I am back for my health update.Just a bit.

                     It has been awhile, so long I don’t even remember how to blog. Too much things are going on in my life, looking after my health, consult doctors for my health issues, and identified one of my health issues, then packed all our belongings to move to our new place.
                     Bittersweet memories in the old home that my husband and I have been stayed for the past 10 years, all the baking memories scattered around that little tiny and old kitchen.Some awesome memories and some not so but that little kitchen has been useful and has given the force for me to push myself to the limit.I would said: limitless, boundless, and feeling as though Yoda has spoken to me “may the force be with you…” lol
                      They said, Australia doctors are good, seen them, listened to their advices and allowed them to play with my body with all sort of medications such as “strongest pain killers, mobic, anti-depressant…and the worst and ridiculous medication which given to treat seizures, and 10 steroid injections all over my body in one go…those pain I can bear. The longest needle injected deep into my feet tissue about 10cm in deep every 2 to 3 months for both feets.  Everytime enters the injection room with this Dr Ho (chinese pain specialist), I felt the worst feeling, knowing that he will inject this steroid to numb my body ache, no matter how awful the pain, how frustrated I felt, my husband nudged me:”he has the tool to numb your ache temporary,just one injection, and good to go.”
Lying on the hospital bed, turned my back facing the doctor, and Dr Ho asked:”this will be a sharp pain, for a bit.”
“Fxxx, the pain is not a bit, Dr, have you seen the needle yourself?You made a hole in my feet, then injected another needle into the same hole you made, and pushed deep into my plantar fascia about 10cm, and released the steroid slowly and enough to make me tearing up and you called it abit of pain?”,I thought to myself. This injection last me 3 months top, for one feet.Then i have to return to his injection room for another round.
                      Seeing him for a year now, not only he diagnosed me with “FIBROMYALGIA” which with no medications but he said the pain all over my body is control by my brain, basically one word he tried to say, my mental is causing my body pain, could be trauma or past injuries causing this chronic pain. Treated by him for a year, all he did was giving me Anti-depressant that make me stay awake at night.God knows, I didn’t follow and take any of those anti-depressant.
                     Any ideas how I go through with the chronic pain? Either I prescribed with strong dose of pain killer called”MOBIC”, this medication is good for stopping the pain, meantime good at screwing up my kidney and liver, and then I advised to run some few blood tests to check both my organs are functioning well. Since being a vegetarian, my blood test proved them wrong, and I am perfectly healthy.According to the test results, my organs so far are functioning well, and this given the Dr Ho another Bullsxxx to tell me:”It is all in your mind, there is no medication, take the anti-depressant, take the anti-depressant, take the anti-depressant…..” It is like a nightmare lullaby to me.
                     Honestly, Dr Ho has PhD, that is why he is a doctor. I am freaking furious at  this statement and came along with his face expressions.One word”FAKE”.
“Have you try acupuncture?,Dr asked me.
Then he continued his rude statement that not only humiliate other acupuncturist in the world, but to his professionalism:”Acupuncturist, just using finest needle and poke your skin, how hard can it be?I can do that too.”
Can you believe a psycho doctor with PhD and with his statement came out from his PhD mouth”?I wondered how many patient like me has to go through brain washed session by him.
                  Then my one year constant appointment with his steroid injections for both feets and my shoulders pain, and my back pain. Came along with all the strongest mobic and pain killer and medication for seizure which also prescribed by him because it is good for relaxing my nerve, according to him, my nerves are being overly sensitive.
                  My one year treatment by my GP,different chiropractors, then Dr Ho the pain specialist with strong pain killer, seizure medications,popping all these pills are my daily routine to control my pain. If I do not consume?I barely came down  from my bed, barely stand nor walk,my body aches or migraines are 24/7 constant .No camera, no blogging , no baking , no nothing for anything related to my hands and legs. Was it a torture? Yes in the beginning and now I am getting use to this pain.
                 Family worried for my pain.The steroid injections not only carry more fat on my body, the medications are not solving the root problems, so I flew back to hometown to seek a better treatment with this amazing chiropractor who recommended by my sisters.
This muslim female chiropractor is amazing, I would say that she is the healer compared to Dr.Ho
                  Met her first day, she saw my standing posture, she instantly identify my pain.Knock knee is the main root of problems for all my pain, then tag along with Achilles tendon, plantar fasciitis that caused by knock knee. Knock knee patient like me basically our legs are not straight, is a condition in which the knees angle in and touch each other when the legs are straightened. Individuals with severe valgus deformities are typically unable to touch their feet together while simultaneously straightening the legs.
                   I was born with this since I could remember, i barely learn to walk until quite old.My grandmother had it and she barely walk during her old age, she used wheelchair since I recalled.  Mum was shocked by what the chiro told. This amazing chiro told me that I should have repair my legs since I was young, but nobody noticed and cared for my problems .They thought I was normal. Doctor said either I should have knee surgeries or receive  her treatment.
I don’t want any surgeries, slicing my legs and insert some steel and stitching back my knees are my night mares and recuperation process varies on different individuals, it could take years.
                   During the 4 days with her, she diagnosed me with crooked back bones, shoulders pain and my hips are abnormal due to my neglected knock knees issue. She said that I was her first patient with multiple problems that she has never seen, she wished could put me into laboratory and show to all her doctors friends.
She was amazing to repair my pain severity ,from 110% to left like 80 percent of pain all over my body just in 4 days.
                   She said this problems I have only can heal for 50 percent with her treatments,but I am willing to take the twisting and bending by her bare hands than surgeries.I don’t want to be cut open and stitch back.She taught me some legs stretch which helping me without seeing the unprofessional Dr Ho.
Told this chiro about Dr Ho’s all kind of medications and treatments that he gave me .
                  Her reply was: “Doctors that are lazy will diagnose patient with FIBROMYLGIA because this doctor just plain lazy to treat you but shhhh patient away with the pain killers “.
She also added that:” why this Dr Ho injected you so many times, every person is allowed to take this injections 2 times in a year, and he allowed you to be injected more than 30 times all over your body?”
                  My conclusion is, I am born with knock knee with crooked back bone and tag along with alot of others pain, I am not suppose to run or squat, or do certain exercises.And definitely do not require any injections or anti-depressant.
So, whoever is reading this with friends with pain, please make sure get a good doctor that trust you instead of keeping you quiet with some pain killers and anti-depressant. Not all Australian doctors are good, not all doctors are being professional with their duty.
                  Doctors nowadays only believe in short cuts with some medications that does not cure but only give side effects. Wasn’t for me seeing this hometown female chiro, I might have still popping pain killer or anti-depressant every single day. I told my husband that I find Doctors in Australia are unprofessional and stubborn and never listen to patient at all , and never believe in any diet. They basically did not take time to diagnose you, but simply let you tell them what is going on your body, and they give you some pain killers and push you away.
Ladies and gentlemen, love your body, if you don’t trust some advice from some labeled doctors, always follow your intuitions and seek the right help. Not all doctors nowadays can put you out of misery.
                   There are times that your family so tired of you moaning for pain every single day, and think anti-depressant could save you, but, stop right there.Nobody understands your pain more than yourself.
                    I can’t believe that I googled so much to self-seeking my pain before even see doctors in Australia.Even so, don’t you give in with medications,not all medications are working fine with your pain in long run, there is always some nasty side effects, run some blood test if you are undertaking some nasty medication for your own adjustment.
                    Try healthy diet, cut down unhealthy stuffs from your body.If your years of diet causing you ill, then try alternative options with foods. No harm in trying healthy options by being vegetarian or vegan or no processed food. Your body will tell you what works best, as long as you have determination to give up long years of torture.The torture of food in your body , that you might unnoticed , You could be stubbornly think that  it is doing nothing bad to your health because your great grand parents and parents brought you up with those amazing food. But your great grand parents are walking and working their body muscle more than we are sitting right now in front of the computers, not only that,  the food chains are not being disturbed back then, the water they consumed are not polluted like now.
                     Anyway time flies, things changed, DNA in your food chains has changed, so do what you can to save your body from being self torture, or tortured by your doctors.
                    Months of not talking, but things like this bound to be said by me , and it is in my blog.
                   I am blessed that I do not need to pop in pain killers like eating rice. But I am still looking after my health, I am blessed that I changed my diet, therefore I no longer bake dairy food as often as before.
To those really read my long due article , thank you for being so patience with me and supportive.
I am blessed that I am alive and able to blog after a year long.
                   Thank you for visiting my blog. I will not be active like few years back, not even in facebook anymore. I want to focus on resting my hands from being numb and pain from typing.  Forgive me.
Thank you for listening my long winded article of my updates.

