Love Swiss Roll (Valentines Day) 爱的瑞士卷(情人节)

Love swiss roll-01

After Chinese New Year, Valentines is around the corner. Hoping to catch up with you all the wonderful human being with this simple Japanese Swiss Roll.

Let me share all the love with the world.

Happy Valentines Day(an early one).

What to make for this valentines 2014?What about dark chocolate sponge sandwich with vanilla and raspberry mousse that melt into your mouth easily?

Let’s get started?Shall we?

Components you need:

  • Raspberry Mousse
  • Vanilla mousse
  • Chocolate sponge


Raspberry Mousse:

  • 3 tbsp raspberry puree
  • ¼ tsp organic natural red food colouring
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • 400g Bulla whipping cream( or any dairy whipping cream)
  • A love shape cookie cutter
  • Baking paper lined on a baking tray size of 27cm X 18cm

1)      Blend fresh raspberry into puree. Keep 3 tbsp puree to keep aside. Add in ¼ tsp food colouring. Mix to well combine.

2)      In a clean mixing bowl, start to beat the whipping cream, sugar and raspberry puree mixture from step (1) into firm peak.

3)      Pour the mousse into a prepared baking pan. Allow to set in freezer for 4 hours or more until hardened.

4)      Once hardened, cut out individual love shape mousse from the love shape cookie cutter.

5)      Stack each mousse piece on top of each other ,enough to make roughly 25cm long of love mousse. You have to be quick otherwise will melt. Once it is done, put back into freezer to allow to set for another 1 hour.


Vanilla Mousse:

  • 400g Bulla whipping cream ( or any dairy whipping cream)
  • 1 1/4 tbsp castor sugar ( adjust to your own sweetness )
  • 1 tsp of vanilla essence

1)      In a clean mixing bowl, beat all the ingredients into medium peak. Pour into a piping bag.

 Assemble I:

  • 30cm X 25cm of an acetate sheet
  • Tape
  • 8cm in diameter of a round cookie cutter

1)      Make a cylinder cone by rolling the acetate sheet which enough to fit into the round cookie cutter, and tape it tight.

2)      Place the the cylinder acetate into the round cookie cutter.

3)      Line some baking paper onto a baking tray, place the cookie butter with the acetate cylinder on it.

4)      Pipe in half of the vanilla mousse into the cylinder.

5)      Remove the raspberry mousse from freezer, slowly place into the vanilla mousse , try to put in the middle of the mousse. Push the raspberry mousse until some of the vanilla mousse is pushing upwards.

6)      Fill up the rest of the vanilla mousse and smooth the top. ( do not worry it will cover the raspberry mousse. We will slice it once the swiss roll is done.


Chocolate Sponge:

  • 30g Liddells lactose free milk( or any milk)
  • 10g oil
  • 3 large eggs , room temperature
  • 70g castor sugar
  • 50g cake flour
  • 10g Hershey unsweetened dark cocoa powder( or any coca powder)

1)      Line a 34cm X 25cm of a baking pan with baking paper. Make sure there is not crease.

2)      Sift the cake flour and cocoa powder for 3 times.

3)      Mix oil and milk together.

4)      Beat eggs and sugar until fluffy and pale, we called it ribbon stage. ( When you lift up your beater and the batter able to make a shape of 8 only after few seconds.)

5)      Fold in cake flour and cocoa powder in 2 additions. Mix well but gently folding it with plastic spatula.

6)      Scoop out some batter into oil mixture. Mix well, then pour back into flour batter, and fold gentle to well combine. (Do not fold it too much otherwise deflate the air pockets in the batter because cocoa powder has higher content of fat, it tends to deflate the air pocket more readily, so keep it gently.)

7)      Pour the cake batter into prepared baking tray. Tap the tray 10 times to remove air pockets. Smooth the top. Bake at preheated oven of 180C for 12- 13 minutes, depending on individual oven.

8)      Once sponge is done, remove the cake from tray.  Place the cake onto a new sheet of baking paper with the golden brown side faced down. Remove the baking paper which attached to the another side immediately, and cover with another sheet of new baking paper. Allow to cool down completely.


Assemble II:

1)      Trim the four edges of the chocolate sponge into size of 30cm X 25cm or to the size able to wrap the cylinder mousse later. Allow the sponge sits on top of the baking paper.

