to make our DIY ring molds with few tools.

1)Get a piece of used A4 size paper,fold in 36cm length  x 1 cm width on the longest side of the paper 3 times to get a strip.

2)Then place into a slightly bigger rectangular aluminium foil and make 3 foldings to make a long strip.

3)Make a diameter of 10cm ring from the strip by joining 2 ends together, then staple it down.Repeat this for 9 more ring molds.

how to make cake ring


8. Line baking paper on tray, and place in all the ring molds.Lightly spray some cooking oil around the ring molds.


9. Divide dough into 10 balls(roughly 80g per portion) by cutting out with scissors or using a scraper to cut the dough for much easier task, then roll into round and smooth balls.

10. Once all buns are formed, transfer quickly to the prepared pan , placing each bun in the center of each ring molds. Keep everything loosely covered with damp towel.Lightly flatten the buns into burger bun shapes.

11. Allow the buns to proof in a warm room(I did this in my oven, roughly 25C)  to double in size for about 2 hours.


12. Before baking, prepare the egg wash.Brush the egg wash onto each buns nicely, then sprinkle with some white and black sesame seeds.

13. Bake the buns at preheated oven of 175C for 15-18 minutes , depending on individual oven.

14. Once brioche is done or reach golden brown colour, transfer the tray of brioche out of the oven to a cooling rack. Allow to cool down completely before remove from the ring molds to retain the shape.

15. You can serve fresh brioche with just butter and jam, or with any fillings you like.


  • Once all buns are formed, burst any air bubbles that have formed. Spray lightly with oil and flatten them slightly to make a burger bun shape.
  • For better results: To increase the humidity of the oven especially during cold weather,you can place a pan of hot water under the trays of brioche dough when first  put into the oven, allow the buns to expand to fill up the ring molds , then remove the water from oven to finish off the baking.
  • You can store brioche in a container for 2 days at room temperature,some said it can turn the brioche bun to a softer texture.You can store the baked brioche in freezer too up to 1 month.Bring  the frozen buns to room temperature if needed and pan fry with some oil for crispy bun or without oil at all.
  • These buttery brioche can be served cold too as cold sandwich.


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I am back for my health update.Just a bit.