Hubby was secretly taken my pic while i was capturing another sunset. The view is more breathtaking with your bare eyes than my actual phone capture. I am blessed

This is taken in one of the sunset ,in winter with my handphone from by balcony view.


Rich Chocolate Tart

Rich chocolate tart 4

It has been long for posting my recipe, since I got my viral flu from my husband, and unfortunately sick for more than month and I still have not recovering from my coughing.Why the virus has been so strong in Sydney?Why the doctor insisting not prescribing any medicine:”I am sorry, there is nothing we can do for the viral flu.”Both of us were told by the doctor. Every night all I did is coughing , lack of sleep, how am I going to heal my dear doctor in Sydney? The only thing is to make my body immune to any sickness…Healthy food, and healthy lifestyle, plenty of sleep and no dessert for a while.Sorry my dear blog.

Here is one of the recipes I tried before I was sick, just to share with you.I am going into a big transition very soon and I am going to miss some of the genuine readers due to I owe it to my health. Gosh…

Enjoy baking,dear folks! Not sure how long I can bla bla bla here so much. Going to miss you guys.

Rich chocolate tart 8

Components you need:

  • Rich chocolate mousse
  • Sable breton (Sweet Pastry)
  • Chocolate glaze

Rich chocolate tart 6

Rich chocolate tart 1

Rich Chocolate Mousse:

  • 225g  Cadbury baking milk chocolate,chopped ( or any baking milk chocolate)
  • 100g egg yolks
  • 60g castor sugar
  • 30 ml water
  • 280 ml Bulla whipping cream ( or any whipping cream)

1)Melt chocolate over bain marie(a pot of simmering water sits underneath the bowl of chocolate without allowing water touches the chocolate)

2)How to make Pate a bombe(a):

a)Beat  egg yolks till foamy stage with hand whisk.

b)Heat up sugar and water in a pot till reached 117C.

c)Add in to beaten egg yolks slowly and keep whisking fast until slightly pale or ribbon stage like picture shown.This is called pate a bombe.[Picture 6].Continue to beat the mixture until it is cool.

3)Beat cream in a mixing bowl till soft peaks formed[picture 7].

4)Fold in whipped cream into pate a bombe(a)[picture 8].

5)Fold  1/3 of cream mixture into melted chocolate from step (1).(It will slightly turned thick  a little).Fold in remaining cream mixture into chocolate mixture.

6)Pour the mousse into a prepared 6″ round cake ring sitting under a tray lined with parchment paper.Allow to freeze for 4 hours or overnight.

Rich Chocolate mousse


  • Ensure to pour in the sugar syrup slowly into beaten egg, otherwise pouring too fast of  hot sugar syrup will curdle the beaten egg.
  • (a)What is Pate a bombe:

A pâte à bombe is the French term for a mixture used as a base for making chocolate mousse and other mousse-like desserts.

It is made by pouring a sugar syrup that has been cooked until it is 117C degrees celsius over egg yolks and whipping the mixture until it is completely cold and has transformed into an uniform, unctuous, airy mass.

Rich chocolate tart 5

Sable Breton: (Rich sweet pastry)

  • 100g plain flour
  • 3g baking powder
  • pinch of salt
  • 75g unsalted butter, softened in room temperature
  • 30 egg yolks
  • 65g castor sugar

1)Sift together flour, baking powder and salt.

2)Beat the butter until soft and creamy.

3)Beat egg yolks and sugar in another bowl, beat till light in colour.

4)Add in softened butter into egg mixture, and mix to well combined.

5)Fold in the sifted flours.

6)Mix into forming a dough.

sable breton(sweet pastry)

7)Lightly press the dough between 2 sheets of parchment paper.Allow to rest in refrigerator for an hour.

8)Transfer the dough the work bench, roll the dough into roughly 8mm in thickness. Cut into a 8” diameter round disc.

9)Place the pastry  on a baking tray lined with parchment paper.

10)Bake in a preheated oven of 180C for 25 minutes until golden brown. Transfer to a cooling rack once baked, allow to cool completely.

sable breton


  • Lightly dust some flour between the 2 sheets parchment paper before roll the dough to desire thickness to prevent stickiness.
  • Do not over roll or work the dough otherwise it might cause shrinkage during baking in oven.
  • You can allow the dough to rest in the fridge for about 15 minutes again before bake if the dough becomes sticky due to hot weather.
  • This pastry should be used the same day as it is made, or can be frozen for up to a month after wrapped properly.
  • (a)What is Sable Breton:

This pastry is enriched by using egg yolks and flavoured with some salt. The pastry is definitely rich, buttery and crispy. It is from France and famous for the addition of salt.

Rich chocolate tart 7

Chocolate Glaze:

  • 9g gelatin leaves /or  gelatin powder(Dissolve powder into enough water to mix into paste)
  • 117g water
  • 150g castor sugar
  • 50g Hershey unsweetened cocoa powder( or any unsweetened cocoa powder)
  • 85g Bulla cream ( or any dairy cream)

1)Bloom gelatin in ice cold water till softened.Squeeze to remove excess water when use.

2)Bring water and sugar to just boil , immediately reduce to low heat to simmer for 2-3 minutes.

3)Add in cocoa powder and cream.

4)Bring it back to boil and simmer for 4-5 minutes on low heat.

5)Remove from heat, add in softened gelatin(Same goes to the gelatin powder if using powder instead).Stir until dissolved.

6)Strain, Leave to cool to 25C.

chocolate glaze


  • It is best to cool down the chocolate glaze till 28-33C  to glaze the mousse(frozen).
  • Stir the glaze now and then before glazing to prevent skin forming.
  • you can chill the glaze overnight to rest before using.The glaze will be jelly like texture form.
  • Carefully warm up with bain-marie or microwave until liquid and no trace of lump.(Remember to cool down to the optimum temperature when glazing)
  • You can store in an airtight container in fridge and use in 4 days.

Rich chocolate tart 3


1)Remove the mousse from freezer, lightly torch around the cake ring for few seconds. Remove the mousse from ring.

2)Place mousse back to freezer for 15 minutes.

3)Pour the chocolate glaze over the harden chocolate mousse.Allow to drip excess.

4)Transfer to the cooled sable breton(Pastry disc).

5)Decorate fresh raspberries around the mousse, and place some chocolate square piece on the top, more raspberries. Dust with some edible gold powder.

6)Allow the mousse tart to bring back to edible temperature in refrigerator for 30 minutes before serve.Enjoy this rich, chocolaty and buttery tart.

assemble(chocolate tart)

Hope you enjoy this alternative of rich chocolate tart, it is so rich and melt into your mouth. Hope you like this sharing.




