Vanilla Panna Cotta with pistachio and passionfruit

vanilla panna cotta1

Hello everyone.Finally I am back.Forgive me for not making any cake. Once i finally sat down and take a deep breathe,I just want to present this simple cold dessert for everyone,especially to those who still remember me or keep me in their prayers.Deeply appreciate for all your good thoughts and warm messages(comments).It meant so much to me.Finally I am home again…Thank you so much all my dearest food lovers.


Components you need:

  • Vanilla panna cotta

  • Pistachio powder

  • passionfruit puree

  • caramel sauce

vanilla panna cotta 2


how to make vanilla panna cotta step1


1)Melt white chocolate and spread thinly onto the back of the baking tray.Allow to harden in fridge and cut into desire round disc.

2)remove panna cotta from dariole moulds.

3)Place white chocolate disk onto the panna cotta.

4)drizzle with fresh passionfruit puree.

5)Drizzle with caramel sauce if you want.

6)Sprinkle with pistachio powder.

7)Serve immediately.


Decoration is really up to ones preference.You can garnish with ice cream or berries or any berries sauce.Now this is your simple dessert now

THANK YOU everyone~




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