Dessert Review: Gumnut Patisserie in Sydney

gumnut patisserie 8

Gumnut Patisserie, the place where you can many assorted kinds of pastries and  desserts which is at the heart of Berrima township , Southern Highlands. Gumnut Pattiserie has few different location around the highlands. My husband did some research of good pastries in Berrima and he found this Gumnut Patisserie was on the desirable list. It was a 90 minutes drive from Sydney. After few minutes of searching, we came by this place.

Outside of the bakery, I saw this most important road side signage that is good enough to attract  customer. I had to take this picture because I am excited that I am going to try their desserts soon. I love desserts despite of being lactose intolerant together with my husband. We are willing to take our own risk, included spending more money to take some lactose enzymes.

It was a good Sunday, rained for awhile and turned sunny again. There was no line for us to wait for too long on this particular day, yahoo we thought we were lucky.

gumnut patisserie 7

When we first stepped into the bakery, my eyes gazed around all the desserts and gateaux,The combinations of coffee and pastry, oh my goodness, we must come back for dessert right after my lunch at Zen Oasis restaurant. I must keep my stomach for second round of food, we quickly grabbed a cup of Long Black and left.

gumnut patisserie 2

Mobile phone shot

gumnut patisserie 3

Mobile shot

gumnut patisserie 4

Mobile phone shot

gumnut patisserie 5

Mobile phone shot

gumnut patisserie 6

Mobile phone shot

Around 2pm, we came back for seconds from a decent lunch and kept some empty space for trying some pastries here. Cannot wait as the aroma from the coffee and pastries were killing me softly.

So these are what we ordered. We ordered few desserts and planned to get some home initially for supper. Unfortunately, husband  immediately shook  his head in disapproval after having tasted their well known signature vanilla slice which has won an award, and the caramel tart. Its was my turn to taste and I have no doubt to agree with him. We were struggling to finish it. The flavours in our opinion is an acquired taste.

If we were given another chance to travel here, I would want to try  other pastries or desserts apart from the Vanilla slice which was merely suggested by the staff. I am super critical of choosing a good slice of dessert as the effort and time we traveled for , just to try the desserts, I have some high expectations especially with the good reviews and the title Gumnut has received over the years.

I wish the staffs were enthusiastic enough to give me or other customers some suggestions of their pastries, especially when we asked for the second slice. The girl was little less passionate of what she sells, perhaps? Maybe ask us what would we like for our palette and guide us to some good desserts, perhaps? The varieties are excellent.

I would love to give them some insight on how to identify what kind of customers are coming for just the desserts:

When someone who came back to the shop for the second time and who glanced through all the desserts  inside and out, occupied and engaged herself / himself in snapping pictures of the pastries and the front door sign, snapping pictures of  all the ordered desserts for a good 15 minutes before eating it and last but not least just concentrate in tasting the desserts and components without coming here for just a coffee talk, I think all tell tale signs are that is enough to show that this customer cares of her/his dessert. Two words: dessert lover.

I cannot judge the pastry by just two desserts and one mocha to define the final conclusion, that is unacceptable, do you agree?After the dessert experience in Gumnut, not knowing which one to choose(So many choices, I am sure there must be one or two I would love) , it might not be practical or enjoyable experience to travel back here  to get the dessert due to the time it took to get here.

People who travel  to Berrima here are majorly tourists. There are not more than even twenty shops around here. I assumed customers are mainly tourist who had to travel in the first place to get here? I hope Gumnut could give me another reason to try their desserts once again to proof that their desserts are exquisite. I don’t like to be critical, I want to enjoy the desserts, because  I am a dessert lover.

gumnut patisserie 9

Soy Mocha:

Reasonable taste however towards slight bitter after note. Perhaps they slight burnt the coffee, this is what my husband suspected who is considered  a coffee expert compared to me.

gumnut patisserie 10

Caramel Tart: $ 4++


From the taste of the caramel, I can confidently tell you, they are using large amount of sweetened milk and some melted white chocolate. The 5mm thickness of the tart skin combined with the 90% of the caramel somehow does not balance out the taste. All I can taste is sweet , sweet and overly sweet. My husband has been brought up with heavy cheese and milk flavour but he just couldn’t take half of the tart without the soy mocha to swallow it down.