                     It has been awhile, so long I don’t even remember how to blog. Too much things are going on in my life, looking after my health, consult doctors for my health issues, and identified one of my health issues, then packed all our belongings to move to our new place.
                     Bittersweet memories in the old home that my husband and I have been stayed for the past 10 years, all the baking memories scattered around that little tiny and old kitchen.Some awesome memories and some not so but that little kitchen has been useful and has given the force for me to push myself to the limit.I would said: limitless, boundless, and feeling as though Yoda has spoken to me “may the force be with you…” lol
                      They said, Australia doctors are good, seen them, listened to their advices and allowed them to play with my body with all sort of medications such as “strongest pain killers, mobic, anti-depressant…and the worst and ridiculous medication which given to treat seizures, and 10 steroid injections all over my body in one go…those pain I can bear. The longest needle injected deep into my feet tissue about 10cm in deep every 2 to 3 months for both feets.  Everytime enters the injection room with this Dr Ho (chinese pain specialist), I felt the worst feeling, knowing that he will inject this steroid to numb my body ache, no matter how awful the pain, how frustrated I felt, my husband nudged me:”he has the tool to numb your ache temporary,just one injection, and good to go.”
Lying on the hospital bed, turned my back facing the doctor, and Dr Ho asked:”this will be a sharp pain, for a bit.”
“Fxxx, the pain is not a bit, Dr, have you seen the needle yourself?You made a hole in my feet, then injected another needle into the same hole you made, and pushed deep into my plantar fascia about 10cm, and released the steroid slowly and enough to make me tearing up and you called it abit of pain?”,I thought to myself. This injection last me 3 months top, for one feet.Then i have to return to his injection room for another round.
                      Seeing him for a year now, not only he diagnosed me with “FIBROMYALGIA” which with no medications but he said the pain all over my body is control by my brain, basically one word he tried to say, my mental is causing my body pain, could be trauma or past injuries causing this chronic pain. Treated by him for a year, all he did was giving me Anti-depressant that make me stay awake at night.God knows, I didn’t follow and take any of those anti-depressant.
                     Any ideas how I go through with the chronic pain? Either I prescribed with strong dose of pain killer called”MOBIC”, this medication is good for stopping the pain, meantime good at screwing up my kidney and liver, and then I advised to run some few blood tests to check both my organs are functioning well. Since being a vegetarian, my blood test proved them wrong, and I am perfectly healthy.According to the test results, my organs so far are functioning well, and this given the Dr Ho another Bullsxxx to tell me:”It is all in your mind, there is no medication, take the anti-depressant, take the anti-depressant, take the anti-depressant…..” It is like a nightmare lullaby to me.
                     Honestly, Dr Ho has PhD, that is why he is a doctor. I am freaking furious at  this statement and came along with his face expressions.One word”FAKE”.
“Have you try acupuncture?,Dr asked me.
Then he continued his rude statement that not only humiliate other acupuncturist in the world, but to his professionalism:”Acupuncturist, just using finest needle and poke your skin, how hard can it be?I can do that too.”
Can you believe a psycho doctor with PhD and with his statement came out from his PhD mouth”?I wondered how many patient like me has to go through brain washed session by him.
                  Then my one year constant appointment with his steroid injections for both feets and my shoulders pain, and my back pain. Came along with all the strongest mobic and pain killer and medication for seizure which also prescribed by him because it is good for relaxing my nerve, according to him, my nerves are being overly sensitive.
                  My one year treatment by my GP,different chiropractors, then Dr Ho the pain specialist with strong pain killer, seizure medications,popping all these pills are my daily routine to control my pain. If I do not consume?I barely came down  from my bed, barely stand nor walk,my body aches or migraines are 24/7 constant .No camera, no blogging , no baking , no nothing for anything related to my hands and legs. Was it a torture? Yes in the beginning and now I am getting use to this pain.
                 Family worried for my pain.The steroid injections not only carry more fat on my body, the medications are not solving the root problems, so I flew back to hometown to seek a better treatment with this amazing chiropractor who recommended by my sisters.
This muslim female chiropractor is amazing, I would say that she is the healer compared to Dr.Ho
                  Met her first day, she saw my standing posture, she instantly identify my pain.Knock knee is the main root of problems for all my pain, then tag along with Achilles tendon, plantar fasciitis that caused by knock knee. Knock knee patient like me basically our legs are not straight, is a condition in which the knees angle in and touch each other when the legs are straightened. Individuals with severe valgus deformities are typically unable to touch their feet together while simultaneously straightening the legs.
