About Me

Food journey began from a kindest Indian boy married to an asian girl went through various tribulations to be together.To me, I do not see any differences in colours.We are the same.

An ordinary housewife from Malaysia ,currently located in Australia, who is given the greatest chance to create various sweet desserts and other food delicacy.Having extraordinary passion in making others happy with my creations.

Husband and I love dairy, however we’re lactose intolerant. Enzyme capsules are our supplement in taking all the dairy desserts. This has not put a stop for me to enjoy conjuring any food with dairy.

My husband, the generous and kind soul who constantly supporting me throughout the baking and cooking journey. Lord brings baking and cooking life closer to me that change me entirely. I love indulge myself in my own little kitchen, as though lost myself in creating various food concuction.



33 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Love all your cake and sweet desserts …. As sweet as your heart, your sincere heart that would make people happy with your sweet desserts. God bless you my dear friend…

    • Yenny: my dearest friend,have been wanting to share with one part of my passion to u however i just dont know how to tell u,just afraid of the way i might make u misunderstood but i have been expecting your warm welcome and i received it.fren,i will take it slow to put down all my baking journeys here…

  2. Love all your food. you make cooking look really easy and interesting. Thank you so much for sharing. May God continue to bless you and your family abundantly.

  3. Hi
    Can i order some cakes from you, soon?
    Looks tasty.
    Tried couple of the recipes.
    My family loved it.
    Will try more soon.
    Thank You

  4. Hey dear,
    In love with all your recipes. You’ve explained each and every step so well. And the pics are just awesome.
    I am a vegetarian and don’t eat eggs:(
    If you could help me with some substitutes if any.
    Thank you:))

    • Hi Manisha Goyal:
      Thank u for your dropping bym do appreciate alot. Oh, no eggs in recipes?Maybe i should try to find out more for the dessert. Hope it will be sharing with you soon. Thank you once again Manisha ^_^

  5. Hi Jong,
    Many thanks for your beautiful recipes you share with friends, May the Almighty bless you and your lovely family forever and protect a lovely person like you, I live in Sydney. You have the biggest cake shop in the world, no money can buy but blessings and love and gratefulness from your friends and followers. Pray for your good health, wealth and happiness.


    • Hi maria:
      Words cant describe how thankful I received this message. That means so much to me, so much that you cannot imagine. Although i may not know u, you are such kind and wonderful soul inside. I pray for your family and you, good health a abundance in happiness too… Thanks so so much… your words are my encouragement and force into do what i can. Love Jong

  6. Hi Jong, the same here words cannot describe how thankful I am to come across such a lovely soul in you, we have not met each other but have a special connection. Thanks for your kind words, and prayers people to me and family and I pray the same for you for the happiness and to move forward and meet your challenges. I will say a special prayer for you at Our Lady novena I attend on wednesday for you good health, well being and happiness. Think positive and enjoy yourself with what makes you happy, as at the end of the day happiness and contentment counts not bags full of money, and you have all that, and love from your friends around the world and one of them is myself, no amount of money can buy the blessings and love from your friends. I am Indian and Portuguese mixed, people ask me all the time if I am south American due to the colour of my skin, tan. You have a lovely day and keep going o not let anyone pull you down, pray and you will be safe.

    • Dear Maria:
      My gratitude to you for all the nicest thing you have done for me, that u pray for me and family even we never came across in each other life,but this mutual connection seem powerful and important to me.Thank you thank you for your special prayer in Our lady Novena, Maria, thank you so much.You can call me OLIVIA. jong belegen kaas is a nickname given from my husband on facebook. I cannot describe how grateful and blessed to have someone who pray for me so genuinely.YEs think positively,Maria, you are such a kind soul.To have you leave such a wonderful message to me, it just another blessing given by GOD. Colours are no different in knowing a genuine hearts, the honesty counts. May you and your family, always be in God’s hand, abundance love and good health.


      • Dear Olivia,

        You write very well, it as if you are speaking to me. Many thanks for you prayers and kind words, I am grateful and blessed to meet a lovely person like you and this is truly from the Lord above, this mutual connection is very strong and And powerful to me as well. God has his ways and reasons and I am thankful to Him, as I am learning from you humility, genuiness, love, compassionate etc. May the lord above Bless you and your family with abundance love, good health and remain forever in God’s hands. You are Blessed with a loving husband and that is truly a great blessing. The name he chose or you, I wonder how he got the name as it is a difficult one. My mothers sisters name is Olivia, she was called Olive I always
        liked the name, there is a tree called Olive tree, very pretty tree, I am sure you are like tree, pretty and a kind soul. If you can get a Perpectual Succour Noveana book say the prayers on Wednesday, if you need one I can send you. Think positive and you are in my prayers .