Dessert Review : Stones Patisserie in Berrima, NSW

tanghana salted caramel gluten free

Stones Patisserie in Berrima, was the next patisserie bakery shop that we dropped by to grab one piece of dessert after having tried GUMNUT Patisserie’s desserts before we headed back to Sydney. It was nearly half past three in the afternoon and we need to head back before encountering any traffic. The experience in Gumnut patisserie ( which is located 4 minutes walk , opposite to each other) was the reason we had to stop by at Stones to give it a try. We could not find any dessert in Gumnut anymore, not on the day we dined in so we wanted to renew our luck at Stones Patisserie instead. [Find out you why : Gumnut Patisserie ]

We grabbed home one particular piece called:

Tanghana Salted Caramel Gluten free  $12.50 invididual piece

I tried to bring home to taste and identify the components myself and here are the components I guess:

Components are:

  1. 1st layer: Chocolate glacage/glaze
  2. 2nd layer:Dark chocolate cremeux/ cream
  3. 3rd layer:Gluten free Chocolate sponge/cake
  4. 4th layer:Salted caramel cream
  5. 5th layer:Milk chocolate cremeux/cream
  6. Base: Hazelnut chunks cream filling

[Components above are based on personal assumptions, since there was no any written explanation]


It is pretty good for a gluten chocolate entremet.

I personally wish that they could add more solid crunch in the dessert apart from the hazelnut chunk pieces. Please do not get me wrong, I loved the hazelnut especially, wish the hazelnut chunk was incorporated with some joconde or cookies base to give the extra depth for the entire dessert. Apart from the hazelnut chunks, when I bite into it I felt as though I could only taste just one texture all the way down the entire dessert  that is soft and creamy.  I loved the idea of hazelnut. If the chef could turn the base  into some cookies base by using the same hazelnut chunks would be good.

Alternatively, keep the hazelnut base as it is, but  to increase the bite to the gluten free chocolate sponge would make this dessert fabulous and excellent even more.The time when I slowly taste the sponge, sogginess maybe the word to describe what the sponge has become, it could possibly be explained by all the cream layers  stacked altogether over the entire dessert? Or the sugar syrup has moistened the sponge so much that tasted unlike sponge, just my personal opinion.

All in all, flavour is good  for gluten free dessert.

[Forgive me for the dessert has been ruined on the surface due to the fact this dessert traveled with us for 90 minutes, I could have ruined it while holding it through the bumpy ride in some where along the trip even how careful I was.]


Since time is ticking before heading home to Sydney, we only had 10 minutes left approximately to give a final wrap at Stones Patisserie.

When I first stepped in, I discovered that ambient lighting how cozy it  was unsuitable for such amateur photographer like me to snap some super quick shots in just few minutes included choosing my dessert and lining up at check out counter. Forgive me again for the poor and unclear pictures.

The decor is cozy and there was a line for desserts. On the left side when we walked further into shop, there was a place for customers to dine in for other choices of the menu.


DSC_2876 DSC_2886 DSC_2892

There is a table with all the chefs’s center pieces standing proudly . I unable to capture all the desserts on the table due to the line. (It is considered a little rude when customers are queuing up, while I force my way for some pictures, do you agree?)


Beside the desserts sitting on the shelf(just right beside check out counter), there is a small kitchen for the real chefs to make the magic happen. The line was long, thus I unable to capture the precise movements of the chef, also due to space constraints.



stone patisserie berima

To sum it up, I would not mind to try another desserts from the menu here again if I am given the chance.

Thank you for visiting.

[Article above is based on personal experience and opinions which has  no intention against anyone’s business associates as every individual has their own preference on how their dessert should taste like.]


For more information:

Stones Patisserie

11 Old Hume Hwy
Berrima, New South Wales
(02) 4877 1019



Dessert Review: Gumnut Patisserie in Sydney

gumnut patisserie 8

Gumnut Patisserie, the place where you can many assorted kinds of pastries and  desserts which is at the heart of Berrima township , Southern Highlands. Gumnut Pattiserie has few different location around the highlands. My husband did some research of good pastries in Berrima and he found this Gumnut Patisserie was on the desirable list. It was a 90 minutes drive from Sydney. After few minutes of searching, we came by this place.

Outside of the bakery, I saw this most important road side signage that is good enough to attract  customer. I had to take this picture because I am excited that I am going to try their desserts soon. I love desserts despite of being lactose intolerant together with my husband. We are willing to take our own risk, included spending more money to take some lactose enzymes.

It was a good Sunday, rained for awhile and turned sunny again. There was no line for us to wait for too long on this particular day, yahoo we thought we were lucky.

gumnut patisserie 7

When we first stepped into the bakery, my eyes gazed around all the desserts and gateaux,The combinations of coffee and pastry, oh my goodness, we must come back for dessert right after my lunch at Zen Oasis restaurant. I must keep my stomach for second round of food, we quickly grabbed a cup of Long Black and left.

gumnut patisserie 2

Mobile phone shot

gumnut patisserie 3

Mobile shot

gumnut patisserie 4

Mobile phone shot

gumnut patisserie 5

Mobile phone shot

gumnut patisserie 6

Mobile phone shot

Around 2pm, we came back for seconds from a decent lunch and kept some empty space for trying some pastries here. Cannot wait as the aroma from the coffee and pastries were killing me softly.

So these are what we ordered. We ordered few desserts and planned to get some home initially for supper. Unfortunately, husband  immediately shook  his head in disapproval after having tasted their well known signature vanilla slice which has won an award, and the caramel tart. Its was my turn to taste and I have no doubt to agree with him. We were struggling to finish it. The flavours in our opinion is an acquired taste.

If we were given another chance to travel here, I would want to try  other pastries or desserts apart from the Vanilla slice which was merely suggested by the staff. I am super critical of choosing a good slice of dessert as the effort and time we traveled for , just to try the desserts, I have some high expectations especially with the good reviews and the title Gumnut has received over the years.

I wish the staffs were enthusiastic enough to give me or other customers some suggestions of their pastries, especially when we asked for the second slice. The girl was little less passionate of what she sells, perhaps? Maybe ask us what would we like for our palette and guide us to some good desserts, perhaps? The varieties are excellent.

I would love to give them some insight on how to identify what kind of customers are coming for just the desserts:

When someone who came back to the shop for the second time and who glanced through all the desserts  inside and out, occupied and engaged herself / himself in snapping pictures of the pastries and the front door sign, snapping pictures of  all the ordered desserts for a good 15 minutes before eating it and last but not least just concentrate in tasting the desserts and components without coming here for just a coffee talk, I think all tell tale signs are that is enough to show that this customer cares of her/his dessert. Two words: dessert lover.

I cannot judge the pastry by just two desserts and one mocha to define the final conclusion, that is unacceptable, do you agree?After the dessert experience in Gumnut, not knowing which one to choose(So many choices, I am sure there must be one or two I would love) , it might not be practical or enjoyable experience to travel back here  to get the dessert due to the time it took to get here.

People who travel  to Berrima here are majorly tourists. There are not more than even twenty shops around here. I assumed customers are mainly tourist who had to travel in the first place to get here? I hope Gumnut could give me another reason to try their desserts once again to proof that their desserts are exquisite. I don’t like to be critical, I want to enjoy the desserts, because  I am a dessert lover.

gumnut patisserie 9

Soy Mocha:

Reasonable taste however towards slight bitter after note. Perhaps they slight burnt the coffee, this is what my husband suspected who is considered  a coffee expert compared to me.

gumnut patisserie 10

Caramel Tart: $ 4++


From the taste of the caramel, I can confidently tell you, they are using large amount of sweetened milk and some melted white chocolate. The 5mm thickness of the tart skin combined with the 90% of the caramel somehow does not balance out the taste. All I can taste is sweet , sweet and overly sweet. My husband has been brought up with heavy cheese and milk flavour but he just couldn’t take half of the tart without the soy mocha to swallow it down.

