Mango Coconut Mousse cake


Mango coconut Ile Paradis3

Few components you need:

  • ·       Coconut Dacquoise

  • ·       Mango Gelee

  • ·       White chocolate mousse

  • ·       Mango Mousse

  • ·       Mango Glacage

Mango coconut Ile Paradis2

Coconut Dacquoise

  • ·       88g egg white
  • ·       25g castor sugar
  • ·       70g icing sugar
  • ·       68g coconut powder(process the desiccated coconut into powder form)
  • ·       18g cake flour,sifted

1.     Process dry desiccated coconut to fine powder if you cannot find coconut powder.

2.     Whisk egg white in a clean bowl to foamy stage,add in sugar slowly and continued beating to stiff peak.

3.     Fold in coconut powder and sifted cake flour into meringue(egg white) until well combined.(Be gentle and quick to avoid deflating the air)

4.     Pour batter into the lined baking pan.

5.     Dust with icing sugar, be generous.

6.     Bake for 180C for 15 minutes.

7.     Remove from oven and allow to cool completely.

Mango Gelee

  • ·       75g mango puree
  • ·       12g of gelatin sheet Or use 12g gelatin powder(remember to soak in tbsp water ,and melt undera bowl of hot water)
  • ·       2 tbsp hot water

1.     Soak gelatin sheet in cold water until soft.  Squeeze out excess water when need to use.

2.     Boil the mango puree and hot water at low heat until starts boil,turn off heat.

3.     Add in the gelatin sheet. Stir to well combine to ensure all gelatin melts.

4.     Pour into a 6” square cake ring, put into freezer to get harden.


White Chocolate Mousse

  • ·       200g Bulla whipping cream ( or any dairy whipping cream)
  • ·       100g Cadbury  baking white chocolate( or any baking white chocolate)
  • ·       5g gelatin sheet

1.     Soak the gelatin sheet in cold water till soft,squeeze out excess water when need to use.

2.     Whip cream to stiff peak. Chill in the fridge.

3.     Melt white chocolate , add in gelatin sheet. Mix well. Cool down a little.

4.     Add into whipped cream and mix to JUST well combine.

Assemble Part I:

1.     Using a slightly bigger square cake ring(I used 7.5’’),cut the dacquoise to the proper size in order to fit into the cake ring as base.

2.     Pipe in/or pour in the white chocolate mousse onto the dacquoise.

3.     Put the cake ring into the freezer to freeze for 4 hours or until harden lightly.(I freeze to overnight)

Mango Mousse:

  • ·       7g gelatin sheet(soak in cold water till soften,squeeze out excess water when need to use)
  • ·       150g  Bulla whipping cream( or any dairy whipping cream )
  • ·       1.5 Tbsp icing sugar
  • ·       150g mango puree
  • ·       1 tsp mango paste(optional)

1.     Place mango puree in a pot, let it simmer on low heat until some bubbles started to see, turn off the heat.

2.     Add in the gelatin you soaked earlier, stir to well combine.

3.     Whip the cream to soft peak, add in the mango mixture  and mango paste into whipped cream and mix to just well combined. Put in fridge.

4.     Remove the cake out ,place the mango gelee onto white mousse earlier.

5.     Pour in the mango mousse and allow to set in freezer.

Mango Glacage/Glaze:

  • ·       36g castor sugar
  • ·       4g gelatin sheet
  • ·       7ml glucose
  • ·       75ml water
  • ·       65g mango puree

1.     Boil all except gelatin sheet. Once boiled, turn off heat.Cool down little, add in soaked gelatin sheet.

Assemble part II:

1.Pour in this mango glacage onto the mango mousse layer for form a thin layer.Put back to fridge and allow to set.

2.Decorate however you like,it is your cake now.(I topped up with some cubed fresh mango,and white chocolate shave.Put back to fridge to set little.

3.Serve and enjoy.

Hope you like it 🙂

mango coconut Ile Paradis1

10 thoughts on “Mango Coconut Mousse cake

  1. 我最喜歡看你的作品,整個糕點無論是攝影或者烘培成品所呈現出來的視覺享受,感覺很棒!

    • Jen Tey:
      u are being too kind. as long as u dont not think i am really crazy with my ideas.i love mousse cake, and i love different types of mousse cake, and this type i always love to learn can challenge myself. i am so blessed that you highly think of me. i am still learning too…thank u jen

  2. Hi dear, your cakes are so beautiful!! Would like to try it out immediately 😄.. However, may I ask what is the bloom strength of your gelatin sheet used ? Because is hardly sourced at my end. Can I replace the same amount of gelatin sheet with powder in all recipes?, If yes, how much water shall I add into those gelatin powder ? Since they are in different grams.. I always unsure on the water to add with powder. Sometimes the cake turns out too soft or too hard 😅😅.Thanks in advance for your guidance and expertise advice. 😘

    • Hi JJ
      Thank you for your visit. Since I have used different amount of gelatin sheets in different components. Mind me not to write down every steps. So replace all the gelatine sheets with same amount of gelatin powder. Let say 5g gelatin sheet to 5 g gelatin powder. Only difference is dilute gelatin powder with just small amount of water to make into a thick paste, like toothpaste consistency. Then next step is melt over warm water. (sit the gelatine paste above a bowl of warm water to dissolve until you can see no trace of gelatine powder much.) then add into the step that the recipe asked for. The gelatin sheets I used it’s the normal strength that you can get in any supermarket or even baking specialist stores you could find. Trick is gelatin sheets always remember to soak into cold or icy water to bloom it then add into any other warm liquid form the recipe asked for. Gelatin powder has to be added into normal water form into thick paste and dissolve over a bowl of warm water, then add into any warm solution or liquid form the recipe asked for. The warm gelatin will look like normal warm honey consistency. I hope this could help you to clear your doubts and it helps you in your baking process. Enjoy baking.


  3. hi,
    when making the coconut dacquise in the ingredients lists you mention caster sugar and powder sugar shall i add both sugars to white meringue mixture?
    thank you in advance

    • Hi there,
      Thanks for your question . 70g icing sugar is for dusting onto the unbaked dacquoise.Note that you beat the egg white with just the castor sugar.. For personal preference of sweetness level. You can adjust or reduce the icing sugar to be dusted. Reason for this amount is to create a lightly golden brown crust after bake for the dacquoise. Hope this helps. Enjoy baking. Thank you


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