What I always want to do..





Audrey Hepburn,

she is the classic film and fashion icon.I love how her features presented her beauty.



I always have this little passion beneath with me since young but I never think I am good at it.

Since young,I always love to buy those Disney colouring books , flipping through all pages, looking through all the classic disney characters, I love to start sketching on my white drawing paper. I have to admit, creativity never seem to born within my abilities , let alone my drawing skills.

Many of my school mates attended some painting classes but I did not have the courage to do the same because I always think I am not good enough for this passion.

After years of drawing in classes, I discover that my little ability is “Imitate” or you can say “sketching” :P. I will draw exactly what I see, yes truly lacking of imagination and creativity do not name me a painter or artist.

Life is too short to resist my own passion. The last time I paid attention in drawing was about 14 years ago. I know I am not expertise  in painting however this little passion no doubt can relax one’s mind, provides me  serenity environment.

Not only that, I have been suffering with chronic pain on my both shoulders, the more I type or facebook-ing will only damper my condition. New technologies: handphones, typing, online and blogging…all these definitely fun to do, but not so good for my hands. I  need to find a way to take my chronic pain away.

Hope I will be back again to keep in touch with new technologies again. 🙂



Something wrong, isn’ it?

Since I have no drawing materials, I grabbed some low quality(but ain’t cheap) of pencils, erasers, painting brush, water colours and papers to initiate my passion, once again. Those are what I could get in such short time.




Gosh, water painting is not my forte , mind me for showing you my first painting after 14 years.


If you have any hidden passion you have not started yet, I reckon this is the time now.

Forgive me for not baking food…hahhaha

Hope you have a wonderful time here. ^_^


















10 thoughts on “What I always want to do..

    • Jentey: i just dont have face to show u my little work.i m not good with alot of things,i cant draw animals,cars architectures,plants,basically anything. No creativity,imagination. I love what u draw…the roosters,wow.i wish to see more of your work,but until ur hands better.dont reply me until ur hands better.ok?

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