Secondly, I personally do not get the idea of decorating strawberry sauce on both caramel and vanilla slice serving plates, please kindly enlighten me? I understand that Vanilla slice could go well with the strawberry sauce but definitely not to caramel tart. I personally think that the sauce is unnecessary. The taste and the amount are not relevant to the heavy sweetness of caramel. I wondered: do they serve all pastries with the strawberry sauce? I rather prefer some ice cream or whipped cream to cut down the sweetness of caramel . We both shared the tart and ended up having no choice but to disrespect the  hard work by the chef, unfortunately we both had to leave aside 1/4 of the  caramel tart on the serving plate. Indeed, we struggled to finish the artwork although  we were born without wasting food as you all should know.

Personal Suggestion(actually 2 person):

  • Please make portion to a small mini tart if you insist in having this caramel tart on the shelf. The caramel flavour has killed the entire tart. It is as though I am drinking a canned of sweetened milk instead. Forgive me being so straightforward.
  • I respect the Chef job to create something nice, but I would prefer either top it up with some whipped cream  or reduce the tart size to at least 1/3 of original size which would greatly appreciated.
  • Perhaps chef can turn this caramel into salted caramel instead, to prevent any portion size reduction. I could understand some customers prefer to pay based on value.
  • Please kindly remove the strawberry sauce, or on other desserts too. Not all desserts are happily married to the sauce. Please kindly consider this key point too.
  • Passionate staffs to give some assistance in helping first experience customers like us in picking some desserts apart from Vanilla slice?

gumnut patisserie 11

This is known as the “famous”  Vanilla Slice that won many awards, made with layers of butter puff pastry with Crème Patissiere between the layers and topped with vanilla fondant, decorated  with chocolate ganache.

When I first entered the store, requesting politely from staff what would they suggest me to try on for our first visit. She had no doubt and answered: Vanilla slice. So we had a slice.

INDIVIDUAL Vanilla Slice  $4.60


The good part is the buttery puff pastry , unlike other bakery cafe that serve their vanilla slice which is always soggy due to the cream patisserie sandwiched in between every puff pastry layers.Not only that, those unknown bakery shops love to use poor quality of butter to make the puff pastry which goes soggy easily. So bravo to “Gumnut patisserie ” of the buttery  and multiple layers of flakiness of puff pastry that never let us down.

The vanilla fondant is seemingly necessary component to tie up the entire vanilla slice due to the fact that the cream patissiere tasted towards rather on the plain side,it is screaming for considerable addition of sweetness. From what I tasted: The 90% of the sweetness comes from the vanilla fondant and 10% would be from the cream patissiere. When I tried the 3 components together in one mouthful, somehow to me, it is does not bind well together as though they were not belonging together in a family anymore.

Personal Suggestions:

  • Would be greatly appreciated if they can increase the amount of sweetness to the cream patissiere,
  • Reduce the the amount of the vanilla fondant,
  • Keep the vanilla taste and the buttery goodness of puff pastry,
  • With all these small adjustments, I would award them a pretty damn good “Vanilla Slice” of the year.

gumnut patisserie 12

Placing a slice of dessert for an unusual spot for a picture taking is another sign shows that I am a dessert lover.


You will see a pretty adorable bookstore just right beside Gumnut Patisserie.