      • Morning Maria:
        Thank you for each of your heartfelt and warmth letter which written with all the spirit and love. Your letter makes me so touched that I don’t know what have i done to deserve this. Although I may not think I am beautiful inside, in God’s eyes, we all are beautiful because we are His creation. This connection is indeed so strong that I had to tell my husband that someone out there is so kind, nice, loved and generous with her cares and words to me. Jong belegen kaas,is Dutch means young cheese. Husband loves cheese alot when he stayed in holland for few years while younger.Such coincidence that your family has this name. ^_^ Olive tree yes yes, its everywhere here,hahaha. Maria, I felt embarrassed with your compliments, I still think I need to change, still alot to work on myself. But I am so blessed that you see me in such a positive way. Maria, I personally think you must be a kind soul,and beautiful one who really do read part of me in my blog. Thank you for your prayers and pray for your family and Maria to be filled with love and joys in life.


  7. Hi Olivia,

    Saw your site when my friend Wei Lun posted it on her FB. Thanks for sharing through words, photos and the beautiful pictures you drawn. The gifts you have, displayed the glory God has put in you. Keep baking, drawing and writing.


    • Dear Andrea:

      Wei lun is the saint! Her kindness ,creativity and talent are unbelievable. She brought you into my little world. I felt abit embarrassed for my little hobby.But truly thankful for you to even leave a positive comment, it meant so much to me.Just for you to read my blog and left a message, such a blessings. May God put you and family in joy and happiness, every single day.

    • hi lili:

      I am so over the moon to accept your award , and happy to accept it. May you guide me to this , considering myself a very newbie in blogging area. Thank you so much.Do let me know If i have doing it wrong, I am being clumsy.hehe. Thank you once again lili.

      Love, sivia

      • Hi Silvia! I’m so glad you’re happy and I’m sure you’ll be fine! I’ve only been blogging about 3 months but let me know if you want me to try to explain something! Anyway, you can make perfect desserts so this will be very easy for you! You’re very very welcome! love lili x

      • Hi Lili:
        Thank you for your help.I am amazed at how amazing a quick leaner you are.I am considering myself a very slow blogger, as you can see I dont blog very often. Due to health condition,my passion in baking is under construction.heheh but I still enjoy do what I passionate, dessert. For instance:The award thingy,I am not familiar with.First time I have awarded in my life.I am thankful to your appreciation. Do forgive me If i have done any way or anything incorrect,please let me know. Thank u for your help.You are such a quick learner for the blog. and amazing baker.
        love, SIVIA

      • Hi Silvia! Thank you for all your kind comments and compliments! I’m going to work hard at baking like you, to get better!

        The first time I did a blog award post I did a lot of things wrong!! 🙂 I think I’ve done things wrong this time too, like with the numbers!! But it’s not a problem. Do what you think is right and be happy! It really isn’t very strict.

        Sorry to hear about your health condition but yes, I see you are passionate about baking, which is why you should definitely have this award!!!! So congratulations again Silvia!!! 🙂 xx Lili

      • hi Lili:
        Thank you for your prompt reply again.Yes i agree with you, do what you think is right and makes you happy. ^_^
        Desserts are my little guilty pleasure, but only moderately. You are doing the blog award amazing compared to a person like me. heheh. Thank you, i will keep it up for the passion in desserts. Your award is one of the motivations.Thank u lili again.

        love, SIVIA

      • You’re so welcome and thank you Silvia for all your very sweet comments! I thought about what you said and updated my Awards instructions/rule page so the process is clearer – hope it helps! And I’m looking forward to seeing more of your delicious desserts! Love, lili x

  8. Sivia,
    I am so glad i found this blog.You are amazing !! I love you for the awesome dishes you put up.So restaurant types… Thank you so much Sivia for sharing this !! Clear instructions for newbies like me, classy recipes….Woww !!

    Thank you

    • SASHA,
      Thanks for dropping to this humble blog and I am glad that you like my shared recipes. Your wonderful comments are great motivation and encouragement to me. Thank you SASHA so much once again.

  9. Hello from Indonesia.
    Your blog is such an inspiration. I love the photography, detailed explanation, sophisticated and beautiful cakes decoration. What you do is like an open door for me. I gain a lot of knowledge.
    Keep blogging, keep inspiring
    God bless you.


    • Hi Feli:
      Welcome to my little humble blog about my sweet dessert. Thank you for your such wonderful words and such a wonderful support from you. Hope my little humble blog could inspire you for creating your sweet dessert too. God bless you Feli.You made my day.

  10. I stumble onto your blog unexpectedly and was truly grateful to find a gem here. You explain so well with accompanying pictures and you are so kind and big-hearted to share your recipes. I wish to take this opportunity to thank you. And I was surprised to discover you are from Malaysia too. May God bless you and your family.

    • Hi there:
      Wish you would leave your nice name down here so I can thank you once again.
      I am so blessed that you dropped by to such an amateur blog here and given me such a kind comment. Husband and I both are from Malaysia too.
      God bless you and your family too.
      Thank you once again.


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