Secondly, I personally do not get the idea of decorating strawberry sauce on both caramel and vanilla slice serving plates, please kindly enlighten me? I understand that Vanilla slice could go well with the strawberry sauce but definitely not to caramel tart. I personally think that the sauce is unnecessary. The taste and the amount are not relevant to the heavy sweetness of caramel. I wondered: do they serve all pastries with the strawberry sauce? I rather prefer some ice cream or whipped cream to cut down the sweetness of caramel . We both shared the tart and ended up having no choice but to disrespect the  hard work by the chef, unfortunately we both had to leave aside 1/4 of the  caramel tart on the serving plate. Indeed, we struggled to finish the artwork although  we were born without wasting food as you all should know.

Personal Suggestion(actually 2 person):

  • Please make portion to a small mini tart if you insist in having this caramel tart on the shelf. The caramel flavour has killed the entire tart. It is as though I am drinking a canned of sweetened milk instead. Forgive me being so straightforward.
  • I respect the Chef job to create something nice, but I would prefer either top it up with some whipped cream  or reduce the tart size to at least 1/3 of original size which would greatly appreciated.
  • Perhaps chef can turn this caramel into salted caramel instead, to prevent any portion size reduction. I could understand some customers prefer to pay based on value.
  • Please kindly remove the strawberry sauce, or on other desserts too. Not all desserts are happily married to the sauce. Please kindly consider this key point too.
  • Passionate staffs to give some assistance in helping first experience customers like us in picking some desserts apart from Vanilla slice?

gumnut patisserie 11

This is known as the “famous”  Vanilla Slice that won many awards, made with layers of butter puff pastry with Crème Patissiere between the layers and topped with vanilla fondant, decorated  with chocolate ganache.

When I first entered the store, requesting politely from staff what would they suggest me to try on for our first visit. She had no doubt and answered: Vanilla slice. So we had a slice.

INDIVIDUAL Vanilla Slice  $4.60


The good part is the buttery puff pastry , unlike other bakery cafe that serve their vanilla slice which is always soggy due to the cream patisserie sandwiched in between every puff pastry layers.Not only that, those unknown bakery shops love to use poor quality of butter to make the puff pastry which goes soggy easily. So bravo to “Gumnut patisserie ” of the buttery  and multiple layers of flakiness of puff pastry that never let us down.

The vanilla fondant is seemingly necessary component to tie up the entire vanilla slice due to the fact that the cream patissiere tasted towards rather on the plain side,it is screaming for considerable addition of sweetness. From what I tasted: The 90% of the sweetness comes from the vanilla fondant and 10% would be from the cream patissiere. When I tried the 3 components together in one mouthful, somehow to me, it is does not bind well together as though they were not belonging together in a family anymore.

Personal Suggestions:

  • Would be greatly appreciated if they can increase the amount of sweetness to the cream patissiere,
  • Reduce the the amount of the vanilla fondant,
  • Keep the vanilla taste and the buttery goodness of puff pastry,
  • With all these small adjustments, I would award them a pretty damn good “Vanilla Slice” of the year.

gumnut patisserie 12

Placing a slice of dessert for an unusual spot for a picture taking is another sign shows that I am a dessert lover.


You will see a pretty adorable bookstore just right beside Gumnut Patisserie.

[Article above is based on personal experience and opinions which  has no intention against anyone’s business associates as every individual has their own preference on how their dessert should taste like. ]

For more information of BERRIMA SHOP:

Shop 1, Post Office Corner
Hume Highway
Telephone: 48772 177
Thank you for visting. ^_^




A Day out at Southern Highland,Berrima NSW



Joadja Vineyards and Winery Love this outdoor wood fire oven behind the winery


2 August , husband and I went for a good trip in one of the secluded areas of New South Wales where the pace of life is alot slower without the hustle and the bustle of city life. It is a quiet country side with plenty of opened grass area, cows and horses are grazing deliberately.The occupants are definitely free from stress as they considered one of the friendliest people I have encountered compared to city inhabitants.

We did not have any strict schedule and time constraint for this trip. The atmosphere was peaceful and serene that we had to stop by almost every place that we encountered. Although in saying that, Berima is a very small town with small population  without many touristy things to do, which did not stop the fact Berima is a fantastic place to unwind. The drive which took us estimated about 90 minutes one way, the time taken is immaterial as the peacefulness was worth every single minute, as exhibited in my pictures.  I hope you enjoy my visual journey

Allow the pictures to speak it’s own  little story.



Joadja Vineyards and Winery: I spot this scenery when I first walked into the winery and I love it.




I saw this along the way we traveled. Husband saw it and instantly stop for me to capture the scenery.Love how the different shades of colours on all these lined up trees.



Saw plenty of hourse and cow along the way we traveled, it speaks closely the word of country side.










Spotted this when we went to nearby public toilet from far distant.Don’t get to visit this rabbit shack store due to limited time during winter.
















I love all kind of peculiar design, and look at the tap, fully covered with the wild leaves, amazing for such small thing.




Love this feminine signage.










Duckies wear colourful winter boots captured almost all the tourist who passed by.


Thanks for visiting.Hope you enjoy my sharing of such short trip.

Simplicity in life comes from feeling within your heart.




Food Review: Zen Oasis Vegetarian Restaurant in Berrima, NSW

I always miss vegetarian food from my home town but to get on a flight every time I crave for it is just not economical at all.

So, husband and I went for 90 minutes drive to Berrima in Southern Highlands. Although it is situated on fringe of the beautiful historic village, we both enjoyed the entire trip. This restaurant is only open on weekends for lunch time. I heard so much good feedback of it, so I thought to give it a go.

The restaurant  offers a variety of gourmet delicacies which is over 30 selections of yum cha entrées, freshly wrapped sushi, home made desserts and a wide variety of hot and cold beverages. We did not get to taste the desserts much as we had plans for next dessert at some well known cafes nearby.

DSC_2636 DSC_2632

There was a long line outside the entrance , waiting for the restaurant to open. So, its true for the rumour, indeed there was a long line.

When I first entered the place,  Chinese calligraphy was the first thing I spotted, then gave a quick glance through the entire place, it  gives away the  rustic and cozy  ambiance   with the wood fire fired up to warm up the place. Mind me, the temperature outside was around 13° Celcius. The only problem was I did not get to take any proper pictures in with the limited time, the lighting did not make is easier as well. Besides, everyone rushed in for the food like a pack of wolves, unlike me who came in to look around and started to take pictures. Customers were lining up for food while I was standing there causing some inconvenience for them to feed their hungry appetite. Everybody lined up for food, if I took any longer time to capture picture, perhaps by the time I am done , there might not have been any food left for me  as too many starved tummies to be fed here. Forgive me  for the poor qualitiy of pictures .

zen oasis buffet 7 DSC_2572

zen oasis buffet 1

zen oasis buffet 2

zen oasis buffet 3

Freshly rolled sushi finished so quick that I got to taste 2 varieties.I only snapped this picture before I served myself. Lucky there was a person decicated in making new ones as the images below:

zen oasis buffet 6

This lady is the one who serve freshly rolled sushi.

zen oasis buffet 4

zen oasis buffet 5

zen oasis buffet 8 zen oasis buffet 9

What I picked for making my tummy happy:


Deep Fried Breadcrumb tofu with vegetarian abalone


Vegetarian Bak Kut Teh: bean curd skin, goji berries, some vegetarian meat in the soup


Assorted deep fried snacks: glutinous rice balls, popiah, popiah skin with seaweed sheets, and more deep fry bean curd skin with vegetables…..


Fried rice, vegetarian BBQ pork(char siu), deep fried snacks(unsure what is that but husband loved it the most)


Stir fry vegetables, stir fry spicy mushroom with soy meat, crispy fish and mushroom skewer(my favourite but did not like the olive though)


The least favourite is these steam glutinous crystal vegetables dumpling and steam glutinous pumpkin-like filled with some coconut fillings(not my favourite)


All in all, the taste is very close to Malaysian vegetarian food. I wish that I could taste more of the dim sum such as steam BBQ bun, deep fried taro balls, or more mushroom made food. For appetite like my husband and he such a poor eater, this could be the one time deal.

