Gourmet Living Magazine 食尚品味(Singapore )

I was fortunate enough, some of my recipes are featured in Gourmet Living in 2014.

Thanks for the marvelous opportunity to work with some genuine and amazing people.

I am not a person with many good words, but I am blessed and grateful to be part of this wonderful adventure.

Love this experience.Without Gourmet living the entire crew, I might not able to even know certain things cannot be done without others.

Forgive me if anything I may not do well, but definitely enjoy this fantastic journey.

Just thought of keeping in my blog for a very good memory.Even once in lifetime, I am truly grateful.

I am a person with flaws and all  but truthfully thank you Gourmet living 食尚品味  and all the readers who genuine accept who I am and what I can do.

Love your guys ^_^


This is the second features on Singapore Gourmet Living Magazine 2014 Mother’s day

gourmet living singapore

Fortunate enough to have one of my recipes in the front cover of the magazine.Blessed.


mango mousse cake


coffee steamed souffle


yam mousse charlotte



This is the first issue featured in Singapore Gourmet Living 2014 on Valentines Day Issue with few of my creations.

Gourmet Living cover



interview1(gourmet living)

raspberry panna cotta with wine jelly(gourmet living)1 chocolate coat strawberries in lace bowl(gourmet living)2 cheese mousse brownies(gourmet living)3


That is one of  the pictures that I have taken but it was not chosen in the magazine, would like to keep it here as very good memory. So much things to thankful for and so much things to learn from.

strawberries chocolate



If you are interested in subscribing,please find yourself in Gourmet living site: http://goo.gl/XS9zhd


Thank you for dropping by ^_^ my genuine readers


Your comments are deeply appreciated. Thank you for dropping by

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