                   I was born with this since I could remember, i barely learn to walk until quite old.My grandmother had it and she barely walk during her old age, she used wheelchair since I recalled.  Mum was shocked by what the chiro told. This amazing chiro told me that I should have repair my legs since I was young, but nobody noticed and cared for my problems .They thought I was normal. Doctor said either I should have knee surgeries or receive  her treatment.
I don’t want any surgeries, slicing my legs and insert some steel and stitching back my knees are my night mares and recuperation process varies on different individuals, it could take years.
                   During the 4 days with her, she diagnosed me with crooked back bones, shoulders pain and my hips are abnormal due to my neglected knock knees issue. She said that I was her first patient with multiple problems that she has never seen, she wished could put me into laboratory and show to all her doctors friends.
She was amazing to repair my pain severity ,from 110% to left like 80 percent of pain all over my body just in 4 days.
                   She said this problems I have only can heal for 50 percent with her treatments,but I am willing to take the twisting and bending by her bare hands than surgeries.I don’t want to be cut open and stitch back.She taught me some legs stretch which helping me without seeing the unprofessional Dr Ho.
Told this chiro about Dr Ho’s all kind of medications and treatments that he gave me .
                  Her reply was: “Doctors that are lazy will diagnose patient with FIBROMYLGIA because this doctor just plain lazy to treat you but shhhh patient away with the pain killers “.
She also added that:” why this Dr Ho injected you so many times, every person is allowed to take this injections 2 times in a year, and he allowed you to be injected more than 30 times all over your body?”
                  My conclusion is, I am born with knock knee with crooked back bone and tag along with alot of others pain, I am not suppose to run or squat, or do certain exercises.And definitely do not require any injections or anti-depressant.
So, whoever is reading this with friends with pain, please make sure get a good doctor that trust you instead of keeping you quiet with some pain killers and anti-depressant. Not all Australian doctors are good, not all doctors are being professional with their duty.
                  Doctors nowadays only believe in short cuts with some medications that does not cure but only give side effects. Wasn’t for me seeing this hometown female chiro, I might have still popping pain killer or anti-depressant every single day. I told my husband that I find Doctors in Australia are unprofessional and stubborn and never listen to patient at all , and never believe in any diet. They basically did not take time to diagnose you, but simply let you tell them what is going on your body, and they give you some pain killers and push you away.
Ladies and gentlemen, love your body, if you don’t trust some advice from some labeled doctors, always follow your intuitions and seek the right help. Not all doctors nowadays can put you out of misery.
                   There are times that your family so tired of you moaning for pain every single day, and think anti-depressant could save you, but, stop right there.Nobody understands your pain more than yourself.
                    I can’t believe that I googled so much to self-seeking my pain before even see doctors in Australia.Even so, don’t you give in with medications,not all medications are working fine with your pain in long run, there is always some nasty side effects, run some blood test if you are undertaking some nasty medication for your own adjustment.
                    Try healthy diet, cut down unhealthy stuffs from your body.If your years of diet causing you ill, then try alternative options with foods. No harm in trying healthy options by being vegetarian or vegan or no processed food. Your body will tell you what works best, as long as you have determination to give up long years of torture.The torture of food in your body , that you might unnoticed , You could be stubbornly think that  it is doing nothing bad to your health because your great grand parents and parents brought you up with those amazing food. But your great grand parents are walking and working their body muscle more than we are sitting right now in front of the computers, not only that,  the food chains are not being disturbed back then, the water they consumed are not polluted like now.
                     Anyway time flies, things changed, DNA in your food chains has changed, so do what you can to save your body from being self torture, or tortured by your doctors.
                    Months of not talking, but things like this bound to be said by me , and it is in my blog.
                   I am blessed that I do not need to pop in pain killers like eating rice. But I am still looking after my health, I am blessed that I changed my diet, therefore I no longer bake dairy food as often as before.
To those really read my long due article , thank you for being so patience with me and supportive.
I am blessed that I am alive and able to blog after a year long.
                   Thank you for visiting my blog. I will not be active like few years back, not even in facebook anymore. I want to focus on resting my hands from being numb and pain from typing.  Forgive me.
Thank you for listening my long winded article of my updates.

