Jasmine Orange Cake (Spring Edition)

jasmin bavaroise & orange sponge7

by Sivia

jasmin bavaroise & orange sponge2

by Sivia

It’s spring !

I love flower blossoming season. I love how the trees are looking alive with vibrantly attractive flowers, bees are awaken from hibernation to start their hectic nectar-sucking job.

I love the aroma release from tea.To me, Jasmine tea seems to be the type of tea that I am very familiar with.The aroma and the taste are very distinctively easy to recognize.

I love experimenting

especially with the aroma and taste from the daily food I consume. Tea and fruit should go well after all many fruity tea is so available nowadays.

Orange + Jasmine = Deliciousness

I hope you like my little tasty experimenting dessert to celebrate the spring.

Let’s get started!

Components you need:

  • Orange sponge
  • Jasmine bavaroise
  • Red Chocolate glaze
  • Chocolate bowl  for decoration (optional)

jasmin bavaroise & orange sponge10

jasmin bavaroise & orange sponge5

by sivia

Orange Sponge:

  • 50g whole eggs
  • 10g icing sugar
  • 5g cake flour
  • 5g plain flour
  • 30g almond flour
  • 50g egg whites
  • 10g castor sugar
  • 8g vegetable oil
  • 1/2 whole orange

1)Sift all the flours.

2)Boil orange.Once boiled, peel off the skin, slice into chuncks, deseed. Process it to form a puree in blender.Set aside.

3)Beat egg and icing sugar until pale then add in the orange puree and mix well.

4)Fold in the flours and mix well. Add in the oil and mix well.

5)In other bowl: Beat egg white and sugar to foamy,slowly add in sugar and continued beating to reach soft peak.

6)Fold  meringue(a) into yolk mixture in  3 additions.(without deflating the air pockets)

7)Pour batter into a prepared pan of 8″ x 10″ ( 20cm x 25cm) lined with baking paper.

8)Bake at 200C for 15-20 minutes,until golden brown ,depending on individual oven.

9)Once baked, remove from oven and lay onto a new baking paper.Peel off the old baking paper immediately.Cool down.

10)Once cooled down, cut out (6 x 38mm )and (6 x 57mm )round discs.Total: 16 round pieces sponge.


orange joconde


(a)what is meringue? 

Meringue means  egg whites and castor sugar are beaten to airy texture with alot of air pockets trapped inside.Usually to double or tripled of volume.

jasmin bavaroise & orange sponge11

Jasmine Bavaroise Mousse:

  • 170ml  Liddells Lactose free milk  (Or any milk)
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla paste
  • 1/3 tsp jasmine tea
  • 27g castor  sugar
  • 27g egg yolks
  • 4g gelatin leaves
  • 150ml Bulla  whipping cream (Or any whipping cream)
  • 1/2 tbsp castor sugar

1)Bring jasmine tea, vanilla paste and milk to a boil in a saucepan. Off heat.Leave to infuse for 20 minutes with lid on.

2)In a mixing bowl: whisk together egg yolks and sugar until light in colour.

3)Pour half the boiled liquid into egg mixture, mix well.

4)Return mixture to the remaining boiled milk mixture to heat.Stir well.

5)Continue cooking the liquid until thicken, coats the back of the wooden spoon, and reaches 82-84C.

6)Add soaked gelatin to custard and strain into a bowl in an ice bain-marie(a).

7)Beat cream to ribbon stage(b).

8)When custard is cold, remove the bowl from ice bain marie.

9)Fold in whipped cream into cold custard and mix well.

jasmin bavaroise


(a)What is ice bain-marie?

Place the bowl of  hot custard under another bowl containing ice cubes to cool it down.

(b)What is ribbon stage?

A term referring to the thickness of a whipped/cooked batter (typically with eggs)or cream.When the batter is lifted it should fall in ribbons or smooth sheets that will hold their shape momentarily before falling into the batter.

(c)What is bavaroise?

Creme Anglaise + Whipped cream = Bavaroise

Bavaroise: a french name for bavarian creme. It is a delicate cream dessert with a Cr̬eme Anglaise base, and then aerated with whipped cream or yogurt, egg whites and various flavourings such as fruit pur̩e, chocolate, coffee, tea or liqueurs before being set in the refrigerator with gelatin.

Assemble I:

1) Pour in some jasmine Bavaroise  into 6 separated 6cm  half sphere silicon baking moulds.

2)Place the small round disc  orange sponge into the bavaroise. Top up with more bavaroise.

3)Place big round disc orange sponge into the jasmine bavaroise and lightly press in. Remove excess bavaroise.

4)Allow to set in the freezer for at least 4 hours or overnight.


Red Chocolate Glaze:

  • 250g Bulla cream ( or any cream)
  • 20g sugar
  • 50ml glucose
  • some red food colouring paste
  • 130g Cadbury baking white chocolate ( or any white chocolate)
  • 6g gelatin leaves

1)Bloom gelatin in cold water until soften.

2)Bring cream, sugar, glucose and food colouring to boil at 85C.

3)Add in white chocolate in few additions. Stir to combine.

4)Sitr in soften gelatin, mix well. Strain.

5)Allow to cool down to 25C-28C.


  • It is best to cool down the chocolate glaze till 25-28C  to glaze the mousse(frozen).
  • Stir the glaze now and then before glazing to prevent skin forming.
  • you can chill the glaze overnight to rest before using.The glaze will be jelly like texture form.
  • Carefully warm up with bain-marie or microwave until liquid and no trace of lump.(Remember to cool down to the optimum temperature when glazing)

How to make chocolate bowl:

1)Melt some dark chocolate. Pour into a piping bag.

2)Ready with a 7cm half sphere silicone moulds.

3)Cut off small tip of the piping bag.

4)Pipe some lines over the moulds or any shapes you like. Set in the freezer.

5)Gently remove the chocolate bowl from the silicone moulds.

Assemble II:

1)Remove the half sphere mousse from the moulds.Place onto a prepared cooling rack that sits above a baking tray.

2)By using a ladle, gently ladle the red glaze over each mousse. Allow to drip off the excess.

3)Decorate with chocolate bowl or any fruits that you like.Go wild with your imagination.Serve.

chocolate glaze


a)Remember to place the dessert into refrigerator to bring the temperature back to optimum temperature before eating.

b)Chocolate bowl is optional for decoration, it can be removed from the recipe and the cake still taste like spring.Yummy.

jasmin bavaroise & orange sponge9

jasmin bavaroise & orange sponge3

Hope you enjoy this dessert!

Thank you for dropping by and deeply appreciate your comments.