The service is excellent. I saw those waiters  explained the ingredients of the varieties food to non-asian customers patiently. If anyone loves a good Asian vegetarian food, this is one of the options here close to Sydney so far I reckon.

After settling a nice meal, we went out of the restaurant to capture some surrounding area:









I enjoyed my time in Berrima, people here are mostly friendly.

Thanks for visiting.Hope you enjoy this simple sharing.

More Information:

Zen Oasis

Address and contact details are as follows:
230 Medway Road Berrima NSW 2577  (Berrima & Moss Vale Exit of Hume Highway).

Tel: (02) 4877 1285 or 0404 099 285  (Between 9:30am and 5:00pm Monday to Sunday for bookings. ) 


Thank You for another year

chocolate birthday



Another year older.

Deeply blessed and grateful for small things in life. I am grateful for the chocolate, the food, the new place I put my footsteps on, the flower, the thoughtful wish.

Thank you God for another grateful year with all the blessings and love.

Thank you my hubby, my families and genuine friends who support me throughout my life.

Great health and wonderful memories created each day are all I pray for everyone in my life.

Yes, I am counting all  blessings every second of my simple life.

Thanks love.






tulip 2

tulip 0


tulip 3



tulip 4





tulip 1 tulip 2 tulip 3 tulip 4 tulip 5






Review: Adriano Zumbo Dessert Tasting

zumbo adriano dessert review 1

Dessert Name:

Ed, it’s been long time,




Cappuccino marshmallow mousse, chocolate crunch, lemon olive oil and coffee cremeux, chocolate olive oil sponge and chocolate mousse.

Contains: Tree nuts, eggs, dairy and gluten.


Finally I tried Zumbo dessert:

Yesterday, a rainy day during winter in June, I decided that I must get Zumbo Adriano dessert. I went to the store approximately 10 times, but something prevented me from getting a slice of Zumbo’s dessert until yesterday.

Visited Zumbo’s store for 10 times and have not try it yet, why?

Allow me to reason why I couldn’t make myself to get dessert from zumbo’s store:an hour of travel just to reach to Zumbo’s store;no place for customer to dine in;not much choices almost everytime I went there(also a good thing which limit my choices to get something exciting);not-so-welcoming staff towards first time clients like me.So far these are the reasons preventing me to move forward to be one Zumbo’s customer.

Until yesterday, I bought Zumbo’s cookbook.Okay, his desserts started to tickle my curiosity of wanting to really try one.I love all his Tim tam creations,I think it’s good enough to bring me back to his store and give it a real taste adventure.

Experience in front of Zumbo’s store :

I was in front of his store, again, making it 11 times now,however this time my husband and I are seriously considering to get his dessert.

Let see, the store served slightly more varieties desserts compared to the 10 previous times I came here for dessert window shopping, apart from his ordinary and familiar macarons.Besides, I saw some pastry, oh finally.I finally saw his well known “Zonut”( as you all know also named as” cronut”).

There was no designated counter area that I can find to place my orders, nor is any of staff friendly enough to acknowledge me or others customers. I circled the entire store which is more like a shoe box size,and yet there was nobody really noticing us. I was there approximately 5 minutes,I quickly scanned through all the customers, and realised there were high numbers of Asian tourist(Supposedly can be potential zumbo’s customer if given better customer service) was attracted by Zumbo’s desserts.

First thing we both noticed at the pastry area:There were fruit flies circulating above the pastries. My husband has an eagle eye alert on food hygiene. Winter with flies, how it this possible during such cold weather,I was astonished.

One Asian man in particular caught my attention:” Come and see these beautiful desserts, but what are those flavour? I couldn’t work out the components ? Guess we better go to next coffee store to find their staff who can explain and introduce their menus.Let’s go.”, this man was whispering to his friends and they were speaking in Cantonese.Indeed,I can understand because I am Asian myself.

Oh yes, there were  explanation cards of every desserts sitting inside the glass cabinet.Those explanation cards are sitting cold and stale inside without anyone make any effort to explain them in simpler way. Such ashamed! Not every customers comes to Zumbo store knows or ought to know all the vocabulary in dessert’s world. I wish that zumbo’s staff can be friendly and passionate towards approaching the Asian’s customers, because these tourist  can have great chance  to be a spender here or even to polish the reputation of Zumbo’s name outside of Australia, what do you reckon?Obviously, we are screaming for assistance here.

I wanted Zumbo’s dessert badly, so I finally caught a lady staff’s attention after 10 minutes standing there. I was politely asked for her permission before taking my orders:” May I ask, is there any specific line for me to place my orders or perhaps I was standing at the incorrect area to ask for your help?”

An English speaking lady who apparently looked like she is carrying a baby inside her, rolled her eyes to me and replied:” Oh, there isn’t any line here as you can see. The line is pretty much everywhere. I will come back to you in a moment” , she eventually approached us.

My husband wanted a yummy looking pastry, but there was not any explanation card, so I quickly asked this lady again:”May I ask what is that as there isn’t any name for that pastry.”

Thank God she replied:”It is sticky macadamia roll with caramel sauce.”

I placed my order and after paid, this lady quickly grabbed a blue paper box,and placed the dessert into the box. I noticed how reckless she has been treated  this piece of dessert.This was how she dealed with my dessert; she placed the dessert into a transparent plastic bag in an incorrect angle such that the lid of the paper bag was not shut well, it was half opened, and the dessert inside definitely is screaming for help, it can be squashed anytime soon.I always have serious issue with how to handle food especially desserts. A good piece of dessert like this  should be treated gently and full with care,so I opened my eyes widely and holding  down my inner scream :”Oohhhh……”

The lady finally got my sign language, she quickly rearranged the bag and dessert properly and handed it to me.

Since there isn’t any table for customers to dine in,I have to rush home with this dessert.Thank God it is winter.Picture yourself if it is summer time.No place to eat here and the delicate mousse dessert has to be traveled quite a distance back home.

New adjustments perhaps in NSW store?

Despite of the whole experience at Zumbo’s store in NSW, I wish the staff were friendly,passionate and approachable. Wish they can explain or describe the desserts for those who cannot understand some components of the desserts.I wondered, could it be the flies busy serving themselves with yummy pastries here give extra flavour to the desserts?

My husband is a super polite and nice man.If he noticed that  the staff’s service is questionable, it shows the staff has poor standard of service or just understaffed. My husband secretly complaint that how unacceptable the lady served me with her rolled eyes and sarcastic attitude.I guess I know simple English without double meanings, I don’t even realise this lady provided me  poor service, I was merely fixated with the dessert.My assumption was that God wants me to be less sensitive.

The taste of the dessert:

Okay, I tasted the dessert.I loved it. The main flavour came from the coffee and chocolate. The cappuccino marshmallow mousse is soft and melts into mouth.The sourness taste from the lemon olive oil cremeux lightly cuts through the sweetness of the dessert.The best part I adored  is  how the bottom chocolate crunch tastes in my mouth,it is slightly crunchy and the unexpectedly  saltiness in the  chocolate crunch is an amazing positive surprise.All in all, I do not mind to give my taste bud a sweet adventure  again. Nicely to go with a cup of  hot tea, oh ya~~~

The design of the dessert no doubt caught my attention compared to other’s desserts so far in this store. Wish there were more choices though,somehow.