[Article above is based on personal experience and opinions which  has no intention against anyone’s business associates as every individual has their own preference on how their dessert should taste like. ]

For more information of BERRIMA SHOP:

Shop 1, Post Office Corner
Hume Highway
Telephone: 48772 177
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A Day out at Southern Highland,Berrima NSW



Joadja Vineyards and Winery Love this outdoor wood fire oven behind the winery


2 August , husband and I went for a good trip in one of the secluded areas of New South Wales where the pace of life is alot slower without the hustle and the bustle of city life. It is a quiet country side with plenty of opened grass area, cows and horses are grazing deliberately.The occupants are definitely free from stress as they considered one of the friendliest people I have encountered compared to city inhabitants.

We did not have any strict schedule and time constraint for this trip. The atmosphere was peaceful and serene that we had to stop by almost every place that we encountered. Although in saying that, Berima is a very small town with small population  without many touristy things to do, which did not stop the fact Berima is a fantastic place to unwind. The drive which took us estimated about 90 minutes one way, the time taken is immaterial as the peacefulness was worth every single minute, as exhibited in my pictures.  I hope you enjoy my visual journey

Allow the pictures to speak it’s own  little story.



Joadja Vineyards and Winery: I spot this scenery when I first walked into the winery and I love it.




I saw this along the way we traveled. Husband saw it and instantly stop for me to capture the scenery.Love how the different shades of colours on all these lined up trees.



Saw plenty of hourse and cow along the way we traveled, it speaks closely the word of country side.










Spotted this when we went to nearby public toilet from far distant.Don’t get to visit this rabbit shack store due to limited time during winter.
















I love all kind of peculiar design, and look at the tap, fully covered with the wild leaves, amazing for such small thing.




Love this feminine signage.










Duckies wear colourful winter boots captured almost all the tourist who passed by.


Thanks for visiting.Hope you enjoy my sharing of such short trip.

Simplicity in life comes from feeling within your heart.




Food Review: Zen Oasis Vegetarian Restaurant in Berrima, NSW

I always miss vegetarian food from my home town but to get on a flight every time I crave for it is just not economical at all.

So, husband and I went for 90 minutes drive to Berrima in Southern Highlands. Although it is situated on fringe of the beautiful historic village, we both enjoyed the entire trip. This restaurant is only open on weekends for lunch time. I heard so much good feedback of it, so I thought to give it a go.

The restaurant  offers a variety of gourmet delicacies which is over 30 selections of yum cha entrées, freshly wrapped sushi, home made desserts and a wide variety of hot and cold beverages. We did not get to taste the desserts much as we had plans for next dessert at some well known cafes nearby.

DSC_2636 DSC_2632

There was a long line outside the entrance , waiting for the restaurant to open. So, its true for the rumour, indeed there was a long line.

When I first entered the place,  Chinese calligraphy was the first thing I spotted, then gave a quick glance through the entire place, it  gives away the  rustic and cozy  ambiance   with the wood fire fired up to warm up the place. Mind me, the temperature outside was around 13° Celcius. The only problem was I did not get to take any proper pictures in with the limited time, the lighting did not make is easier as well. Besides, everyone rushed in for the food like a pack of wolves, unlike me who came in to look around and started to take pictures. Customers were lining up for food while I was standing there causing some inconvenience for them to feed their hungry appetite. Everybody lined up for food, if I took any longer time to capture picture, perhaps by the time I am done , there might not have been any food left for me  as too many starved tummies to be fed here. Forgive me  for the poor qualitiy of pictures .

zen oasis buffet 7 DSC_2572

zen oasis buffet 1

zen oasis buffet 2

zen oasis buffet 3

Freshly rolled sushi finished so quick that I got to taste 2 varieties.I only snapped this picture before I served myself. Lucky there was a person decicated in making new ones as the images below:

zen oasis buffet 6

This lady is the one who serve freshly rolled sushi.

zen oasis buffet 4

zen oasis buffet 5

zen oasis buffet 8 zen oasis buffet 9

What I picked for making my tummy happy:


Deep Fried Breadcrumb tofu with vegetarian abalone


Vegetarian Bak Kut Teh: bean curd skin, goji berries, some vegetarian meat in the soup


Assorted deep fried snacks: glutinous rice balls, popiah, popiah skin with seaweed sheets, and more deep fry bean curd skin with vegetables…..


