I am sorry that I am still on sick leave here


  To those genuine friends and readers:

          I   Am Genuinely Sorry

For Being so Inactive on my blog

I am truly sorry for such a long disappearance and inactive on my blog .

Due to my personal health issues, I will no longer being so active on my blog like a year ago.

I am truthful thankful for those who supports me and worrying for me while I am gone.

Without your supports and kind understanding, I would not able to create a blog.

I do what I passionate without anyone could stop me down until this personal health problems came along,

makes me doubt how long I can hold on to what I love to do.

So thank you for your understanding, patience and genuine supports.

I have put everything aside included my cameras and blogging days aside for such a long time,

hoping to rest enough so I can stand back right up.

Sorry for my true friends who worry for me, sorry that I unable to answer everyone of you personally due to my health reason, I am so thankful that I found some of you who genuinely care for me. Please look after your health and continue do what you like and passionate.

Days without some of you just makes my days less colourful.I am going to miss you alot.

I will be uploading some of my recipes I created awhile ago from now on before my health is completely alarming.

These recipes were created while I was still capable , so bear with me with the time given.

I just need a long long rest . Having some of you to like what I do makes me no regret.

Welcome to leave any comments and question here and please be patience for my reply. Truly sorry for everything.

I am going to miss some of the nicest truthful kind souls I have met during my blogging days. Thank you friends and sorry that I unable to reply each of you, I want to say:”Never stop doing what you like no matter what others say.”







10 thoughts on “I am sorry that I am still on sick leave here

  1. I am really worry about you. Suddenly you like disappear. I hope you did not angry me. I apologies if i did something not correct. I wish you best of health and always happy. I miss u.

    • Pei San:
      Sorry for disappear such long time on all the medias and apps I have been using on my phone.Due to such weak of my hands, i had to put everything aside and concentrate to rest. Pain killers are not a solution afterall. There is nothing for you to apologise for as you did nothing wrong.Sorry for sudden disappearance as my health doesnt allow, forgive my sudden move away for long time. Dont worry pei san,thank you for remembering me. 🙂 may you and family always live in good health and blissful life.

    • Hi there:
      Thank you for dropping by my blog and left such a warm-hearted message to me. Sorry that I reply you such late due to my health issue.May you and your family live in good health and joy.


  2. hello , how are you right now. please get well soon! we miss your blog but u must place yourself as a top priority in your life. hope u get well soon! 🙏🏻❤️🙌🏻

    • Hello,
      Thanks for dropping by even I am being away. Really appreciated for missing my blog, truly blessed for it. Sorry for not able to blog for years, health has been my priority and still I am finding my health issue, one by one, and seeking the best solution for it. May I know your name please,my friend here? So I can address you properly. I am still checking my blog but just didn’t get to blog for awhile. Forgive me for it. During these pandemic, hope you and family always stay safe.


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