Hubby was secretly taken my pic while i was capturing another sunset. The view is more breathtaking with your bare eyes than my actual phone capture. I am blessed

This is taken in one of the sunset ,in winter with my handphone from by balcony view.

Raspberry & Hazelnut Delice

=======Raspberry&hazelnut delice

hand paint raspberry& hazelnut delice2

By sivia

This dessert although seem familiar, it is an absolute challenging task for me when lack of proper equipment. The chocolate task definitely is the time consuming work.That has taken me days to complete and practice due to insufficient acetate sheets.(I have to pipe one,set in freezer, peel off from acetate sheet and repeat this for 5 more).Acetate sheets, it is not easy to find in Sydney. Everytime I go back to Malaysia, that is the only way I can top up my baking material. Acetate sheets become one of my essentials that I need to use it thrifly. Other than that, to make the sponge, cremeux and glaze are really easy to make.

Winter, such a good weather for all the chocolate work but not a pretty time to snap some pictures. Waiting for a sunny day during these cloudy winter has put many task in pause modes. Now almost into summer in Sydney. I miss the heat from summer.

This dessert produces 6 pieces. Decoration is up to your imagination. I wanted to learn, so I did. Just wish I have more acetate sheets for me to practice.

Let’s get started! Don’t fret over this long process, alright?

raspberry&hazelnut delice1


Components you need:

  • Raspberry puree
  • Raspberry mousse
  • Chocolate sponge
  • Hazelnut biscuit macaron
  • Chocolate rectangles
  • Dark chocolate cremeux
  • Raspberry glaze
  • Simple sugar syrup

Rapsberry Puree:

  • 125g raspberries ( fresh or frozen)
  • 13ml water
  • 13g castor sugar
  • 1/2 tsp lemon juice

1)Process raspberries to puree.

2)Bring water and sugar to boil. cool slightly.

3)Pour warm syrup and lemon juice into puree. Mix well.Strain.Leave to cool.

Note: Raspberries puree can be stored in airtight container for 2-3 days.

Raspberry Mousse:

  • 2g gelatin leaves
  • 84ml Bulla whipping cream( or any dairy whipping cream )
  • 2 tbsp raspberry puree
  • 14g castor sugar

1)Soak gelatin leave sin cold water.Let it soften. Squeeze the water out. Microwave on high heat for 30 seconds until melted.

2)Beat whipping cream  and sugar to ribbon stage.[ picture shown in step 2 ]

3)Mix in  the melted gelatin into raspberry puree.Stir till dissolved.Strain.

4)Fold in whipping cream.Mix well. Pour into piping bag.

5)Make 2 acetate tubes that are 1.5cm( 1/2 inch) in diameter and 30cm long by curling acetate into cylinder and securing with sellotapes. Secure base of the cylinder with cling film. [Picture 6 and 7 ]

6)Gently fill the prepared acetate tubes,ensure there is no air pockets inside.Secure another ends of tubes with cling film. Allow to set in freezer for at least 2 hours till harden.

raspberry mousse1

rapsberry mousse2

Chocolate Sponge:

  • 75g wholes eggs
  • 19g egg yolks
  • 30g castor sugar
  • 10g ALDI brand plain flour, sifted ( or any plain flour )
  • 10g corn flour, sifted
  • 12g Hershey unsweetened cocoa powder (or any unsweetened cocoa powder )
  • 38g Western Star unsalted butter ( or any unsalted butter )

1)Preheat oven to 190C, line baking paper on a 26cm X 16.5cm rectangular baking pan.

2)Put eggs , yolks and sugar over a bowl, whisk over bain marie (a) (Double boiler) until 37C. (Remember to keep whisking without scramble the egg.)

3)Remove from heat, continue whisking eggs mixture to ribbon stage (b)[ picture 2 ], this is also called SABAYON (c).

4)Fold in all the flours using spatula through whisked sabayon mixture from step (3).

5)When flour is 3/4 folded through, scoop out some mixture and add into melted butter.

6)Add butter mixture  from step (5) to sabayon mixture until smooth.

7)Pour into prepared pan.Bake for 15 minutes or till sponge springs back when pressed gently.Cool down and trim into 6 pieces of 13cm X 4cm of rectangle.

Chocolate sponge


(a)Bain marie ?  also known as water bath. Set a bowl over saucepan of simmering water. It is important that the base of the bowl does not touch the water while cooking in the bowl.

(b)Ribbon stage? Aerated of eggs with sugar by whisking it. As you lift the egg mixture, it will fall back on itself and a trail of “ribbon” will be left across the surface. The ribbon will hold shape for a moment and then sink back into the mixture. [Shown in step 2 in picture above]

(c)What is sabayonSabayon is the French name for zabaglione, a light, mousse-like Italian dessert that’s made by whisking eggs and sugar over gently boiling water until the eggs thicken but do not scramble. [ Shown in step 3 in picture above]

Hazelnut Biscuit Macaron:

  • 72g egg whites
  • 50g castor sugar
  • 28g  Lucky ground hazelnut ( or any hazelnut meal )
  • 15g ALDI plain flour (or any plain flour )
  • 40g icing sugar
  • 40g Lucky ground almonds ( or any almond meal)

1)Preheat oven to 190C and line baking paper on a 26cm X 16.5cm rectangular baking pan.