Fried rice, vegetarian BBQ pork(char siu), deep fried snacks(unsure what is that but husband loved it the most)


Stir fry vegetables, stir fry spicy mushroom with soy meat, crispy fish and mushroom skewer(my favourite but did not like the olive though)


The least favourite is these steam glutinous crystal vegetables dumpling and steam glutinous pumpkin-like filled with some coconut fillings(not my favourite)


All in all, the taste is very close to Malaysian vegetarian food. I wish that I could taste more of the dim sum such as steam BBQ bun, deep fried taro balls, or more mushroom made food. For appetite like my husband and he such a poor eater, this could be the one time deal.

The service is excellent. I saw those waiters  explained the ingredients of the varieties food to non-asian customers patiently. If anyone loves a good Asian vegetarian food, this is one of the options here close to Sydney so far I reckon.

After settling a nice meal, we went out of the restaurant to capture some surrounding area:









I enjoyed my time in Berrima, people here are mostly friendly.

Thanks for visiting.Hope you enjoy this simple sharing.

More Information:

Zen Oasis

Address and contact details are as follows:
230 Medway Road Berrima NSW 2577  (Berrima & Moss Vale Exit of Hume Highway).

Tel: (02) 4877 1285 or 0404 099 285  (Between 9:30am and 5:00pm Monday to Sunday for bookings. )

Crispy Garlic Oat Bread Roll



My husband loves these garlic bread, so I bake it very often. The crispiness of the japanese breadcrumb after crisped up from the homemade garlic butter, makes the bread roll extra tasty. The garlic butter perfumed the entire bread,especially freshly came out from oven.

These bread is extra soft , goes well with soup or just eat it on its own.

Hope you like this sharing.Let’s get started?


garlic bread 4


Garlic Butter:

  • 150g Lurpak unsalted butter,room temperature (Or any unsalted butter)
  • 5-6 cloves of garlic, minced or grated
  • 1/4 tsp dry mix herbs
  • 1/4 tsp lemon juice or white vinegar
  • 1/4 tsp of salt
  1. Mix everything together and place into a prepared parchment paper.Roll it up into a log and twist both ends properly.
  2. Keep in the freezer for 30 minutes until hardened.


  • Garlic butter can be made in bigger portion and stored in the freezer up to half year.
  • Garlic butter can be made in advanced.


garlic bread 1


garlic bread 5

Oat Bread Roll

  • 300g bread flour / strong flour/ bakers flour
  • 2 tbsp instant oats
  • 30g castor sugar
  • 4g salt
  • 15g  Lurpak butter ( or any butter)
  • 5g instant yeast
  • 100g soy milk ( or any full cream milk )
  • 110g water
  • 2-3 tbsp of Japanese breadcrumb( Panko breadcrumb)



  1.  Mix all ingredients together except butter. ( reserve 20 ml of milk)
  2.  Knead all ingredients into a dough,then mix in the butter in 2 additions until it comes together.Slowly pour in the remaining  milk and continued kneading until a smooth dough formed.
  3.  To check if the dough is done, take out some dough, and lightly stretch your dough into a thin skin(membrane) without having any holes form. The thinner of the membrane can be stretched and light can see through, the better the dough.thin membrane of dough
  4. Once done, take out the dough and give it a good knead into big ball. Spray some water onto dough to prevent drying. Allow to proof to double in size by covering with damp towel.
  5. Once the dough is done, release the air by kneading it. Divide into 12 portion, roll into balls. Rest for 15 minutes by covering  with damp towel.
  6. Roll each portion into a round smooth ball.
  7. Lined a metal tray (2″ deep) with oil paper. Spread 1/3 of your garlic butter all around the base and sides of the tray. You can cut into cubes and place all over the tray.Scatter in Japanese breadcrumb all over.
  8. Arrange 12 ball of dough  into the metal ray ( 3 across x 4 long). Scatter 1/3 of the garlic butter onto the balls. ( or you can brush it onto the balls.Sprinkle more breadcrumb onto the balls(Roughly 1 tbsp)
  9. Allow to proof to double in size, roughly an hour.
  10. Bake in a  180C preheated oven for 25-30 minutes until golden brown,depending on individual oven. You can bake the bread on the bottom oven for the last 3 minutes at 200C to achieve golden brown crispy breadcrumb.
  11. Once done, remove from oven and brush the remaining garlic butter onto each golden brown bread roll.Serve.