2)      Beat 2 tbsp of whipping cream. Set side.

3)      Remove the mousse out from freezer. Lightly blow hot air around the mousse for few seconds, peel of the acetate sheet from round cutter.

4)      Spread the 1 tbsp of the whipping cream earlier from step (2) all over the trimmed chocolate sponge.

5)      Place the cylinder mousse onto the middle of the sponge, and wrap the mousse with the sponge around with the help of baking paper. Tape it nicely so it stays properly. If you want, you can wrap one more layer of aluminium foil over the roll to double secured the shape. Leave in freezer for 4 hours or overnight .

6)      Remove roll from freezer and let it defroze half way.Unwrap and slice.( This way, shape still remain) Serve and enjoy.


love swiss roll-4

Love swiss roll-3


1)      Always ensure the eggs are in room temperature before beating with sugar. Or you can put the refrigerated eggs into a bowl of warm water for 5 minutes.

2)      If you cannot manage to make a long mousse in first go, I highly suggest you to prepare two same size round cake cutter, prepare two acetate cylinders. So you can  easily stack the love shape mousse without worrying as well as you can place the stacked love shape mousse easily into vanilla mousse.

3)      This swiss roll will be pretty big in size. If you can find smaller love shape, you can try to reduce the entire recipe into half providing you can find smaller cake pans.

4)      The reason to beat 2 tbsp of whipping cream and spread all  over one side of the sponge because the hardened cylinder mousse unable to stick onto the sponge,we need extra cream to help in doing this otherwise sponge will not hold onto the mousse properly.

5)      If you cannot find acetate sheet, you can try cutting any frizzy drink bottle such as coke, sprite . Ensure the bottle is smooth on the surface, just cut the middle part out to be your cylinder.

6)      If you do not like raspberry flavor, you can substitute with strawberry puree too.

7)      The reason to cover both side of the freshly baked chocolate sponge with new baking paper because firstly to prevent the top golden brown side to dry up. Secondly, if you keep the older baking paper stuck onto the cake while cooling down, this side of the cake will crease and shrink during the cooling process.

Enjoy! Wishing all the love birds and loved one Happy Valentines Day! Muah~~~

Love swiss roll-5

Today’s Word: 

My dear friends, stay strong and be truthful to yourself. Love yourself completely.

Surround with all the one who love you for who you are!


Strawberry and Green Tea Mousse Mooncake



No traditional baked mooncake, just a simple mousse into a mooncake shape with a crackling chocolate casing, will you mind to try a bite or one whole mousse? There is not polite way to eat this, just take out your spoon and give a big crack into these mooncake-like mousse.

Wish I could have some homemade mooncake, missing the family time with my mom and sisters. Reminded me of my experimental and kids-gone-wild days during mid-autumn day, not only we can taste the mooncake, had some fizzy drink, and these particular buffalo-horn shape like exotic snacks. It was like mini buffalo horn but tasted crossed between taro and chestnut.

This festival also reminded me of the lanterns used to hang around the house with the colourful individual candles. Our garden looked extremely tasteful with those different sizes of lantern. Sadly, it cannot last the whole day because when the candles go off , our lantern burnt. We were devastated almost every year until one year, when the first lantern started to burn then we decided to burn it all off. This is how we carry on our latern-burning ceremony every year. I used to be bad…Forgive me.

Wish you all a very happy mid-autumn festival~

Message to someone I loved:He was a mooncake lover once in his life, but all I can do is a modified version. Hope he still enjoy as much as he can in HEAVEN.


  • Makes 2 vanilla-strawberry mousse and 2 green tea-red bean mousse

Components You need:

  • Strawberry gelee
  • Red bean gelee
  • Vanilla mousse
  • Green tea mousse
  • White chocolate mooncake mould
  • Dark chocolate mooncake mould



Strawberry Gelee:

  • 80g fresh strawberries (can use frozen strawberries too)
  • 2g gelatin leaves ( can use powder form,dilute into 2 tbsp water and microwave 30 seconds on high heat)
  • 1 tsp icing sugar
  1. Soak gelatin leaves in cold water until soften.
  2. Wash strawberries and slice it. Process it into puree.
  3. Cook the strawberry puree and icing sugar on low heat until bubbles formed, then switch off the heat. Stir in soaked gelatin leaves to well combine.
  4. Pour the strawberry mixture into 2 separated 5cm in diameter of silicone mini cylinder mould . Allow the mixture to set in freezer till hardened completely.