I love all kind mousse desserts or cakes despite of being  severely lactose intolerant, together with my husband too. For Zumbo’s dessert, we are willing to take some enzyme pills before trying his dessert, guess worth the flavour in my mouth. My husband loved the sticky macademia caramel roll and I loved zumbo’s dessert. Both of us in a win- win situation.


zumbo adriano dessert review 4


Components of this dessert:(top to bottom)

  • milk chocolate glaze
  • Cappucino marshmallow mousse
  • Chocolate mousse(insert)
  • lemon olive oil and coffee cremeux(insert)
  • chocolate olive oil sponge(Insert)
  • chocolate crunch

Components are based on my own experience in desserts, because there is no specific explanation on the components in particular order.


zumbo adriano dessert review 3

For more information:

Adriano Zumbo





This is a review based on my own experience in Zumbo, there is no intention on criticizing but purely describing my first attempt in Zumbo. Wish the store has more varieties ,and staffs are friendly(Not friendlier, but friendly).


Thank you for reading and enjoy life with desserts.




Vegetarian Flaky BBQ Pork Bun(Siew Bao)


My husband loves cantonese baked pork bun but in vegetarian style.It is as tasty as the real meat too but comes with bonus that is healthier. These little bad boys, also another dim sum that I make quite often  for him.

baked BBQ pork bun

What is Baked BBQ pork bun?

It is a cantonese Barbeque-pork filled baked bun. The dough is kneading under 2 different dough (water dough and oil dough) and allow both dough merge together under rolling for numerous times to create the flaky texture. The fat from layers of oil dough tend to puff up when heat is applied, so created numerous of flaky skin and texture, nice to your appetite. These baked buns are normally filled with barbecue-flavored pork/ chicken. They are served as a type of dim sum during yum cha and are also sold in chinese bakeries.


  • 300g vegetarian pork (or you can used chicken meat or BBQ pork meat)
  • 1 big red onion, chopped


  • 1 tsp salt
  • 4 tbsp sugar (or 3 tbsp maltose)
  • 3 tbsp oyster sauce ( vegetarian oyster sauce)
  • 3 tsp soy sauce
  • 3 tsp dark caramel sauce
  • 3 tsp sesame oil
  • 1/4 tsp 5 spice powder

Starch solution: Mix 1 tbsp corn flour with 2 tbsp water. Set aside.

1) heat pan with some oil, add in onion and saute until fragrant.Add in vegetarian pork meat. Saute until fragrant.

2) Mix in all the seasoning. Mix well. Add in the starch solution and allow to thicken the sauce. Set to cool down. Store in freezer for an hour to harden.

vegetarian bbq pork

Water dough:

  • 300g plain flour
  • 90g Lurpak butter( or any butter)
  • 3 tbsp castor sugar
  • 150ml water

Oil dough:

  • 240g plain flour
  • 150g shortening (or butter)

1) Mix all ingredients for water dough and oil dough separately into dough. Divide into 18 balls for each dough.

2)Wrap oil dough into water dough.( oil dough inside the water dough).So you will get 18 combined balls.

3)Roll every combined dough into a long oblong shape. Roll into a swiss roll-like. Rest for 10 minutes.

4)Roll again into a long oblong shape. Roll into swiss roll-like. Press down and roll into a round disc.

5)Wrap in filling, seal properly. Place onto a tray with baking paper underneath.

6)Egg wash(beat one egg in a bowl and brush onto each bun). Sprinkle with some sesame oil.

7)Bake in a preheated oven of 200C for 30 minutes until golden brown,depending on individual oven.


bbq baked bun step 1


unbaked BBQ pork bun


1)If you allergic to maltose, you can just use white sugar for the vegetarian pork. Maltose tends to give a very nice barbecue flavour that is not too sweet to palate.

2)Shortening is believed to help in making the dough much flaky but I personally think butter also gives very nice flaky texture to the dough once you roll correctly.

3)Storing the cooked meat in the freezer helps in sealing the dough later so the sauce is not hard to manage while sealing where the sauce will ooze out later while baking it. (more gravy, I love it 😛 )

4)Since my husband does not eat pork or meat, I keep this recipe as vegetarian as it can be. His feedback is super positive, there is no difference in eating the “Seremban SIEW BAO”- the best BBQ bun must from Seremban.

baked BBq pork bun2

baked BBq pork bun

This baked buns are so well accepted by my husband that he asked me to bake as often as he likes.

These buns are irresistible.yum yum~~

Hope you enjoy this simple sharing. Welcome to place your comment or feedback here ^_^



Happy Chinese New Year 新年快乐 2015

chinese new year 2015





Wishing all live in bliss, peaceful, safely and healthy goat year.

Nothing much for you, but just bulbs of garlic believed in giving all the money and wealth luck.

Happy Goat goat year~


by hellosweetdessert


My 2014 humble and blessing birthday


Birthday cake: Something I would say different from what I normally tasted.


Oh no, I am old….


But I am so blessed with all the wishes from friends and family.


Nothing greater than warming wishes from people that I love.


Thank you for everything for all your genuine wishes.



A decent cake from BLACK STAR PASTRY for my birthday. I cannot believe I finished all with my hubby the time we bought home.


I heard so much of Black Star Pastry. It took us 2 hours of journey by train just to bring home this cake.The journey was long but the time we finished  the cake was just 15 minutes.

The shop is unforgettable.People lined up outside of the shop to taste the food.

Adored the aroma from the good quality of coffee bean  used in their beverages that evolved around the entire shop. The pastry aroma definitely woken my senses in a good way.



Lily from my both sisters and mum from Malaysia to Sydney. I love you all so much

Received a bouquet of fresh lily from the beautiful family ( Cassandra”kei kei”, Tracy and Amainda) when I returned home from a heavy lunch.

It was a blessed surprise. Honestly,I did not receive much flowers from anyone, husband bought me roses twice during the 10 years time being together.

Although men would think sending flower is not practical gift, honestly speaking “flower” is every girl’s favourite.



I thought it was from anonymous, since the flower was not from husband after I questioned him. Who called me ” BABY” apart from hubby?

hahahah, my both sisters and my mom, you are my only everything now. Just the 4 of us, the family.






Bought home some sushi,  a must to eat for my birthday every year. No dinner out today since husband is so busy.




So many grilled chicken in Sydney, so far for reasonable taste, I would say NANDOS chicken.Juicy, succulent and the marinaded sauce into the chicken is the bonus of all.I just don’t enjoy any aussie grilled chicken, it just plain taste.


Nando Australia

Handphone shot: Nandos in Sydney

I love the authentic and woody ornaments and decor in this shop.



Handphone shot: (Oliver Brown) Belgium waffles with ice cream and melted chocolate, Belgium dark chocolate mocha and oreo cheesecake




Okay, this “Oliver Brown” has just  newly opened nearby my housing area.I have to try this for my birthday.Just a simple and humble tea break.

Comment: Since my husband is a waffle-fanatic, his comment for this waffle is extremely critical.


Few suggestions for this Belgium waffle improvement-$12++ :

(1)Try not to drizzle the melted chocolate over, it is overly sweetened and sometimes reducing the crisp of the waffle.

(2)Try to toast the waffle in a better way that grilling it, waffles tasted burnt.Or any of a better way to treat this valuable waffle.


He ordered a slice of  Oreo Cheesecake cost $7++ :

Our comment: Please remove this cheesecake from the menu, or get a good cheese for the cake, what about Philadelphia cream cheese, perhaps?


Beverage: Belgium dark chocolate mocha– $6++

Comment: The best of all the food we ordered.Like the chocolate chips on the side which mix into the hot drink.


Noticed the customers who dined in, we are the only one who seemed to order a meal, the rest were only beverages.

Guess you know why.


Oliver Brown

Handphone shot:(Oliver Brown): cheesecake, tiramisu, Chocolate mudcake, swiss roll, eclair, profiteroles, Red velvet, opera, Chocolate mousse, assorted macarons and etc.




Handphone quick shot: Assorted Belgium chocolate






I am blessed when I get to wake up everyday.

I am blessed to have my hubby to love me on his own way.