2)Beat egg whites and sugar to soft peak meringue(a) formed. [step 2 in picture shown]

3)Mix ground hazelnut, flour, icing sugar and ground almonds together.

4)Fold in  meringue into hazelnut flour in 3 additions until well combined.

5)Spread mixture on prepared pan. Bake for 12-15 minutes. Cool down and trim into 6 pieces of 13cm X 4cm of rectangle.

Hazelnut Biscuit macaron


(a)what is meringue? Meringue means  egg whites and castor sugar are beaten to airy texture with alot of air pockets trapped inside.Usually to double or tripled of volume.

sponge ^ biscuit macaron

Dark Chocolate Cremeux:

  • 170g Cadbury baking dark chocolate button
  • 84ml milk
  • 190ml Bulla whipping cream ( or any dairy whipping cream )
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla essence
  • 60g egg yolks
  • 30g castor sugar
  • 22g Western Star unsalted butter ( or any unsalted butter )

1)Put chocolate in a bowl.

2)Bring milk, cream and vanilla paste to just boil.Off heat.

3)Beat yolks and sugar til light in colour with hand mixer.

4) Add in half of the hot cream into egg mixture, whisking till smooth. Pour in remaining hot cream mixture and keep whisking until all combined.Return over low heat, stir the mixture and cook till it coats the back of a spoon (or till 82C-84C) [Picture in step 4 ]

5)Switch off the heat. Strain over chocolate. Mix until smooth.

6)Add in butter, mix till smooth.

7)Spread into a shallow tray, cover with cling wrap, leave in fridge to semi-set for piping later. Pour into a piping bag with round nozzle.

Dark chocolate cremeux 1 Dark Chocolate cremeux 2

Preparing Chocolate Rectangles:

  • some  Cadbury baking dark chocolate, chopped ( or any baking dark chocolate)
  • 12 pieces of 14cm x 4cm rectangular  acetate sheets
  • small palette knife

1) Melt chocolate over bain marie/double boiler or microwave every 10 seconds in high heat (keep stirring every time comes out from microwave) till melted smoothly.

2)Spoon few dollop of melted chocolate into acetate sheet. Thinly and gently spread the chocolate over the sheet. Allow to semi-set then transfer into a baking tray. Place a piece of baking paper onto arranged chocolate rectangles followed by another baking tray to keep it flat while it sets in the fridge. Once chocolate has fully set, carefully peel the acetate away from the chocolate.

Chocolate rectangles


Remember to keep the chocolate in airtight container in the  fridge before using it.

Raspberry glaze:

  • some neutral glaze/ mirror glaze
  • some raspberry puree
  • 2 tbsp of water

1)Mix all into together to well combine.

Simple sugar syrup:

  • 1 tbsp castor sugar
  • 2 tbsp hot water

Mix all together til sugar dissolved.

Assemble :

1)Once raspberry mousse is hardened, remove from freezer.Peel off the acetate tubes. Cut into 6 piece of 10cm long raspberries cylinders. Place back in freezer for few minutes. Brush the raspberry glaze onto all the raspberry mousse.Place back in the fridge.

2) Place the cut Hazelnut Biscuit Macaron onto a tray,brush with simple sugar syrup.Pipe 3 small bulbs of Dark Chocolate Cremeux on top of the Hazelnut Biscuit Macaron.

3)Place the piece of Chocolate Sponge on top , then soak the sponge with simple sugar syrup.

4)Pipe 3 small bulbs of cremeux on top of the Alhambra Sponge and top with one of the prepared chocolate rectangles.

