Review: Adriano Zumbo Dessert Tasting

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Dessert Name:

Ed, it’s been long time,




Cappuccino marshmallow mousse, chocolate crunch, lemon olive oil and coffee cremeux, chocolate olive oil sponge and chocolate mousse.

Contains: Tree nuts, eggs, dairy and gluten.


Finally I tried Zumbo dessert:

Yesterday, a rainy day during winter in June, I decided that I must get Zumbo Adriano dessert. I went to the store approximately 10 times, but something prevented me from getting a slice of Zumbo’s dessert until yesterday.

Visited Zumbo’s store for 10 times and have not try it yet, why?

Allow me to reason why I couldn’t make myself to get dessert from zumbo’s store:an hour of travel just to reach to Zumbo’s store;no place for customer to dine in;not much choices almost everytime I went there(also a good thing which limit my choices to get something exciting);not-so-welcoming staff towards first time clients like me.So far these are the reasons preventing me to move forward to be one Zumbo’s customer.

Until yesterday, I bought Zumbo’s cookbook.Okay, his desserts started to tickle my curiosity of wanting to really try one.I love all his Tim tam creations,I think it’s good enough to bring me back to his store and give it a real taste adventure.

Experience in front of Zumbo’s store :

I was in front of his store, again, making it 11 times now,however this time my husband and I are seriously considering to get his dessert.

Let see, the store served slightly more varieties desserts compared to the 10 previous times I came here for dessert window shopping, apart from his ordinary and familiar macarons.Besides, I saw some pastry, oh finally.I finally saw his well known “Zonut”( as you all know also named as” cronut”).

There was no designated counter area that I can find to place my orders, nor is any of staff friendly enough to acknowledge me or others customers. I circled the entire store which is more like a shoe box size,and yet there was nobody really noticing us. I was there approximately 5 minutes,I quickly scanned through all the customers, and realised there were high numbers of Asian tourist(Supposedly can be potential zumbo’s customer if given better customer service) was attracted by Zumbo’s desserts.

First thing we both noticed at the pastry area:There were fruit flies circulating above the pastries. My husband has an eagle eye alert on food hygiene. Winter with flies, how it this possible during such cold weather,I was astonished.

One Asian man in particular caught my attention:” Come and see these beautiful desserts, but what are those flavour? I couldn’t work out the components ? Guess we better go to next coffee store to find their staff who can explain and introduce their menus.Let’s go.”, this man was whispering to his friends and they were speaking in Cantonese.Indeed,I can understand because I am Asian myself.

Oh yes, there were  explanation cards of every desserts sitting inside the glass cabinet.Those explanation cards are sitting cold and stale inside without anyone make any effort to explain them in simpler way. Such ashamed! Not every customers comes to Zumbo store knows or ought to know all the vocabulary in dessert’s world. I wish that zumbo’s staff can be friendly and passionate towards approaching the Asian’s customers, because these tourist  can have great chance  to be a spender here or even to polish the reputation of Zumbo’s name outside of Australia, what do you reckon?Obviously, we are screaming for assistance here.

I wanted Zumbo’s dessert badly, so I finally caught a lady staff’s attention after 10 minutes standing there. I was politely asked for her permission before taking my orders:” May I ask, is there any specific line for me to place my orders or perhaps I was standing at the incorrect area to ask for your help?”

An English speaking lady who apparently looked like she is carrying a baby inside her, rolled her eyes to me and replied:” Oh, there isn’t any line here as you can see. The line is pretty much everywhere. I will come back to you in a moment” , she eventually approached us.

My husband wanted a yummy looking pastry, but there was not any explanation card, so I quickly asked this lady again:”May I ask what is that as there isn’t any name for that pastry.”

Thank God she replied:”It is sticky macadamia roll with caramel sauce.”

I placed my order and after paid, this lady quickly grabbed a blue paper box,and placed the dessert into the box. I noticed how reckless she has been treated  this piece of dessert.This was how she dealed with my dessert; she placed the dessert into a transparent plastic bag in an incorrect angle such that the lid of the paper bag was not shut well, it was half opened, and the dessert inside definitely is screaming for help, it can be squashed anytime soon.I always have serious issue with how to handle food especially desserts. A good piece of dessert like this  should be treated gently and full with care,so I opened my eyes widely and holding  down my inner scream :”Oohhhh……”

The lady finally got my sign language, she quickly rearranged the bag and dessert properly and handed it to me.

Since there isn’t any table for customers to dine in,I have to rush home with this dessert.Thank God it is winter.Picture yourself if it is summer time.No place to eat here and the delicate mousse dessert has to be traveled quite a distance back home.

New adjustments perhaps in NSW store?

Despite of the whole experience at Zumbo’s store in NSW, I wish the staff were friendly,passionate and approachable. Wish they can explain or describe the desserts for those who cannot understand some components of the desserts.I wondered, could it be the flies busy serving themselves with yummy pastries here give extra flavour to the desserts?

My husband is a super polite and nice man.If he noticed that  the staff’s service is questionable, it shows the staff has poor standard of service or just understaffed. My husband secretly complaint that how unacceptable the lady served me with her rolled eyes and sarcastic attitude.I guess I know simple English without double meanings, I don’t even realise this lady provided me  poor service, I was merely fixated with the dessert.My assumption was that God wants me to be less sensitive.

The taste of the dessert:

Okay, I tasted the dessert.I loved it. The main flavour came from the coffee and chocolate. The cappuccino marshmallow mousse is soft and melts into mouth.The sourness taste from the lemon olive oil cremeux lightly cuts through the sweetness of the dessert.The best part I adored  is  how the bottom chocolate crunch tastes in my mouth,it is slightly crunchy and the unexpectedly  saltiness in the  chocolate crunch is an amazing positive surprise.All in all, I do not mind to give my taste bud a sweet adventure  again. Nicely to go with a cup of  hot tea, oh ya~~~

The design of the dessert no doubt caught my attention compared to other’s desserts so far in this store. Wish there were more choices though,somehow.

I love all kind mousse desserts or cakes despite of being  severely lactose intolerant, together with my husband too. For Zumbo’s dessert, we are willing to take some enzyme pills before trying his dessert, guess worth the flavour in my mouth. My husband loved the sticky macademia caramel roll and I loved zumbo’s dessert. Both of us in a win- win situation.


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Components of this dessert:(top to bottom)

  • milk chocolate glaze
  • Cappucino marshmallow mousse
  • Chocolate mousse(insert)
  • lemon olive oil and coffee cremeux(insert)
  • chocolate olive oil sponge(Insert)
  • chocolate crunch

Components are based on my own experience in desserts, because there is no specific explanation on the components in particular order.


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For more information:

Adriano Zumbo




This is a review based on my own experience in Zumbo, there is no intention on criticizing but purely describing my first attempt in Zumbo. Wish the store has more varieties ,and staffs are friendly(Not friendlier, but friendly).


Thank you for reading and enjoy life with desserts.