I am blessed for all the genuine wishes from friends and family.

I am blessed for a humble birthday .

Neither do I need a day with expensive gift nor fine dining restaurant.

A simple and joyous birthday that filled with love and blessings are more than I asked for.

Thank you for today.




Gourmet Living Magazine 食尚品味(Singapore )

I was fortunate enough, some of my recipes are featured in Gourmet Living in 2014.

Thanks for the marvelous opportunity to work with some genuine and amazing people.

I am not a person with many good words, but I am blessed and grateful to be part of this wonderful adventure.

Love this experience.Without Gourmet living the entire crew, I might not able to even know certain things cannot be done without others.

Forgive me if anything I may not do well, but definitely enjoy this fantastic journey.

Just thought of keeping in my blog for a very good memory.Even once in lifetime, I am truly grateful.

I am a person with flaws and all  but truthfully thank you Gourmet living 食尚品味  and all the readers who genuine accept who I am and what I can do.

Love your guys ^_^


This is the second features on Singapore Gourmet Living Magazine 2014 Mother’s day

gourmet living singapore

Fortunate enough to have one of my recipes in the front cover of the magazine.Blessed.


mango mousse cake


coffee steamed souffle


yam mousse charlotte



This is the first issue featured in Singapore Gourmet Living 2014 on Valentines Day Issue with few of my creations.

Gourmet Living cover



interview1(gourmet living)

raspberry panna cotta with wine jelly(gourmet living)1 chocolate coat strawberries in lace bowl(gourmet living)2 cheese mousse brownies(gourmet living)3


That is one of  the pictures that I have taken but it was not chosen in the magazine, would like to keep it here as very good memory. So much things to thankful for and so much things to learn from.

strawberries chocolate



If you are interested in subscribing,please find yourself in Gourmet living site: http://goo.gl/XS9zhd


Thank you for dropping by ^_^ my genuine readers

Movie Review: My name is Khan (2010)



I am not a movie critic, my passion is on food. Due to my right arm is experiencing constant  chronic pain,I have to give a long rest from typing and facebook-ing. Forgive me not able to Like or comment all the beautiful creations, my friends.

I am not a Bollywood movies lover. I have watched 3 indian movies in my entire life. Although I married an indian boy who cannot speak his own mother tongue fluently, he has the biggest heart I ever seen. With me, I don’t see any difference in colours. His personality demolishes all the stereotype statement as being an indian.


Chinese girl learns to make Indian food,something very new to me although I grow up without even cooking any Indian food. 😛


Today, I watched the third Bollywood movie in my life:”My name is Khan . This movie has received millions of good reviews. This movie was taken in 2010 and yet I decided to watch it today. I believed: some kind of force has drawn me towards this movie. I strongly believed it was God’s plan.

Let just say, despite of all tall and 8 packs of the main actor, the concept and depth of the embedded story have caught my heart.

This movie was 2 hours and 41 minutes long. I cried and sobbed began from  1:25minutes onwards. I cannot believe I can cry so much. It touched my inner soul.


To the world:

Many people tend to judge muslim country is definitely a terrorist country. Malaysia is a muslim country, we have 3 main races:Malay, Chinese and Indian. Every race has good and bad people;every religion also consist of good and bad people;every country has the existence of bad people as well.

I am Malaysian, who would like to apologize for what our country may and may not able to handle things very well and the shortcoming we have especially the internal politic problems. I would love to blame them, but we shed the same blood. We are the same nation, bad or good, we have to endured. Blaming is not a good virtue to practice. May one day, the 3 colours(3 main races) will not be the differences in our eyes.





The story of ” My name is Khan”

Rizwan Khan (Shah Rukh Khan) is a Muslim child who grew up with his brother Zakir and his mother Razia Khan in a middle-class family in the Borivali section of Mumbai. Rizwan is different from other children, he has Asperger’s syndrome(very similar to Autism)

After his mother has passed away, he went to USA to live with his younger brother.There he met a Hindu woman, Mandira and her young son(Sammer). They fall in love and married despite of the objection from his brother.Since Khan is an Indian muslim, Mandira(his wife) and her son take Khan as their last name.

Unforturnately, The Khan’s life began to be disrupted after the incident September 11 attacks. The family begins to experience post 9–11 prejudice in their community.One afternoon, an argument between them into a racially motivated schoolyard fight between Sam and his best friend.Sam dies of a ruptured spleen in the hospital. A shattered Mandira blames Rizwan for Sam’s death, stating that Sam “died only because his last name was Khan.” She then tells Rizwan that she no longer wants to be with him. When he asks her what he has to do to be together with Mandira, she sarcastically tells him that he has to tell the people of the United States and the President that “his name is Khan and that he is not a terrorist.”

Khan takes his wife’s request seriously, and thus sets out on a journey that takes him from one U.S. state to another, to first meet President George W. Bush.

The journey has just began for Khan to meet President of USA just to present his wife message: “ My name is Khan, I am not a terrorist!……..”





This movie received so much good reviews that evolved globally such as Korea too.



From the movie,I have collected some significant values:

“ Despite of our differences in race, skin colours and religions, the existence of 2 types of people which are: good people will do good deeds; bad people will end up do bad to harm others”

“ We are so caught up with thinking less of other religions.We tend to judge them based on their behavior and their religions, which is doing injustice to everyone. Ask yourself: would you love to be judged based on your colours and religions?”

“ In a good religion, they teach everybody to be good and to be fair, to be peace in heart without thinking how to take revenge over our misfortunate.”


Let’s come back to the real insight of this movie:

After the incident of MH370, it has evolved globally which taken so much attention from everyone.

As Malaysian, we felt embarrassed of seeing all the news on how poorly of Malaysian handled the incident. Yes, planes crash, or terrorism happen anytime  and anywhere.

As a government, we should not point our fingers towards anyone. How to solve our own problems when we are having internal political problems among ourselves?

Why not just solve the problems accordingly, reduce the damage of our reputations and calm down the heartbroken souls whom their family members have gone missing for days?


To Malaysia,

  Throughout the year, we have bad and good. We are not here to point fingers towards any party or religion. Please do the same for not blaming any parties since we are the same family, one nation! Every religion teaches us to be good, be peaceful at heart and be responsible with what we do.

We should not spread negative rumours to demolish our nation. We will be waiting here to able to be one. People make mistakes, as long as we repent, we learn and move on. Taking revenge is not the solution nor the way to bring back one’s life. 

Malaysia, please put down our weapon(our mouth), to  surrender totally to peace.Whoever gets to rule the country should be performing kindness in heart not the jealousy instead.

Let’s be kind to one another for the Right reason!Because we are one Nation and we are on the same boat !

One of the Malaysian



WE should repair the world with LOVE!!!!


Today, the news on MH370 was devastating.

May all the MH370 victims families have the strength to handle the situation. my deepest condolences to you all.

MH370 will be forever remembered…..May all soul rest in peace and deepest condolences to families and friends.

May the victims are safely taken care in God’s hand.

With Love


Creme patisserie / creme patissiere or pastry cream

pastry cream2 What is Creme Patissiere  or Creme Patisserrie? Crème pâtissière, perhaps known better in English speaking countries as pastry cream, is a rich egg custard that provides the filling for a variety of pastries. People may find this filling substituted for whipping cream in cream puffs or eclairs, or it may fill the center of a cake. Though the traditional version is vanilla flavored, there are various Internet and cookbook recipes for chocolate, rum, lemon, or coffee variants. Today we use pastry cream to fill up our cronut,it gives a very  creamy flavoured for the fried pastry dough. It helps to reduce the greasiness of the fried cronut too.