Red Bean Gelee:

  • 40g red bean paste
  • 2tbsp hot water
  • 1g gelatine leave ( or use powder,similar method as above)
  1. Mix red bean paste and water to well combine.
  2. Stir in soften gelatin to well combine.
  3. Pour mixture into 2 separated 5cm in diameter of silicone mini cylinder mould. Allow the mixture to set in freezer till hardened completely.



White chocolate mooncake mould:

  • 90g Cadbury baking white chocolate ( or any baking white chocolate)
  • some pink food colouring
  1. Melt white chocolate over a pot of simmering water (do not allow water touches the bottom of your bowl contained chocolate).
  2. Stir in some pink colouring into melted chocolate , mix to well combine.
  3. Scoop chocolate mixture into 2 separated  mooncake moulds. Swirl the melted chocolate around and evenly to coat  the  mould.
  4. Flip it upside down to another mould to remove the excess chocolate.
  5. Remember to coat the rim of the mould with melted chocolate too.
  6. Place in refrigerator to set completely.

Dark chocolate mooncake mould:

  • 90g Cadbury baking dark/milk chocolate (or any baking chocolate)
  1. Melt dark chocolate over a pot of simmering water.
  2. Scoop chocolate into 2 separated mooncake moulds. Swirl the melted chocolate around and evenly to coat the mould.
  3. Flip it upside down to another bowl to remove the excess chocolate.
  4. Remember to coat the rim of the mould with some chocolate too.
  5. Place in refrigerator to set completely.



Vanilla Mousse:

  • 80g Bulla whipping cream( or any dairy whipping cream)
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla paste
  • 1/4 egg white
  • 1/2 tsp castor sugar
  1. Beat the whipping cream and vanilla paste  until stiff peak formed.
  2. In a clean bowl: beat egg white till foamy, slowly add in castor sugar and continued beating till medium peak formed.
  3. Fold the egg white mixture into whipped cream. Pour into piping bag.
  4. Pipe vanilla mousse into pink-white chocolate mould that has set in the freezer earlier.
  5. Remove the strawberries gelee from mould and place into the vanilla mousse. Gently press down the gelee. Pipe in remaining vanilla mousse to cover. Smooth the top.
  6. Allow to set in the freezer for an hour.

vanilla mousse


Green Tea Mousse:

  • 80g Bulla whipping cream( or any dairy whipping cream)
  • 1/4 tsp green tea paste
  • dash of green tea powder (Add more if want stronger taste; remove powder for children consumption due to the caffeine inside green tea powder)
  • 1/2 tsp icing sugar
  • 1/4 egg white
  • 1/4 tsp castor sugar
  1. Beat the whipping cream , green tea paste, green tea powder and sugar until stiff peak formed.
  2. In a clean bowl: beat egg white till foamy, slowly add in castor sugar and continued beating till medium peak formed.
  3. Fold the egg white mixture into whipped cream. Pour into piping bag.
  4. Pipe green tea mousse into dark chocolate mould that has set in the freezer earlier.
  5. Remove the red bean gelee from mould and place into the green tea mousse. Gently press down the gelee. Pipe in remaining green tea mousse to cover. Smooth the top.
  6. Allow to set in the freezer for an hour.

green tea mousse



  1. Melt 40g of white chocolate and stir in some pink food colouring.
  2. Melt 40g of dark chocolate.
  3. Spread the pink-white chocolate onto the vanilla mousse to seal the bottom of the mooncake.
  4. Spread the dark chocolate onto the green tea mousse to seal the bottom of the mooncake.
  5. Allow the mooncake to set in the refrigerator for 4 hours or overnight.
  6. Remove the mooncakes slowly and gently from the mould as they are very fragile. (If too hard, use a warm cloth to wipe around the moulds for easy removal.
  7. Serve.



As you can see, the mousse is little in soft side as no additional gelatin. So, it can go smoothly into your mouth. There is not gentle and polite way to enjoy these, just crack and spoon into your mouth. Forgive me for these unappealing  pictures, once snapped and started my tasting journey right away.