5)Pipe 2 rows of large bulbs of Cremeux along the top of chocolate rectangles.Top with another chocolate rectangle, then place a small line of cremeux in the centre of each chocolate rectangle.

6)Remove raspberry mousse from fridge and use a small palatte knife to place them into the middle of the chocolate.Decorate with prepared chocolate hoops as desired.

7)Place back in fridge for 30 minutes. Serve.

assemble 0 assemble 1 Assemble 2


(a) This dessert is definitely  interesting. I love the dark chocolate cremeux , smooth and silky. The raspberry mousse is my first try in tubes, goes well with all the chocolate. The sponge and biscuit macaron are not suppose to be super soft, it has a very different dimension in the texture and flavour.Overall, I love it.

(b)What is chocolate delice?Chocolate Delice is a form of dessert that is made from chocolate and a host of other ingredients like whipped cream, berries and nuts, caramel, eggs, milk and icing sugar. It is a popular dessert in the UK.

raspberry&hazelnut delice5

raspberry&hazelnut delice2

raspberry&hazelnut delice3

Another alternative of decoration with much easier effort

Today’s word:


Thank you for your visit and deeply appreciate your positive comments. ^_^



p/s:If there is any mistake and doubt of my work, do let me know, I will try rectify it.This work has been constructed under taking multiple medications which could cause drowsiness. My deepest apology.






Rich Chocolate Tart

Rich chocolate tart 4

It has been long for posting my recipe, since I got my viral flu from my husband, and unfortunately sick for more than month and I still have not recovering from my coughing.Why the virus has been so strong in Sydney?Why the doctor insisting not prescribing any medicine:”I am sorry, there is nothing we can do for the viral flu.”Both of us were told by the doctor. Every night all I did is coughing , lack of sleep, how am I going to heal my dear doctor in Sydney? The only thing is to make my body immune to any sickness…Healthy food, and healthy lifestyle, plenty of sleep and no dessert for a while.Sorry my dear blog.

Here is one of the recipes I tried before I was sick, just to share with you.I am going into a big transition very soon and I am going to miss some of the genuine readers due to I owe it to my health. Gosh…

Enjoy baking,dear folks! Not sure how long I can bla bla bla here so much. Going to miss you guys.

Rich chocolate tart 8

Components you need:

  • Rich chocolate mousse
  • Sable breton (Sweet Pastry)
  • Chocolate glaze

Rich chocolate tart 6

Rich chocolate tart 1

Rich Chocolate Mousse:

  • 225g  Cadbury baking milk chocolate,chopped ( or any baking milk chocolate)
  • 100g egg yolks
  • 60g castor sugar
  • 30 ml water
  • 280 ml Bulla whipping cream ( or any whipping cream)

1)Melt chocolate over bain marie(a pot of simmering water sits underneath the bowl of chocolate without allowing water touches the chocolate)

2)How to make Pate a bombe(a):

a)Beat  egg yolks till foamy stage with hand whisk.

b)Heat up sugar and water in a pot till reached 117C.

c)Add in to beaten egg yolks slowly and keep whisking fast until slightly pale or ribbon stage like picture shown.This is called pate a bombe.[Picture 6].Continue to beat the mixture until it is cool.

3)Beat cream in a mixing bowl till soft peaks formed[picture 7].

4)Fold in whipped cream into pate a bombe(a)[picture 8].

5)Fold  1/3 of cream mixture into melted chocolate from step (1).(It will slightly turned thick  a little).Fold in remaining cream mixture into chocolate mixture.

6)Pour the mousse into a prepared 6″ round cake ring sitting under a tray lined with parchment paper.Allow to freeze for 4 hours or overnight.

Rich Chocolate mousse


  • Ensure to pour in the sugar syrup slowly into beaten egg, otherwise pouring too fast of  hot sugar syrup will curdle the beaten egg.
  • (a)What is Pate a bombe:

A pâte à bombe is the French term for a mixture used as a base for making chocolate mousse and other mousse-like desserts.