garlic bread step 1 garlic bread step 2

garlic bread step 3 garlic bread step 4

garlic bread step 5 garlic bread step 6


  • If you prefer just plain bread without oat, remove oat  from recipe.
  • Remember to use Japanese breadcrumb to achieve crispy and golden texture on the bread roll.
  • If you cannot find dry mix herbs, just replace with freshly chopped parsley.

garlic bread 3


Thanks for visiting and your comment is much appreciated.




Thank You for another year

chocolate birthday



Another year older.

Deeply blessed and grateful for small things in life. I am grateful for the chocolate, the food, the new place I put my footsteps on, the flower, the thoughtful wish.

Thank you God for another grateful year with all the blessings and love.

Thank you my hubby, my families and genuine friends who support me throughout my life.

Great health and wonderful memories created each day are all I pray for everyone in my life.

Yes, I am counting all  blessings every second of my simple life.

Thanks love.






tulip 2

tulip 0


tulip 3



tulip 4





tulip 1 tulip 2 tulip 3 tulip 4 tulip 5






Vanilla Profiteroles@ Vanilla Cream Puff ( Choux a la Creme)

profiteroles(choux  pastry) 1

This small little delicate  cream filled profiteroles or cream puffs are like finger food that suitable for any occasions.

Top up with this vanilla craquelin, as though dressing them with aromatic crunchy hats seemed a necessity.

Serve this with some fruit juice , tea or coffee, you just cannot stop popping in your mouth.



Vanilla Craquelin:(goes over the top of choux pastry)

  • 30g plain flour, sifted
  • 30g castor sugar
  • 25g Western Star butter ( or any  butter)
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla paste

1)Sift flour into a bowl, add sugar ,butter and vanilla paste, rub together until mixture forms a dough.

2)Roll out between  2 sheets of silicon paper.

3)Refrigerate for 30 minutes.


Choux Pastry / Pate a Choux:

  • 60ml water
  • 60ml milk
  • 60g  Western Star unsalted butter ( Or any unsalted butter)
  • 6g castor sugar
  • 80g plain flour, sifted
  • pinch of salt
  • 125g whole eggs, beaten

1)Heat water, milk, butter and sugar in a saucepan. Bring to boil.

2)Take pan off heat, add in sifted flour and salt.

3)Use spatula to stir until completely combined.

4)Return to cook on low heat, continue stirring until dough leaves the sides of the pan.

5)Transfer dough to a mixing bowl, leave to cool for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.

6)Gradually add in the beaten egg into dough.

7)Beat the mixture until it is smooth with spatula.

8)Pour into a piping bag with plain round nozzle  of 8mm.

9)Preheat oven to 200c. Pipe choux pastry onto a baking tray lined with a non-stick baking mat, leaving gaps in between.

10)Using a 2cm round cutter to cut each craquelin into round disc. Top the piped choux pastry with craquelin disc.

11)Bake for 15 minutes, then turn down to 180C and cook for further 8-10 minutes until golden brown. Remove from oven, leave to cool.

how to make choux pastry


Craquelin+choux pastry



(a) Do not open oven for 12-15 minutes after placing choux into oven otherwise pastry collapses. Choux pastry rises when the moisture in dough heats and creates steam. If oven is opened before the outside of the dough has time to cook, the steam comes out of the dough, pastry then collapses.