  • These mooncakes are not easy to slice into half with a pleasant appearance due to the chocolate casing. So just crack it bravely and enjoy the different taste of mooncake
  • Some love the authentic traditional mooncake ; and mind me for trying something different.
  • You can make any kind of taste you like for this mooncake.
  • You can make your own red bean paste as well but I used the red bean paste from the packet in chinese groceries. If you prefer the chunky bits of red bean, try look for Japanese red bean paste in can.

Happy Trying ^_^

Today’s quote: We are not a failure just because we fail at something. Nobody is a failure unless they quit trying! -Joyce Meyer

Black Forest Mousse


black forest mousse 2.1

I wanted to make such a dessert for a long time. It has been in my mind for months till I watched this Australian Masterchef, one particular episode, candidates are tasked to make a BLACK FOREST GELATO from a complete recipe given. Since no ice cream maker, I compensated into mousse dessert. Since I wish I could have spray gun, to complete my final even chocolate coating, I replaced by dusting with cocoa powder, the most I can do as homemade. This dessert is done for my friend,a couple who went through tough time in life. Marriage is essential, because bring 2 souls become one mind. So, I bring 2 hemisphere into a complete sphere. This couple enjoys mousse dessert so much that I thought this piece can lift them up. I hope they enjoy it.

black forest mousse 1.1



Few components you need:

  • Vanilla Mousse
  • Chocolate Mousse
  • Cherry Mousse
  • Chocolate Domes

This recipe produced 3 X 7cm in diameters of sphere mousse

Vanilla Mousse:

  • 33g / 2 egg yolks
  • 15g castor sugar
  • 200g Bulla whipping cream( or any dairy whipping cream )
  • 3 tsp castor sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla paste
  1. Beat cream, 3 tsp sugar and vanilla paste  in a clean bowl to medium peak.Chill in fridge.
  2. Beat egg yolks in a bowl over simmering water(ensure no water touches the bottom of the pan),whisking constantly with hand whisk for about 1-2 minutes, then slowly add in sugar, continued whisking until becomes ribbon stage. Remove from heat.
  3. Fold in 1/2 of the whipped cream into yolk mixture until well combined. Fold in the rest of whipped cream until well incorporated.
  4. Pour into 3 separated hemisphere silicone  moulds (6cm in diameter) until full. Smooth the top to remove excess mousse.
  5. Let it chill in the freezer until completely hardened, usually up to 4 hours or more.

vanilla mousse-001________________________________________________________________________

Chocolate Mousse:

  • 100g Cadbury baking dark chocolate (or milk chocolate) button ( or any baking chocolate)
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1 egg white
  • 2 tsp castor sugar
  • 100g Bulla whipping cream( or any whipping cream)
  1. Beat cream to soft peak forms, allow to freeze until hardened.
  2. Melt dark chocolate over simmering water (called bain marie) until completely melted.
  3. Fold in beaten egg yolk,stir to combine.
  4. Fold in 1/2 of whipped cream into dark chocolate mixture. Continue folding in the rest of chocolate mixture until well incorporated.
  5. Beat egg white(in a grease-free and clean bowl) till foamy or frothy, slowly add in sugar and continued beating until stiff/firm peak achieved.
  6. Fold in 1/2 of egg white mixture (also known as meringue) until fully incorporated.
  7. Pour mousse into a piping bag.
  8. Pipe in the chocolate mousse into 3 separated hemisphere silicone moulds (7cm in diameter) by swirling around the dome to leave a space to fit in the vanilla mousse later.
  9. Remove the vanilla mousse from the silicon moulds, gently pull it out then place into the chocolate mouse. Ensure to remove excess chocolate mousse and smooth the top with palette knife. Allow to chill in freezer until hardened.

chocolate mousse

chocolate mousse 2________________________________________________________________________

Cherry Mousse:

