Chocolate Banana Mousse Gateau


chocolate banane mousse 3

Few Components:

1)Chocolate Joconde

2)Banana Gelee

3)Sauteed Bananas

4)Chocolate mousse

5)Dark Chocolate Glacage(Glaze)

chocolate banane mousse 2

Chocolate Joconde

·      4 egg yolk

·      20g castor sugar

·      30g salad oil

·      30ml water/milk

·      15g almond powder

·      15g cocoa powder


·      4 egg whites(must be cold)

·      ½ tsp lemon juice

·      40g sugar

This recipe can yield roughly 12 X 2half inches  small round disk of chocolate joconde.

So,I have 6 semi phere silicon moulds,I halved of this recipe to produce 6 bombes joconde round disk.

1.     Sift flours, preheat ovento 170C.

2.     Whish yolks and sugar towell combine.

3.     Add in oil, then almond powder.

4.     Add in sifted flours in 2 additions, mix to just well combined.(Do not over whisk to prevent gluten formed)

5.     In a clean and dry mixing bowl, whisk egg whites to foamy stage,add in lemon juice. Add in sugar in 2 additions, whisk to stuff peak.

6.     Fold in 1/3 of meringue to yolk-mixture to well combine.Use spatula to fold in the remaining meringue to well combine(be gentle and quick to prevent to kill off all the air)

7.     Pour the batter onto prepared baking tray with parchment paper.Bake at 170C for 13-15 minutes or until the sponge lightly bounce back when press it(temperature  could be depending on individual oven)

8.     Remove from oven immediately from oven to cool down completely.

chocolate banane mousse 4

Banana Gelee

·      200g banana

·      16g sugar

·      2.6g gelatine

·      18g glucose

1)     Blend banana then heat half of it with sugar and glucose until boiling in a pot.

2)     Add in gelatine followed by the rest of banana. Pour on top of banana mousse.

chocolate banane mousse 5

Sauteed Banana

·      20g butter

·      1 banana,halved lengthwise

1)Melted butter in pan, then sauté the cut bananas until golden brown on both sides.

2)Let it cool then later place on top of banana gelee. Freeze will firm.



-Pour the banana gelee onto a thin baking tray,roughly 1cm in thickness,place 6 sauteed banana earlier onto the gelee,so the banana is pressed onto the gelee.

-So when you firm up in freezer,you can use a round cutter to cut out 6 round disk of gelee with middle has the sautéed banana inside.

Hope you can picture it.

Chocolate mousse:

·      250g whip cream(35% fat)

·      1 drop of Rum/brandy/vanilla essence

·      50g of bitter sweet/dark chocolate

1.     Cream to stiff peak, chill in fridge.

2.     Melt the chocolate over bain marie (water at 50C) until completely melted and smooth.

3.     Take out the whipped cream, quickly fold in melted chocolate.

(Always fold in warm melted chocolate into whipped cream,otherwise chocolate might harden)

4.     Chill the cream in fridge while continue with next step.


Chocolate Glacage(glaze)

·      260g milk

·      130g sugar

·      60g cocoa powder

·      6g gelatine powder

·      30g water(soak the gelatine)

1)     Heat up milk,sugar,cocoa powder under medium heat,whisk constantly during this process.

2)     After cocoa powder started to melt away and boiling with bubbles, stir in constantly by using spatula until the mixture reduced into right consistency. Ensure the temperature has to be at 103C,and beware not to burnt the mixture.

3)     Off the heat,cool down little and add in the soaked gelatin and mix well.

4)     Strain the mixture,Cool down on a clean bowl by covering it with cling wrap.Set aside to room temperature.

5)     Ensure the wrap touch the mixture to prevent the thick skin form.

You can prepare this glaze before hand,store in fridge if not using.Heat up by using bain marie to right consistency.


Note:You can use any chocolate Glacage you like,I used this particularly because I had just run out of cream.So stupid I am.This recipe also produce yummy glaze.


chocolate banane mousse 1


1)Pour half chocolate mousse into the 6 separated semi-phere silicon mould.

2)Place the chilled firm  round disk banana gelee with sautéed banana onto the mousse.

3)Fill up the mould with the rest of the mousse.

4)Chill the mousse in thefreezer for 4 hours or even over night until completely harden.

5)Remove each mousse from the silicon mould and place onto the colling rack,ensure there is a tray underneath the cooling rack,so when you pour the glaze late will not spill everywhere.Use the round cutter to cut out 6 round disk of joconde,and stick onto the freeze mousse.

6)Pour the ready chocolate glaze onto the frozen mousse evenly coated.

7)decorate as you how you like.Chill in fridge once is done.



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