Assemble :

  • Some whipping cream
  • castor sugar to your taste
  • vanilla paste

1)Beat cream, sugar and vanilla to soft peak formed.Make a small hole from the bottom of every choux pastry.

2)Pour vanilla cream into a piping bag fitted with round nozzle, pipe into cooled choux pastry.

3)Ready to serve or chill in refrigerator for an hour and ready to serve.


Be adventurous and creative to your filling, custard, cream with any flavours would make your profiteroles extra special because you create your own.


profiteroles(choux  pastry) 2






Cream in choux pastry

I also sliced the choux pastry into half, then piped in some freshly made vanilla cream, and top up with my favorite raspberry.(Cream can be made into personal preference such as chocolate, strawberries, coffee and etc)


Thanks for visiting and hope you like this simple sharing.




Review: Adriano Zumbo Dessert Tasting

zumbo adriano dessert review 1

Dessert Name:

Ed, it’s been long time,




Cappuccino marshmallow mousse, chocolate crunch, lemon olive oil and coffee cremeux, chocolate olive oil sponge and chocolate mousse.

Contains: Tree nuts, eggs, dairy and gluten.


Finally I tried Zumbo dessert:

Yesterday, a rainy day during winter in June, I decided that I must get Zumbo Adriano dessert. I went to the store approximately 10 times, but something prevented me from getting a slice of Zumbo’s dessert until yesterday.

Visited Zumbo’s store for 10 times and have not try it yet, why?

Allow me to reason why I couldn’t make myself to get dessert from zumbo’s store:an hour of travel just to reach to Zumbo’s store;no place for customer to dine in;not much choices almost everytime I went there(also a good thing which limit my choices to get something exciting);not-so-welcoming staff towards first time clients like me.So far these are the reasons preventing me to move forward to be one Zumbo’s customer.

Until yesterday, I bought Zumbo’s cookbook.Okay, his desserts started to tickle my curiosity of wanting to really try one.I love all his Tim tam creations,I think it’s good enough to bring me back to his store and give it a real taste adventure.

Experience in front of Zumbo’s store :

I was in front of his store, again, making it 11 times now,however this time my husband and I are seriously considering to get his dessert.

Let see, the store served slightly more varieties desserts compared to the 10 previous times I came here for dessert window shopping, apart from his ordinary and familiar macarons.Besides, I saw some pastry, oh finally.I finally saw his well known “Zonut”( as you all know also named as” cronut”).

There was no designated counter area that I can find to place my orders, nor is any of staff friendly enough to acknowledge me or others customers. I circled the entire store which is more like a shoe box size,and yet there was nobody really noticing us. I was there approximately 5 minutes,I quickly scanned through all the customers, and realised there were high numbers of Asian tourist(Supposedly can be potential zumbo’s customer if given better customer service) was attracted by Zumbo’s desserts.

First thing we both noticed at the pastry area:There were fruit flies circulating above the pastries. My husband has an eagle eye alert on food hygiene. Winter with flies, how it this possible during such cold weather,I was astonished.

One Asian man in particular caught my attention:” Come and see these beautiful desserts, but what are those flavour? I couldn’t work out the components ? Guess we better go to next coffee store to find their staff who can explain and introduce their menus.Let’s go.”, this man was whispering to his friends and they were speaking in Cantonese.Indeed,I can understand because I am Asian myself.

Oh yes, there were  explanation cards of every desserts sitting inside the glass cabinet.Those explanation cards are sitting cold and stale inside without anyone make any effort to explain them in simpler way. Such ashamed! Not every customers comes to Zumbo store knows or ought to know all the vocabulary in dessert’s world. I wish that zumbo’s staff can be friendly and passionate towards approaching the Asian’s customers, because these tourist  can have great chance  to be a spender here or even to polish the reputation of Zumbo’s name outside of Australia, what do you reckon?Obviously, we are screaming for assistance here.

