Teenage dream For a bakery shop甜点店的梦想


bakery shop







其实:好吃的有时需点时间, 哈哈。 他们就说:不如买更好!

对呀!买很方便。但,会很贵,不能无时无刻都能吃。经济不景气,我就开始变成甜点的冒险者, 想吃也想省。嘻嘻~


感谢上帝还让我活着。能跑有多好,能呼吸就是快乐! 希望你们都健康快乐,活着是种幸福。


If you ask my teenage dream?I always wanted to open a bakery shop, selling varieties of my signature desserts and cakes.Serving some interesting drink in a comfy, cozy and simple bakery shop would be heavenly dream.

There are some people love what I do, but when come to the recipe, their jaws wide opened and walk away saying:” so long, why not just buy it instead?”

A slice of these dessert would cost me pretty high if buy it every week. Why not just make if I could?

I am not fortunate enough to be a mom, therefore time is my freedom.

After I suffer with this sickness, my dream no longer to be fulfilled. As long as I can breathe, I can wake up every morning, I am blessed. Life sometimes too short to just do what I can’t( for example: exercising) , so I indulge myself in my small little kitchen, exploring all the insane ideas into my home bake desserts.

I am blessed to have God. During this tough time, apart from my husband, God is the one really close to me who understands me, who give me courage to survive.

I have to thank God to meet few awesome friends who constantly give me courage and understanding of my sickness. Some even saved me from ….. death. I thanked them, being so thoughtful  to pray for me and never question me much. I truly thankful for having your supports.

Dear friends, if you are reading this, life is too short to dwell in the sadness. Do what you can when you are given this life. Eat what you want, bake what you like, draw what you can even it is not scoring grade A 😛

May you all live in good health and happiness ^_^





I love all kind of sweet desserts. I am not good in painting, I have to say, I don’t like it at all. But again, life too short not to try, breakthrough my first fear- drawing.


Image (17)

by hellosweetdessert

I used to dream: even skinny beautiful ladies would come to my bakery shop to try my desserts. Is it so funny? hehehe..


Sorry for all these painting, it has been more than a decade I did not touch any colouring field.(because I am bad at it) Let’s have a good laugh , shall we?




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