It is made by pouring a sugar syrup that has been cooked until it is 117C degrees celsius over egg yolks and whipping the mixture until it is completely cold and has transformed into an uniform, unctuous, airy mass.

Rich chocolate tart 5

Sable Breton: (Rich sweet pastry)

  • 100g plain flour
  • 3g baking powder
  • pinch of salt
  • 75g unsalted butter, softened in room temperature
  • 30 egg yolks
  • 65g castor sugar

1)Sift together flour, baking powder and salt.

2)Beat the butter until soft and creamy.

3)Beat egg yolks and sugar in another bowl, beat till light in colour.

4)Add in softened butter into egg mixture, and mix to well combined.

5)Fold in the sifted flours.

6)Mix into forming a dough.

sable breton(sweet pastry)

7)Lightly press the dough between 2 sheets of parchment paper.Allow to rest in refrigerator for an hour.

8)Transfer the dough the work bench, roll the dough into roughly 8mm in thickness. Cut into a 8” diameter round disc.

9)Place the pastry  on a baking tray lined with parchment paper.

10)Bake in a preheated oven of 180C for 25 minutes until golden brown. Transfer to a cooling rack once baked, allow to cool completely.

sable breton


  • Lightly dust some flour between the 2 sheets parchment paper before roll the dough to desire thickness to prevent stickiness.
  • Do not over roll or work the dough otherwise it might cause shrinkage during baking in oven.
  • You can allow the dough to rest in the fridge for about 15 minutes again before bake if the dough becomes sticky due to hot weather.
  • This pastry should be used the same day as it is made, or can be frozen for up to a month after wrapped properly.
  • (a)What is Sable Breton:

This pastry is enriched by using egg yolks and flavoured with some salt. The pastry is definitely rich, buttery and crispy. It is from France and famous for the addition of salt.

Rich chocolate tart 7

Chocolate Glaze:

  • 9g gelatin leaves /or  gelatin powder(Dissolve powder into enough water to mix into paste)
  • 117g water
  • 150g castor sugar
  • 50g Hershey unsweetened cocoa powder( or any unsweetened cocoa powder)
  • 85g Bulla cream ( or any dairy cream)

1)Bloom gelatin in ice cold water till softened.Squeeze to remove excess water when use.

2)Bring water and sugar to just boil , immediately reduce to low heat to simmer for 2-3 minutes.

3)Add in cocoa powder and cream.

4)Bring it back to boil and simmer for 4-5 minutes on low heat.

5)Remove from heat, add in softened gelatin(Same goes to the gelatin powder if using powder instead).Stir until dissolved.

6)Strain, Leave to cool to 25C.

chocolate glaze


  • It is best to cool down the chocolate glaze till 28-33C  to glaze the mousse(frozen).
  • Stir the glaze now and then before glazing to prevent skin forming.
  • you can chill the glaze overnight to rest before using.The glaze will be jelly like texture form.
  • Carefully warm up with bain-marie or microwave until liquid and no trace of lump.(Remember to cool down to the optimum temperature when glazing)
  • You can store in an airtight container in fridge and use in 4 days.

Rich chocolate tart 3


1)Remove the mousse from freezer, lightly torch around the cake ring for few seconds. Remove the mousse from ring.

2)Place mousse back to freezer for 15 minutes.

3)Pour the chocolate glaze over the harden chocolate mousse.Allow to drip excess.

4)Transfer to the cooled sable breton(Pastry disc).

5)Decorate fresh raspberries around the mousse, and place some chocolate square piece on the top, more raspberries. Dust with some edible gold powder.

6)Allow the mousse tart to bring back to edible temperature in refrigerator for 30 minutes before serve.Enjoy this rich, chocolaty and buttery tart.

assemble(chocolate tart)

Hope you enjoy this alternative of rich chocolate tart, it is so rich and melt into your mouth. Hope you like this sharing.