My 2014 humble and blessing birthday


Birthday cake: Something I would say different from what I normally tasted.


Oh no, I am old….


But I am so blessed with all the wishes from friends and family.


Nothing greater than warming wishes from people that I love.


Thank you for everything for all your genuine wishes.



A decent cake from BLACK STAR PASTRY for my birthday. I cannot believe I finished all with my hubby the time we bought home.


I heard so much of Black Star Pastry. It took us 2 hours of journey by train just to bring home this cake.The journey was long but the time we finished  the cake was just 15 minutes.

The shop is unforgettable.People lined up outside of the shop to taste the food.

Adored the aroma from the good quality of coffee bean  used in their beverages that evolved around the entire shop. The pastry aroma definitely woken my senses in a good way.



Lily from my both sisters and mum from Malaysia to Sydney. I love you all so much

Received a bouquet of fresh lily from the beautiful family ( Cassandra”kei kei”, Tracy and Amainda) when I returned home from a heavy lunch.

It was a blessed surprise. Honestly,I did not receive much flowers from anyone, husband bought me roses twice during the 10 years time being together.

Although men would think sending flower is not practical gift, honestly speaking “flower” is every girl’s favourite.



I thought it was from anonymous, since the flower was not from husband after I questioned him. Who called me ” BABY” apart from hubby?

hahahah, my both sisters and my mom, you are my only everything now. Just the 4 of us, the family.






Bought home some sushi,  a must to eat for my birthday every year. No dinner out today since husband is so busy.




So many grilled chicken in Sydney, so far for reasonable taste, I would say NANDOS chicken.Juicy, succulent and the marinaded sauce into the chicken is the bonus of all.I just don’t enjoy any aussie grilled chicken, it just plain taste.


Nando Australia

Handphone shot: Nandos in Sydney

I love the authentic and woody ornaments and decor in this shop.



Handphone shot: (Oliver Brown) Belgium waffles with ice cream and melted chocolate, Belgium dark chocolate mocha and oreo cheesecake




Okay, this “Oliver Brown” has just  newly opened nearby my housing area.I have to try this for my birthday.Just a simple and humble tea break.

Comment: Since my husband is a waffle-fanatic, his comment for this waffle is extremely critical.


Few suggestions for this Belgium waffle improvement-$12++ :

(1)Try not to drizzle the melted chocolate over, it is overly sweetened and sometimes reducing the crisp of the waffle.

(2)Try to toast the waffle in a better way that grilling it, waffles tasted burnt.Or any of a better way to treat this valuable waffle.


He ordered a slice of  Oreo Cheesecake cost $7++ :

Our comment: Please remove this cheesecake from the menu, or get a good cheese for the cake, what about Philadelphia cream cheese, perhaps?


Beverage: Belgium dark chocolate mocha– $6++

Comment: The best of all the food we ordered.Like the chocolate chips on the side which mix into the hot drink.


Noticed the customers who dined in, we are the only one who seemed to order a meal, the rest were only beverages.

Guess you know why.


Oliver Brown

Handphone shot:(Oliver Brown): cheesecake, tiramisu, Chocolate mudcake, swiss roll, eclair, profiteroles, Red velvet, opera, Chocolate mousse, assorted macarons and etc.




Handphone quick shot: Assorted Belgium chocolate






I am blessed when I get to wake up everyday.

I am blessed to have my hubby to love me on his own way.

I am blessed for all the genuine wishes from friends and family.

I am blessed for a humble birthday .

Neither do I need a day with expensive gift nor fine dining restaurant.

A simple and joyous birthday that filled with love and blessings are more than I asked for.

Thank you for today.





8 thoughts on “My 2014 humble and blessing birthday

  1. Dear Olive, Happy Birthday my friend. Thanks for sharing this beautiful cake recipe, you specially dished out on your birthday for your loved ones. I pray you have many many more and all the happiness you deserve with your loving husband and family. I had sent a message before but it didn’t get attached, Love and God Bless,


    • Hi Maria:
      Thank you once again for your wish. This cake actually is bought from bakery shop. Try to rest not to bake for my birthday. So sorry that the message didnt attach.Still have to thank you for your wonderful blessing again Maria. God bless


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