  • 4g gelatine leaves (soaked in cold water until soften )
  • 80g Bulla whipping cream ( or any dairy whipping cream)
  • 150g cherry puree ( I used cherry in canned )
  • 1 tsp castor sugar
  • cherry essence/paste (if you have, add in 1/4 tsp)
  1. Remove cherry from the canned.Remove the juice. Pureed the cherry in blender.
  2. Soak gelatine in cold water till soften.
  3. Beat cream until medium peak. Allow to chill.
  4. Bring cherry puree and sugar to boil, stir constantly to reduce the volume to remove the extra juice. Off the heat. (The cherry puree will be slightly pasty, but not watery)
  5. Fold in soften gelatine after remove excess water. Stir to dissolve.
  6. Allow to cool a little. Fold in 1/2 of whipped cream and cherry essence(if you have) into cherry mixture to well combined. Fold in the rest of cream into cherry mixture.
  7. Pour into 3 hemisphere silicone moulds. ( 6cm in diameter)
  8. Chill in freezer till hardened, roughly above 4 hours or more.

cherry mousse

Chocolate Dome:

  • 120g Cadbury baking dark or milk chocolate, chopped( or any baking dark or milk chocolate)
  1. Melt chocolate in a bowl over simmering water (Without water touches bottom of bowl containing chocolate, also known as bain marie) until completely melted and reached 45C. Remove chocolate from heat , bring down the temperature of chocolate to 27C.
  2. Bring the chocolate back to simmering water, bring the temperature up to 35C.
  3. Pour melted chocolate into 3 separated hemisphere silicon moulds ( 7cm in diameter ). Ensure to roll melted chocolate around to evenly and completely coat the moulds with thin layer of chocolate.
  4. Place moulds on the bench for 1 minute, then repeat rolling process, ensure to bring any excess chocolate right up to the rim.
  5. Bring moulds face down in another bowl, allow excess chocolate runs out into bowl. Then bring to chill for 1-2 minutes in refrigerator until lightly set .
  6. Remove rim of chocolate dome with palette knife.
  7. Allow to chill in fridge for 1 minutes or until completely hardened.
  8. Gently pull mould away and release the  chocolate dome. ( Be gentle as chocolate is fragile and easily crack)
  9. Using a blowtorch, heat the edge of a round cookie cutter holding it with a pair of tongs to avoid burning yourself.
  10. Use a small 2.5cm in diameter of round cutter, cut out 4 randomly placed holes from the dome. If the cookie cutter is not piercing through, tap gently so that the chocolate disc falls in leaving a perfect hole. Chill if needed.


1.Remove the chocolate-vanilla mousse from silicone moulds, gently pull and release from the mould.

2.Remove cherry mousse from silicone moulds, gently pull and release from mould.

3.Place the chocolate mousse on the plate, place the smaller cherry mousse on top of the flat area of the chocolate-vanilla mousse.

4.Dust the chocolate domes with generous of cocoa powder all over the dome.

5.Slowly and gently using a palette knife, go through the two holes and lifting up slowly and let it sit on top of the mousse to become a completely sphere ball.

black forest

The journey of creating this dessert has taken me 3 days  to complete, as my very first attempt by observing, reading and experimenting.

black forest mousse 3.1



  • The dusting chocolate is so homemade, since I only can dream of the spray gun. Spray gun definitely do all the magic trick, coating the entire cake included the chocolate dome with evenly coated chocolate is what I should be aiming for. Sadly I only can compensate with this method. If you want to remove the dusting cocoa powder, do it whatever to suit you.
  • For this as homemade, without the cherry paste and cherry essence is little tricky to create the strong flavour of cherry mousse. Do add some cherry essence if you have.
  • This cake supposed to be ice cream, since I do not have a  ice cream maker, I modified into mousse texture.
  • For the chocolate dome, you can create it by using milk chocolate for slightly sweeter in taste if you personally do not like the bitterness of dark chocolate.
  • I recommend to keep these mousse into freezer to preserve the shape if you are not going to eat .Otherwise defroze in fridge for few hours before eating it.
  • It should be slightly colder than normal mousse cake temperature, and definitely not consuming in rock hard condition.

Forgive me if this might not up to your taste, this purely based on my long time desire in trying it out. My lovely husband enjoyed the taste, and hope you like it too.



Disclaimer: It is a blessing for you to like my recipe sharing.It is a wonderful courtesy for you acknowledge the source of content and I will reciprocate.It is not a crime but it just plainly to see how much courtesy you have.Thank you for consideration.

Do not doubt to ask if you have any hesitation.^_^ It will be great if you could acknowledge the efforts and time  of one who applied here for your comfort reading without passing the source of content by neglecting the contributor (that would be me ^_^).Thank you for you kind visit.

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