RIP Princess Bunny 26.11.2013 ( Chocolate Ogura cake )

animal voice

Letter to our beloved Princess bunny: RIP 26.11.2013

I truly aware that bunnies life span is such short, couple of wonderful years and they will have to leave.

Some might question why a bunny?why not a dog or a cat?

It is never be my plan to ever meet this snow white bunny in my life this way

So I found her in the middle of nowhere
I met her and we started our journey as family
“So daddy and mummy will name you as Princess”
Our bond grew so much throughout these couple of months
Some might say: just a rabbit, just a couple of months,how deep is your love?
The moment I carry her in my hand    walking block by block
She did not struggle or let go of me
The time she started to lick my palms all over   I fall in love to this white bunny
The day I hold her in my arm    I think she found comfort in me
The time spend with her never seem never  enough for me
Our bond just grew each day
Our love become stronger each day
Until one day she seems to weak
I carried her in my arm  I think she is fallen sick
Rushing to the doctor she was in my arm
I never let go of her until she decided to let go of me
Until doctor told: “I am sorry  I am afraid she has to leave”
I cannot  believe this just happened so suddenly
I haven’t catch up with my breathe
She was laying there eyes wide opened
And I can feel the warmth of her white body
I was too silly tried to pump her heart
Hoping she will wake up again for me
I kept holding on her and never let go
My tears are soaking all over her white body
I know bunny lives short but it can’t be as short as this
These few days I was like body without the soul
I cried  I am hurt because we lost our bunny
So many things I would love to do together with her
Now that I can only hold on to both our memories
Yes she indeed a bunny
She has the best heart for a bunny I ever met
I shut myself down for these couple of days
Tried to be normal but I was hiding my true self
Until I find myself able to control my tears
I sit here quietly to  write down her memoir as much as I can
“We loved you Princess”
Please enjoy the fun in the hand of Lord Almighty
Chasing the birds and soaking under the sun
One day I will be meeting “you” once again
mummy & daddy
bunny cremation


写一封给小白公主的信 :


无法自拔    离不开你的视线
我耐心的守侯  等着你会跑到我身边
得知你迷失了好几天 无家可归
楚楚可怜的你 最后还是抱着你在我的怀里
那短短15分钟的路程 你聆听我的呼吸声
那是我们第一次亲密联系 你没有摆脱

当你踏入我家 你就称我们俩:爸妈
把你带到兽医去检查 才得知你是我更想要的小公主
打从那一天 我就肯定你我是注定相遇

每一天和你的相处 更了解你多一些
你不喜欢洗澡  更不喜欢妈咪煮饭
每次打开炉灶或烤箱 你就躲开 动也不动
有时会发出不喜悦的声音 要我立刻停止
好奇怪 兔子应该不会发出声音

每天起床 会对你说声:早安 宝贝!

你不是个捣蛋鬼 从来不破坏家具
你总是像婴儿般 那么清新自然

当我们忽略你 你好不客气地摇晃你的笼子
发出声音  就想要我们俩来疼爱你

你喜欢在笼子里蹦蹦跳跳 仿佛在努力娱乐我们
你喜欢在草原里蹦跑 爸妈俩都追不上
跑得累了 你那雪白的身躯就躺下 深呼吸

当我唱歌给你听 你就乖乖地睡着去
看见你那迷人的粉红眼睛 逐渐垂下
是你给我的讯号 你睡着了

当你第一次舐我的手心 我们的爱就在此展开
你每次都至少舔上半小时 得知这是你对我的爱
我爱上你了 小白公主

我情不自禁 把你抱在怀里
聆听你的深呼吸 你慢慢地睡着了
从此以后 就算有多忙
要我抱着你 一起看电影 一起上脸书


那天星期二 你突然走了

我不怕 而是后悔没有无时无刻陪着你


别人可能说:只是个兔子 只有那几个月 有多爱?
就算是捡回来的 就算是个兔子 就算是几个月
那彼此培养的爱 永不消失

爱了 失了 痛了 就只有回忆

希望上帝好好保护你 疼惜你
你是我生命里遇过最特别的小白兔 永不取代

你永远是我们的公主 永远地爱你

人说别等到人死了后才懂得珍惜 你会后悔 心痛

我知道兔子的属命短暂 该有五六年
却没料到它 突然离开

你走了的第六天 我的泪慢慢地被我控制下

兔公主 愿你化为兔兔天使


bunny with bell

When she quietly allow me to capture her for the first time. I loved the red bell on her, so I can know where I can find her around the house.
bunny looks at me
I adored her bright pink eyes with her pink nose and ears gazing up on us everytime we called her.
bunny licks my hand
 Princess loved licking my palms to show her affection to me. She can kept doing that for half an hour.
bunny resting
Princess was a tall lady,she loved to lay down comfortably in her safe house.
Never know the last cake”pandan Ogura”  I baked together with her would be the last time .I missed her. I bake this chocolate Ogura to reminiscence the last time together with her.
Recipe for Chocolate Ogura cake for those who is interested:
  • 1 egg
  • 5 egg yolks
  • 70g milk
  • 45g corn oil
  • 60g cake flour
  • 10g  Hershey unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 5 egg whites (Ensure it is cold)
  • 80g castor sugar
  • 1/4 tsp cream of tartar
  1. By using hand whisk, mix egg yolk, eggs, oil and milk together to well combined. Fold in cake flour and cocoa powder. Mix well.
  2. Beat egg whites and cream of tartar , by adding sugar in 3 additions. Beat until soft peaks formed.
  3. Fold in this meringue(Egg whites mixture) into flour mixture( step 1).
  4. Pour into  an oiled 8″ square cake pan. Knock out excess air pockets.
  5. Bake at a preheated oven of 150C for 60-70 minutes  by water bath method, depending on individual oven.Every oven acts differently, make sure you know your oven pretty well because some can bake this cake at 160C for 50-60 minutes without cracks(water bath).
  6. Once baked, remove cake from the tray of water. Invert the cake onto cooling rack for 2 minutes, then re -invert to a tray to cool down.
  7. This cake is best place in refrigerator for best consumption.

My experience:

  • I only brush some oil onto the cake pan, and did not use any parchment paper because I realized that the appearance of the cake turned out best looking without parchment paper with my oven. Feel free use any method which suits you.
  • Once you notice first small crack on your cake , immediately lower down your oven temperature by 10C.
  • If you find most of your cakes which baked in water bath method usually turn out soggy bottom, you can try to remove the water bath for the last 15-20 minutes of every bake to avoid soggy bottom.
Love ,
hellosweetdessert(mummy and daddy)