  • 200g  Liddells Lactose free milk ( or any milk)
  • 120g   castor sugar
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla paste
  • Pinch of salt
  • 2 large egg yolks
  • 15g cornstarch
  • 1 tbsp Western Star unsalted butter, cut into small pieces( or any unsalted butter)
  1. STEP 1

    In a medium saucepan, combine milk, 60g sugar, vanilla paste, and salt. Cook over medium heat until mixture comes to a simmer.

  2. STEP 2

    In a medium bowl, whisk together egg yolks, cornstarch, and remaining 60g  sugar. Whisking constantly, slowly pour about 1/2 cup of the hot-milk mixture into the egg-yolk mixture, 1/2 cup at a time, until it has been incorporated. Pour mixture back into saucepan, and cook over medium-high heat, whisking constantly, until it thickens ,about 2 minutes.

  3. STEP 3

    Transfer into a clean bowl, fold in butter and stir to well combine.

  4. STEP 4

    Cover with plastic wrap, pressing it directly onto the surface of the pastry cream to prevent a skin from forming. Refrigerate until chilled, at least 2 hours or up to 2 days. Just before using, beat on low speed until smooth (you can also whisk by hand).

DSC_5752 DSC_5753 step1 step2step3step4 pastry cream1


1. Freshly prepared custard, we have to cover with cling wrap to prevent the skin forming. You might find some vapour produced and it is okay to see this. Remember to keep the pastry cream in refrigerator immediately after cover.

RIP Princess Bunny 26.11.2013 ( Chocolate Ogura cake )

animal voice

Letter to our beloved Princess bunny: RIP 26.11.2013

I truly aware that bunnies life span is such short, couple of wonderful years and they will have to leave.

Some might question why a bunny?why not a dog or a cat?

It is never be my plan to ever meet this snow white bunny in my life this way

So I found her in the middle of nowhere
I met her and we started our journey as family
“So daddy and mummy will name you as Princess”
Our bond grew so much throughout these couple of months
Some might say: just a rabbit, just a couple of months,how deep is your love?
The moment I carry her in my hand    walking block by block
She did not struggle or let go of me
The time she started to lick my palms all over   I fall in love to this white bunny
The day I hold her in my arm    I think she found comfort in me
The time spend with her never seem never  enough for me
Our bond just grew each day
Our love become stronger each day
Until one day she seems to weak
I carried her in my arm  I think she is fallen sick
Rushing to the doctor she was in my arm
I never let go of her until she decided to let go of me
Until doctor told: “I am sorry  I am afraid she has to leave”
I cannot  believe this just happened so suddenly
I haven’t catch up with my breathe
She was laying there eyes wide opened
And I can feel the warmth of her white body
I was too silly tried to pump her heart
Hoping she will wake up again for me
I kept holding on her and never let go
My tears are soaking all over her white body
I know bunny lives short but it can’t be as short as this
These few days I was like body without the soul
I cried  I am hurt because we lost our bunny
So many things I would love to do together with her
Now that I can only hold on to both our memories
Yes she indeed a bunny
She has the best heart for a bunny I ever met
I shut myself down for these couple of days
Tried to be normal but I was hiding my true self
Until I find myself able to control my tears
I sit here quietly to  write down her memoir as much as I can
“We loved you Princess”
Please enjoy the fun in the hand of Lord Almighty
Chasing the birds and soaking under the sun
One day I will be meeting “you” once again
mummy & daddy
bunny cremation


写一封给小白公主的信 :


无法自拔    离不开你的视线
我耐心的守侯  等着你会跑到我身边
得知你迷失了好几天 无家可归
楚楚可怜的你 最后还是抱着你在我的怀里
那短短15分钟的路程 你聆听我的呼吸声
那是我们第一次亲密联系 你没有摆脱

当你踏入我家 你就称我们俩:爸妈
把你带到兽医去检查 才得知你是我更想要的小公主
打从那一天 我就肯定你我是注定相遇

每一天和你的相处 更了解你多一些
你不喜欢洗澡  更不喜欢妈咪煮饭
每次打开炉灶或烤箱 你就躲开 动也不动
有时会发出不喜悦的声音 要我立刻停止
好奇怪 兔子应该不会发出声音

每天起床 会对你说声:早安 宝贝!

你不是个捣蛋鬼 从来不破坏家具
你总是像婴儿般 那么清新自然

当我们忽略你 你好不客气地摇晃你的笼子
发出声音  就想要我们俩来疼爱你

你喜欢在笼子里蹦蹦跳跳 仿佛在努力娱乐我们
你喜欢在草原里蹦跑 爸妈俩都追不上
跑得累了 你那雪白的身躯就躺下 深呼吸

当我唱歌给你听 你就乖乖地睡着去
看见你那迷人的粉红眼睛 逐渐垂下
是你给我的讯号 你睡着了

当你第一次舐我的手心 我们的爱就在此展开
你每次都至少舔上半小时 得知这是你对我的爱
我爱上你了 小白公主

我情不自禁 把你抱在怀里
聆听你的深呼吸 你慢慢地睡着了
从此以后 就算有多忙
要我抱着你 一起看电影 一起上脸书


那天星期二 你突然走了

我不怕 而是后悔没有无时无刻陪着你


别人可能说:只是个兔子 只有那几个月 有多爱?
就算是捡回来的 就算是个兔子 就算是几个月
那彼此培养的爱 永不消失

爱了 失了 痛了 就只有回忆

希望上帝好好保护你 疼惜你
你是我生命里遇过最特别的小白兔 永不取代

你永远是我们的公主 永远地爱你

人说别等到人死了后才懂得珍惜 你会后悔 心痛

我知道兔子的属命短暂 该有五六年
却没料到它 突然离开

你走了的第六天 我的泪慢慢地被我控制下

兔公主 愿你化为兔兔天使


bunny with bell

When she quietly allow me to capture her for the first time. I loved the red bell on her, so I can know where I can find her around the house.
bunny looks at me
I adored her bright pink eyes with her pink nose and ears gazing up on us everytime we called her.
bunny licks my hand
 Princess loved licking my palms to show her affection to me. She can kept doing that for half an hour.
bunny resting
Princess was a tall lady,she loved to lay down comfortably in her safe house.
Never know the last cake”pandan Ogura”  I baked together with her would be the last time .I missed her. I bake this chocolate Ogura to reminiscence the last time together with her.
Recipe for Chocolate Ogura cake for those who is interested:
  • 1 egg
  • 5 egg yolks
  • 70g milk
  • 45g corn oil
  • 60g cake flour
  • 10g  Hershey unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 5 egg whites (Ensure it is cold)
  • 80g castor sugar
  • 1/4 tsp cream of tartar
  1. By using hand whisk, mix egg yolk, eggs, oil and milk together to well combined. Fold in cake flour and cocoa powder. Mix well.
  2. Beat egg whites and cream of tartar , by adding sugar in 3 additions. Beat until soft peaks formed.
  3. Fold in this meringue(Egg whites mixture) into flour mixture( step 1).
  4. Pour into  an oiled 8″ square cake pan. Knock out excess air pockets.
  5. Bake at a preheated oven of 150C for 60-70 minutes  by water bath method, depending on individual oven.Every oven acts differently, make sure you know your oven pretty well because some can bake this cake at 160C for 50-60 minutes without cracks(water bath).
  6. Once baked, remove cake from the tray of water. Invert the cake onto cooling rack for 2 minutes, then re -invert to a tray to cool down.
  7. This cake is best place in refrigerator for best consumption.

My experience:

  • I only brush some oil onto the cake pan, and did not use any parchment paper because I realized that the appearance of the cake turned out best looking without parchment paper with my oven. Feel free use any method which suits you.
  • Once you notice first small crack on your cake , immediately lower down your oven temperature by 10C.
  • If you find most of your cakes which baked in water bath method usually turn out soggy bottom, you can try to remove the water bath for the last 15-20 minutes of every bake to avoid soggy bottom.
Love ,
hellosweetdessert(mummy and daddy)