I wanted Zumbo’s dessert badly, so I finally caught a lady staff’s attention after 10 minutes standing there. I was politely asked for her permission before taking my orders:” May I ask, is there any specific line for me to place my orders or perhaps I was standing at the incorrect area to ask for your help?”

An English speaking lady who apparently looked like she is carrying a baby inside her, rolled her eyes to me and replied:” Oh, there isn’t any line here as you can see. The line is pretty much everywhere. I will come back to you in a moment” , she eventually approached us.

My husband wanted a yummy looking pastry, but there was not any explanation card, so I quickly asked this lady again:”May I ask what is that as there isn’t any name for that pastry.”

Thank God she replied:”It is sticky macadamia roll with caramel sauce.”

I placed my order and after paid, this lady quickly grabbed a blue paper box,and placed the dessert into the box. I noticed how reckless she has been treated  this piece of dessert.This was how she dealed with my dessert; she placed the dessert into a transparent plastic bag in an incorrect angle such that the lid of the paper bag was not shut well, it was half opened, and the dessert inside definitely is screaming for help, it can be squashed anytime soon.I always have serious issue with how to handle food especially desserts. A good piece of dessert like this  should be treated gently and full with care,so I opened my eyes widely and holding  down my inner scream :”Oohhhh……”

The lady finally got my sign language, she quickly rearranged the bag and dessert properly and handed it to me.

Since there isn’t any table for customers to dine in,I have to rush home with this dessert.Thank God it is winter.Picture yourself if it is summer time.No place to eat here and the delicate mousse dessert has to be traveled quite a distance back home.

New adjustments perhaps in NSW store?

Despite of the whole experience at Zumbo’s store in NSW, I wish the staff were friendly,passionate and approachable. Wish they can explain or describe the desserts for those who cannot understand some components of the desserts.I wondered, could it be the flies busy serving themselves with yummy pastries here give extra flavour to the desserts?

My husband is a super polite and nice man.If he noticed that  the staff’s service is questionable, it shows the staff has poor standard of service or just understaffed. My husband secretly complaint that how unacceptable the lady served me with her rolled eyes and sarcastic attitude.I guess I know simple English without double meanings, I don’t even realise this lady provided me  poor service, I was merely fixated with the dessert.My assumption was that God wants me to be less sensitive.

The taste of the dessert:

Okay, I tasted the dessert.I loved it. The main flavour came from the coffee and chocolate. The cappuccino marshmallow mousse is soft and melts into mouth.The sourness taste from the lemon olive oil cremeux lightly cuts through the sweetness of the dessert.The best part I adored  is  how the bottom chocolate crunch tastes in my mouth,it is slightly crunchy and the unexpectedly  saltiness in the  chocolate crunch is an amazing positive surprise.All in all, I do not mind to give my taste bud a sweet adventure  again. Nicely to go with a cup of  hot tea, oh ya~~~

The design of the dessert no doubt caught my attention compared to other’s desserts so far in this store. Wish there were more choices though,somehow.

I love all kind mousse desserts or cakes despite of being  severely lactose intolerant, together with my husband too. For Zumbo’s dessert, we are willing to take some enzyme pills before trying his dessert, guess worth the flavour in my mouth. My husband loved the sticky macademia caramel roll and I loved zumbo’s dessert. Both of us in a win- win situation.


zumbo adriano dessert review 4


Components of this dessert:(top to bottom)

  • milk chocolate glaze
  • Cappucino marshmallow mousse
  • Chocolate mousse(insert)
  • lemon olive oil and coffee cremeux(insert)
  • chocolate olive oil sponge(Insert)
  • chocolate crunch

Components are based on my own experience in desserts, because there is no specific explanation on the components in particular order.


zumbo adriano dessert review 3

For more information:

Adriano Zumbo




This is a review based on my own experience in Zumbo, there is no intention on criticizing but purely describing my first attempt in Zumbo. Wish the store has more varieties ,and staffs are friendly(Not friendlier, but friendly).


Thank you for reading and enjoy life with desserts.